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    • You application is a wreck, but   PROSPECT INITIATION, LETS BEAT THESE ******.
    • @Sour Will fix this soon.   School rp as well to other defcon servers have times of low playercount, especially with school trying to regain the staff team. Summer is when servers are very likely to bring back player retention rates.          
    • It clearly appeared on the top for me, I knew you were a admin why would I kill you for no reason, that's just dumb. $3000 bounty from killing you. Why didn't you check logs instead of banning me for 5 days. Answer my question, who would kill a admin for no reason unless they want to be banned? I knew what I was doing it was clearly a bounty. How do you just ban someone without warning? Very unprofessional.
    • For the Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/stev1336 About said bounty: At the top of the screen, when a bounty is completed, it will show that bounty with an amount, and who it was completed by and the target. No such message appeared. Over several days, you had been breaking rules and I've been letting you off easy with jails and kicks. After a couple days I realized who you were and how much you had been doing. I've edited the ban reason with your actual actions, I realize the reason wasn't the best, but after a long day, being what it was that I had stayed up for nearly two days with no sleep, I didn't exactly feel "up to it".
    • +1 I've seen him on TeamSpeak some times I've seen him on the server almost every day I get on The grammar on this app was casual
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