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Total Perma-Bans


Total Temp-Bans


Total Bans

Recently Temp Banned

Users who have been temporarily banned on our servers.

Server Name Reason Duration Expiry
Purge Roleplay GENERAL JINKY Harassment towards other players / warned enough times / needs to chill out ~ chris 1 Hour and 30 Minutes Expired
Purge Roleplay GENERAL JINKY Staff Disrespect / His Name: ALI IS A FAGGOT 1 Minute Expired
Purge Roleplay Your Mum is white You have been temporarily banned for 1 day for exceeding the warning threshold 1 Day Expired
Purge Roleplay Louis The Iceman Mass RDM, CDM, Lying In Sit, CDM, Mingeing 1 Day Expired
Purge Roleplay steakfries17 Mass rdm, Ltap 7 Hours Expired

Recently Permanently Banned

Users who have been permanently banned on our servers.

Server Name Reason Issued
Purge Roleplay Bandicam 2017-11-26 04:04:16
Purge Roleplay flipper Aimbot 2017-11-26 02:47:39
Purge Roleplay Warrior cya 2017-11-16 01:28:15
Purge Roleplay Odin Quit being a minge, you were staff before I know you know the rules of the server. 2017-11-13 23:53:12
Purge Roleplay admin are dick Advertising hacks oof 2017-11-13 02:00:40