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Welcome to Defconnation's Donation System

This is our community's donation system. It is fully automated and you will receive your VIP Package in just minutes. you are able to buy various packages, 
They may include anything from VIP ranks to custom classes. All donations are used to help expand are every day growing community and to keep the servers up and running. 



How do I Donate?


After signing in through Steam, click the store tab at the top and select the server you wish to donate for and pick the package you would like to purchase.



How long does it take to receive my item?


Once you've donated and the payment is complete, you should receive your item in within minutes. If you are having issues or have not received your item, please PM Sgt.Val 



How long does it take to receive a Custom Class?

The Custom class is added that day and playable in the morning.
After purchase you can create your custom class 


Can I purchase things for other people?


Yes, You are able to purchase packages for other people just make sure to enter their SteamID.


Do you offer refunds?


Once the purchase is made we do not offer refunds period.
If you have any issues or you think you still deserve a refund please 
PM Sgt.Val