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DarkRP VIP Lifetime
15 USD
  • Permanent

 Duration: Lifetime (Forever)

 -In-game Cash 350k 

 -40 Inventory slots ( 10 as User )
 -100 Bank slots ( 20 as User )
 -50 Props ( 20 as User )
 -In-game Tag next to OOC Name (VIP Gold)
 -Forums & Teamspeak Tag (VIP Gold) If requested


-Access to All VIP Jobs ( Including future ones )
-Access to ALL VIP Clothing/Accessories 
-Access to VIP Printers
-Access to buy more Drug pots/Drug Labs

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Custom class ( No Workshop )
30 USD
  • Permanent

Create your own custom class
 Cannot Have a Playermodel from workshop
Can have a Primary and a choice between a lockpick or medkit 

 After Purchase to submit you're class click
Be sure to sign up on our website first!

If you are still having problems please just contact us on TS or in-game for assistance.

This package is to purchase a custom class in our server.
To see the player-models we already have on the server Hold C and goto player-models on the top left in-game


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99 USD
  • Permanent

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