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      Server Rules   05/02/2017

      We do not use Google Docs for server rules(not including SlaveRP). So unless its in the forums don't pay it any attention.   All Rules can be found here: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/forum/644-server-resources/
    • Camo

      All Server Content & Maps   07/27/2017

    • Sour

      [SantosRP] Whitelisting EMS/FD   01/06/2018

      Thank you to everyone who shown interest in the new whitelisted Medical Services & Fire Departments, however we have decided to keep it un-whitelisted & fully public for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience! - Sour
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    ☑ General Information:DefconGaming was founded on July 20th of 2013. Here at DefconGaming we try our best to deliver the best possible experience to our players. With the help of the whole DefconGaming staff team, We make the community a safe and enjoyable place. We also can't forget the most important piece, you, the player. As the player, you play a huge role in our community, and we can't thank you any more.☑ Server Information:TeamSpeak:defconnation.ts.nfoservers.comSantosRP:☑ Community Links:Forums[defconnations.com]Donation Page[defconnations.com]Server Rules/Content[defconnations.com]FAQ Page[defconnations.com]Support Tickets[defconnations.com]Ban Panel[www.defconnations.com]Community Youtube Channel☑ Extra Information:Put [DN] in your name to support DefconGaming or get in game rewards if we see you around! Sign up on our forums to become a true DefconGaming member! Joining our Teamspeak is the best way to get support from our staff team Use code "DCN" for 3% off on G2A





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    • Name: Dimitri Petrenko   Rank: Captain   Callsign: 3C13   The date the LOA begins: 1/23/2018   The date the LOA ends: 2/5/2018   Brief reason for the LOA?: Taking a break from state this week and next week have to leave.
    • On some of the classes M9k weapons were removed while on others they were not, and some just had all firearms removed(Grim Wolves Guard used to have an LMG and now has nothing), and on the Incubus Merc its Bolt action M9k M24 sniper was replaced with a pump action shotgun, and the Plantation Scout's sniper was replaced with a pump shotgun as well and as Snipez said, you spawn with barely any ammo
    • @Nathan Wick @Broster @Lekra Sorry if i did not Mention you something was wrong when I tried To Tag people. I just want to say thank you for telling me what I should work on and What I need to show people I can do. I do agree that it is a high command and that I need a lot of responsibility as a SGT. Again Thank you for telling me what I need to work on.
    • Fix app then tell me when its done and ill look at it again later and also once you get more play time.  
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