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Welcome to our community.

Here at Defcon Gaming we try our best to deliver the best possible experience to our players.
With the help of the whole Defcon Gaming staff team, We make the community & all our gameservers a safe and enjoyable place.
We also can't forget the most important piece, you, the player. As the player, you play a huge role in our community, and we can't thank you any more.



    We run solely off of donations, it's how we keep our servers alive.

    Here are some benefits you can receive for donating!

    • In-game rewards such as cash.
    • Fancy tags on our TeamSpeak, Gameservers and Forums.
    • Early access to upcoming servers

    + tons of more benefits available!

    Recent Server Updates

    SantosRP's newest update brings 2 new law enforcement jobs to the county;

    The elite Sheriff Operator, and the lawful Department of Justice Agent.


    Looking for purpose?

    Truenorth County Sheriff Applications are now open, feel free to apply so you can earn your badge and begin protecting & serving the people of Truenorth.


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    About This Club

    The Grim Wolves Club

    1. What's new in this club
    2. Brass

      Brass💖💖 STEAM_0:1:51506013
    3. ✪ Timmy7jc

    4. Will Willson

      Will Willson ❤️ STEAM_0:1:104586615
    5. leewilken

      Hello Grim Wolves members, if you do not have your whitelist on any of the servers comment your steam id and we will whitelist you,
    6. Jesus

      Slave Rp Jaffa is Dead Rip
    7. Snipez

      I'm from the inactive server
    8. Sir Mcdonald

      Fuckin d3d
    9. Realfirebalz

      President Grim Wolves Nomad
    10. JP_S

      slave rp slave rp slave rp
    11. Bashar Al Assad

      All of them nigga
    12. Brass

      PoliceRP probably?
    13. TheJinx

      Grim Wolves Templars @leewilken
    14. Drezzy

      Im from the slave group
    15. welcome all Grim wolves from all servers, if you don't mind could you comment what group you are from. I would just like to see how many active forums members we have