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  4. Squidy

    Ha good luck with that I'm 3500ft under the water
  5. Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

    Squids are too smart we may have to take them out.
  6. New Order Drew

    @Squidy think you a big man
  7. Squidy

    Hehe I'm so cool I knew before this post was made hehe
  8. BigDaddyPingu

  9. Hello everyone, Just a heads up that tonight we are switching our TeamSpeak over to a new host. This host offers much better performance all across the board than our old one and we shouldn't experience the same lag we experienced from our old one. Unfortunately since we are getting a new TeamSpeak, this also means that our server groups are wiped and everyone will need to get their tags reassigned. Fortunately we have already gone ahead and given most if not all of our SM+ their ranks so you should be able to get your tags back with ease. From here on out please connect to our TeamSpeak with the IP of, any other IP will not work. If you come across any bugs with the new TeamSpeak feel free to PM me or @Sour
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  11. xXReaperXx

  12. James Mira

    Damn wish the Santos change logs could look like this
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