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Here at Defcon Gaming we try our best to deliver the best possible experience to our players.
With the help of the whole Defcon Gaming staff team, We make the community & all our gameservers a safe and enjoyable place.
We also can't forget the most important piece, you, the player. As the player, you play a huge role in our community, and we can't thank you any more.


    Law Enforcement

    Become a Deputy of the Los Santos Sheriff's Office, or an Officer in the Rockford Police Department today and keep the streets safe!

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    We run solely off of donations, it's how we keep our servers alive.

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      Recent Server Updates

      SlaveRP's biggest update yet has gone live. This complete overhaul includes over 40 new weapons, a brand new map, tons of jobs & content and much more!



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      2. [DN] Gandhi Chicken (SA)

        To all those who said “I will just come back after the update” You will have to reapply and will be treated as a returning staff. You will not receive your previous rank.
      3. leewilken

        well you are waiting play the new slave update XD
      4. N. G. Barcelona

        *Waiting for the PoliceRP Rockford Department of Emergency First Responders Update*
      5. Today
      6. leewilken

        @Tig see dud just believe and your wishes will come true
      7. BroIamBro

        LIT. GG
      8. Jason Wolf

        owo, looks like a nice update 👌
      9. Realfirebalz

        YES FINALLY!!!!
      10. leewilken

        Very noice 👌
      11. Sir Mcdonald

        As a southern state I approve of the YEEEEEEHAW message
      12. Sir Mcdonald

        Big Dick energy right here folks ^^^
      13. Happy

        FINALLY! AFTER MONTHS OF WAITING, THE LONG AWAITED UPDATE IS HERE OMGOSH sadly, i wont be on till sat next week cuz im currently overseas rn ;-;
      14. Selekt

      15. Squidy

        why is this so funny also yee haw
      16. Sour

        There will be a Staff Beta on December 14th for testing purposes, and the server will be released to the public on December 15th. We hope to see y'all then! yeehaw. 🤠
      17. Yesterday
      18. SwiftySteve

        Hopefully soon. Otherwise I wasted 10mill.
      19. Mrbean

        bull I need my coinflips back
      20. [DN] Dojabrah

        Will the Bugatti model be addressed? Or is it a new model I need to download. Right now it's just a green error sign.
      21. Last week
      22. Mrbean

        how do I do flips cause !flips and !createflip don't work
      23. SlaveRP Update 12/12/2018 We all know this update took longer than expected due to issues in our real lives and unexpected server problems But... Welcome to the brand new SlaveRP. Important Side Notes Everyone's money, cars, and inventories have been reset. Everyone keeps their VIP/Donator ranks & perks. Donator bonus cash should already be awarded when you log into the server. Custom Classes will be disabled for 2-3 weeks upon release to allow breathing room so everyone can get used to the new jobs & other systems in the server. [Additions] New Map rp_confederation_v1 Added Weapon overhaul ( We completely changed the weapons ) We added around 30-40 new Weapons All custom classes have been given the weapons randomly and aren't replaceable for free New UI Design / HUD Design SlaveRP Horse Stables You can purchase horses from here at the stable Cars are still available on the server, but are not recommended. Yee haw 🤠 SlaveRP Leveling System ( We will be adjusting the rates often to balance it out ) - Earning Levels Gives you a new title and Icon for your player to show your experience on the server the XP system is purely cosmetic as there aren't any advantages at the moment. - The picture below only shows up to level 30 but there are a total of 100 Levels with unique icons & titles that will remain as a mystery for now. New Mini-Map Design Added New Gun Dealer Merchant cart to sell weapons Added New Cult Classes / System We added a new system for the cult to collect souls and give it to the demon statue to curse the land after the demon has received enough souls the event will trigger and curse the land everyone on the server will have 50HP and losing a certain amount of money every 1-2 minutes that will be split between the cult members and they must be killed to end the event - Cult Members cannot leave their designated area ( They will be slain upon leaving the area ) - You earn souls by holding E on the soul collector - Cult Leader eats 2x the amount of souls and 5x the amount of space to hold more and has a better magic weapon to defend himself during the event. New Plantation System Slaves must be granted freedom or escape the plantation to be able to change jobs. Freedom can be granted by Plantation Staff by pressing 'E' on a Slave. Once freedom is granted, the slave may change jobs. Plantation Staff are notified if Slaves run away, and the hunt will begin. If there are no Plantation Staff online, Slaves will have automatic freedom. Slaves now have goals to complete to earn XP or their freedom. Added new Littlesprings Sheriff jobs Sheriffs control the Littlesprings town and only have jurisdiction over that town. They have their own jail cells and are completely seperate from Peacekeepers. It is their job to keep the civilians & streets of Littlespring safe. Added new Job KOS: Clown He earns 50HP per kill with a Knife and gains 150$ per kill as well Added new Peacekeeper Models Click here to view. These models have different vests & helmets for customization purposes. [Fixes] The server [Changes] Custom Organizations no longer have their own personal categories in the job menu. Peacekeepers are the only ones who are able to purchase and use a helicopter. Car dealer has been redone with cars that now fit the time period and style of the server. (We still don't recommend a car on this map.) [Removed] Many, many useless addons and code. Old/unused jobs & classes. Since this update was so big, we may have forgotten something on the changelog. This post may be changed throughout the upcoming days, however it is highly suggested that you come join the server and see all the changes for yourself! Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
      24. T e m m i e

        still no kill feed?
      25. damn you still havent followed me 😞

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