Crashing/Client Problems.

My Game is Crashing when I join help!?

This could be caused by Many different reasons  and happens to many Garry's Mod Servers here is some things you could try.

Trouble Shoot #1. Run your Garry's Mod Graphics all on High then restart Garry's Mod then join the server.

Trouble Shoot #2. Unsubscribe from most of your Current Addons and try to rejoin.

Trouble Shoot #3. Subscribe to all our content from one of the servers you are trying to connect to here  Next Goto Garry's Mod Options and visit the Multiplayer and Click Only Allow Map Files and apply and Restart then Join.

Trouble Shoot #4. Simply Rejoin a lot of times People rejoin about 20 Times and then the Crashing Never happened anymore.

Trouble Shoot #5. Unmount TF2 on the Garry's mod main menu screen with the controller on the bottom right


My Computer Seems to lag ( Low FPS ) how can I Increase Performance / Better FPS?

TroubleShooting #1. Before you Join one of the Server you could try and enter These Commands in your in-game Console. 
Enter these one at  time in console


cl_threaded_bone_setup 1
 cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 1
 r_threaded_client_shadow_manager 1
r_threaded_particles 1
 r_threaded_renderables 1
r_queued_ropes 1
studio_queue_mode 1
gmod_mcore_test 1