Server Organizations/Gangs FAQ

I want to Join one of the Gangs how would I do this?

First, Most of the server's Gangs/Orgs are purchased by the owners of these orgs. 

You would Have to join teamspeak or find a Member in-game in the Gang you wish to join and talk to them and see their recruiting procedure most of them are nice to talk to.


SantosRP/CityRP: I want to join the police force how would I take the proper steps?

The Police Department on SantosRP is always hiring new police officers as crime is at a high rate.
You can begin your Application here and read the topics to join and the requirements to join the SPD and post your applications like the rest on there.

My Org / Gang I joined is Currently Inactive how could we make it active and popular again? 

You can Start by Private Messaging these two Owners


We would Most Likely Assign a new leader if the current one went inactive so players that worked hard to join that org aren't left in the dark.