Administrative FAQ

How do I apply for Staff?

If you want to apply to become part of our staff team on any of the Garry's Mod servers use this form: Staff Application Form

What is the Chain of Command/How to use it?

The Chain of Command can be found here: Community Rank Structure


The ranks are:

Trial Staff < Moderator < Senior Moderator < Administrator < Senior Administrator < Server Manager < Staff Supervisor < Community Manager < Assistant Director < Director < Council < Chief Executive Officer/Founder



The way the Chain of Command (CoC) works is that lets say you are a Moderator and you need help with something. The first person you should go to in the CoC is an Admin or Super Admin, to make sure it isn't something simple that they can answer. If they are unable to help you go up tot he next rank, which is a Server Manager. If you've spoken with one of them and they cannot help you then go to a Staff Director, then a Community Manager, then an Owner. If you're just reporting something you could just send that to a Server Manager and they'll get work up the chain about the issue so you don't have to.

It works backwards too, when an Owner, CM, whoever higher up gives out something to spread to all of the staff they notify the Staff Directors and Server Managers to take care of spreading the word.

How do I apply for a promotion (Moderator, Admin)?

Use the this form to create a staff promotion thread: Staff Promotion Form


Keep in mind that you can only be promoted to Moderator, Admin. Senior/Super Admin is a toy, it is not necessary to do your duty and is rarely given out for free.