General FAQ

I donated and my VIP rank is missing?!?!

This Commonly happens when people went inactive for quite a long time Simply type !checkvip in-game and it should assign your rank back.

If you are still Missing VIP or in-game cash Please PM Sgt.Val or Dab

Please provide your SteamID and the Paypal email associated with your transaction.


How Could I earn in-game Rewards?

You could start by joining our Steam Group by joining you will be given Defcon Member that has plenty of in-game Benefits from More Props to more Toolgun Access.

Also Adding to your Steam name will give you 15% Bonus in your Paycheck!

What is the Teamspeak IP Address?

The Teamspeak IP Address is

I have donated never received what I've purchased, What do I do?

Simply go here and fill out a Donation Support Ticket