Submit a Ban Appeal

  • This will not be shown to other users.

  • Go here and paste your steam profile in there and copy you're steamID

    It should look like this in the end: STEAM_0:0:116199793

  • If you can't supply the banning admin it is going to take a lot longer to process your appeal, as we need to get their point of view on what happened.

    If you're having trouble finding their profile on the forums, connect to the TeamSpeak server and look for a Staff Supervisor+ to help you.

  • If your ban is less than 24 hours the appeal will be Denied.

  • NOTICE: If you start trash talking the staff member, server or community that is a GREAT way to have your appeal denied. If you want to rant post it in the general discussion or elsewhere. If you believe you were abused then after making this appeal create an abuse report here, keep in mind proof is REQUIRED: Alink