Returning Staff Form

  • This will not be shown to other users.

  • If you were demoted/fired this is NOT how you reapply for staff. Use the regular Staff application to try and become staff again. This is for people who retired, were inactive, or some other case where they left without prejudice. You will receive warning points for posting an app if you were demoted/fired.

  • If you are using a new name state what the old one was next to your new one.

  • Open up your steam profile, right click on the page and select copy page URL. Then post it in here:

  • Go through the forums and find your original, accepted application. If your application is not linked here you will not be rehired as staff. If you were hired prior to 2017 copy and paste this link: and type @Sherman in the "Anything extra" section below.


  • Look through the forums for your proper resignation post.

  • MethRP, SlaveRP, CityRP, FNAFRP, PurgeRP, etc.

  • The rank you were right before you left. Trial staff, Moderator, Admin, Super Admin, Server Manager, etc.

  • Retired, inactive, etc.

    If you were demoted then you need to make a new Staff Application Form.


  • Enter your name.