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      Server Rules   05/02/2017

      We do not use Google Docs for server rules(not including SlaveRP). So unless its in the forums don't pay it any attention.   All Rules can be found here: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/forum/644-server-resources/
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      All Server Content & Maps   07/27/2017

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      Santos Roleplay Contest   04/05/2018

      The Santos Roleplay Community Challenge is now live! Read more here:     
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    ◀✪▶ General Information ◀✪▶DefconGaming was founded on July 20th of 2013. Here at DefconGaming we try our best to deliver the best possible experience to our players. With the help of the whole DefconGaming staff team, We make the community a safe and enjoyable place. We also can't forget the most important piece, you, the player. As the player, you play a huge role in our community, and we can't thank you any more.◀☁▶ Server Information ◀☁▶TeamSpeak:defconnation.ts.nfoservers.comSantosRP:◀🏆▶ Milestones ◀🏆▶██ ➜ 5,000 MEMBERS ✅████ ➜ 10,000 MEMBERS ✅██████ ➜ 15,000 MEMBERS ✅████████ ➜ 20,000 MEMBERS ✅██████████ ➜ 25,000 MEMBERS ✅████████████ ➜ 30,000 MEMBERS ✅██████████████ ➜ 35,000 MEMBERS ✅████████████████ ➜ 40,000 MEMBERS ██████████████████ ➜ 45,000 MEMBERS ████████████████████ ➜ 50,000 MEMBERS◀☑▶ Extra Information ◀☑▶Put [DN] in your name to support DefconGaming or get in game rewards if we see you around! Sign up on our forums to become a true DefconGaming member! Joining our Teamspeak is the best way to get support from our staff team Use code "DCN" for 3% off on G2A





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    • Full Legal Name: Samantha Blake
      [ X ] Male
      [ ] Female
      [ ] Unspecified
      Do you have a valid state issued driver's license?:
      [ X ] Yes
      [ ] No
      Identification Number:
      Do you have any prior criminal convictions?
      [ X ] Yes
      [ ] No
      If answered “Yes” to the previous question, were you convicted of a Felony in the last 4 days?
      [ ] Yes
      [ X ] No ( not that i can think of )   Which permit will you be applying for? [  ] Basic
      [ X ] Advanced   Reason(s) for applying for Defensive Firearm Permit:
      I would like to apply for a defensive firearms permit so that i can protect my friends and me without getting in trouble   Why do you need to protect your property with a defensive firearm? I want to protect my property because im trying to get a shop and i need to defend it from being robbed
      Do you understand that the Department of Justice withholds the right to revoke or suspend your Defensive Firearm Permit at any time, for any given reason?
      [ X ] Yes
      [ ] No
      Do you understand that this permit grants you the privilege of possessing and using specific class 2 firearms within your home for self defense and defense of your property only?
      [ X ] Yes
      [ ] No
        Do you understand that this permit does not allow you to carry around a class 2 firearm in public?
      [ X ] Yes
      [ ] No
      Do you agree to abide by the regulations and licensing fees? (Basic permit is $35,000, Advanced permit is $55,000)
      [ X ] Yes
      [ ] No
      I Samantha Blake, verify that all information provided is true and all questions above have been answered to the best of my ability and knowledge under pains and penalties of perjury. (Subject to 30 Months of imprisonment and a fine of $7,000)
    • +1 FUCKING 10/10 cop hes pretty cute ;)
    • I cant whitelist u to that gang. only dab, bacon and other trusted directors can.
    • +1 - Amazing officer, does everything by the book in the most honest and fair way possible. Deserves promo.
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