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  8. This is how to make guns on DefconGaming's SantosRP. First, you will need to go to the bookstore (Located on the 2nd floor of the Mall) Then you will need to go to the hardware store and buy the Assembly Table and the Gunsmithing Table After that, you will need to get your own property (or go to the VIP Store) and open up the Gunsmithing Table's Menu to see the materials needed. Then you will need to open up the Assembly Table's Menu and find whichever item you want to craft. (I recommend you craft M1911's for your first weapon.) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lpFYySBVT38rRnLY4Rzbtu11g0zYb3APSZ5-Jkb7RUA/edit?usp=sharing The link above can be used for your personal benefit when crafting weapons.
  9. [DN] LoretsV [M]

    lvlup guide

    Thx! If you can share it with new players would be great!
  10. Tridope

    lvlup guide

    Guys should read up on this , Good guide bro
  11. [DN] LoretsV [M]

    lvlup guide

    Thx! If anyone have questions feel free to comment!
  12. [DN] Swaseh

    Yessss I’m back tomorrow
  13. Mas0n

    lvlup guide

    Nice guide Boi
  14. [DN] LoretsV [M]

    lvlup guide

  15. Noah G.

  16. Dab

    Not sure if I was clear but the rollback already happened and the double money weekend is now.
  17. Mas0n

    what date is double money weekend
  18. L Benn

    Will the rollback take place this reset?
  19. Due to recent events with our host we now have to rollback the server's database to the most recent backup which is August 8th at 3AM. Sorry for those who lost money, since we had to rollback the server we will be doing a double money weekend for Meth, Weed, and Shrooms. Again sorry to anyone who lost money because of this, this shouldn't happen anymore from here on out.
  20. Squidy

    lvlup guide

    Ok well I’ll just make sure to comment to add so,etching before it is
  21. Well HECK Boys im staff now so if you ever need some help with anything hit ya boi up

  22. [DN] LoretsV [M]

    lvlup guide

    Yes but I'm the guy with the highest lvl right now, thx to correct me I'm going to edit that, need someone to lock my tutorials :,( @Skuzzi
  23. Squidy

    lvlup guide

    isn't the max level 250
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