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  4. Phil  Swift

    Agreed Also 1942 is pretty much a military RP but it would have an actual story line to follow which would make it more interesting
  5. Storm trooper

    its the best
  6. Last week
  7. Trustworthy Terry

    @Squidy @Bill Nye the Nazi Spy@jediduke Thank you all for the responses, I will keep that in mind next time it happens ❤️
  8. Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

    Baker family is boring 1942 rp is much cooler than military plus it’s at least a little more original
  9. jediduke

    Adding To what bill said if they use it for non-rp purposes then it could be failrp/job abuse. And it actually does do a lot of damage when a player picks it up with the gravity gun and chases them down with it until it despawns
  10. Tacklery

    1942 and military both sound cool
  11. Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

    If their abusing the class then technically it’s job abuse which is a reportable offense.
  12. Phil  Swift

    1942, gonna enjoy gassing @MagicTits
  13. Phil  Swift

    PD computer, bettt
  14. Squidy

    i mean they're only allowed to use the weapon when someone doesn't believe in their religion and the swep is basically the same as any other object that makes noise, like the vape pen. its all just apart of the purge experience
  15. Spencer West

    Definitely not 1942rp not tryna have baker family flashbacks so probably MilitaryRP or bring Vietnam back
  16. Trustworthy Terry

    I've been looking through the server rules and nothing comes up about the prest spamming the bible swep, I was just thinking that there should be a rule about spamming the bible swep and there should be only certain places you can use the weapon than just in the street. I know you can use the warning system to stop them (warn 1/2/3) but for new players that don't have a gun, I feel like it would be a problem. I might have missed a rule, and I'm making myself look stoopid, but I couldn't find it personally.
  17. Ted High

    Finally motorcycles
  18. caden

    @TheJinx content lul
  19. James Mira

    MilitaryRP is my vote
  20. Will Willson

    pretty cool update!
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