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  3. Name(In-Game): Ethan Thomas SteamID: STEAM_0:0:06364736 Date of Birth(IRL): 1/8/03 Current Age: 14 What is your current timezone?: EST Why do you want to be hired into the SWAT (100 Words)? I want to be hired into SWAT because first of all, I think we need more people in SWAT so we can look more aggressive. I also have an amazing shot and I would like to take those talents to not only street patrol but for serving warrants and hostage situation. I love to serve warrants and do drug bust. I have been to every training for SWAT so far and I will be attending tonight as well. I would love to join the SWAT because I know a lot of people who are in SWAT or are trying to join such as my dad @NewaZusa. I have much knowledge in PD but never in SWAT and I would love to see what it has to come. What can you bring to the SWAT? (75 Words): What I can bring to SWAT is my work ethic I am always trying to be the best in the patrol division and that won't change if I am in SWAT as well. I would love to be able to save more lifes in a more advanced way. I also have an amazing shot as I have stated before. I can kill anyone within a 100-mile range with a sniper and can breach and clear in just seconds. I have a lot of knowledge in law enforcement but never in SWAT. What motivates you to join the SWAT? (75 Words): I want to join SWAT to run around with the high dogs that we have in the police force and to see what it is like to be in control of another person's life and their well-being if they are going to go back to their families or not on that day. I want to put my skills to use and to do that I need to be in something most officers wouldn't do and to try new things. From what I have seen in SWAT training it would be amazing to be able to do what these people do. Give us a brief description about yourself? (50 Words)(IRL): I am an athletic person and I play mostly baseball I wake up and play Santos every day from 5:30 am to 7 am and then when I get home at 4 pm I play till 8:30 pm but on the weekends I can play anywhere to 10-14 hours a day and I think that could help the people in Santos in an advanced way. I an also a straight-A student and try hard in school. What are your plans in the SWAT Department? To move and shape the department in the best way and to be the best I can be. Do you possess any experience with another Department? (Rank/Commanding Officer): gamelight - Captin Santos - senior officer Santos medic - lieutenant cabage roleplay - Captin Are you able to properly communicate in English?: Yes Are you higher than Cadet in the SPD? Yes Do you consider yourself a patient person, and able to work under stressful situations and Why? Yes I am very patient this one time while I was still on SPD we were doing a drug bust at Nathans store and we had to wait 20 minutes just to get a warrent and once we had the warrent the people logged. Me and Cole Sexton where in a shot out that lasted half an hour as well and we had to fight and try and kill the suspect that was doing the crime Have you read the SWAT Handbook? Do you understand that as a SWAT Agent, you are under a probationary period where you can be terminated at any time, and you must seek out training from a SWAT FTO before going on duty as a SWAT Officer? YES Declaration of Agreement By submitting this application to the Sheriffs Office, I, Ethan Thomas declare that all information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that a background check will be performed. I agree not to inquire about my application either accepted or denied unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, under my own consent. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be discharged if it has been seen that I am unfit for duty or have violated any of the following, but not limited to: Policy, Manual, Term, Condition, or Order. As we are a legal faction, by submitting this application you agree that if you are ever no longer a member of the Sheriffs Office, you cannot use any information obtained during your employment, either IN-GAME OR OUT OF CHARACTER. You are required to follow all server rules and regulations (i.e forums/Teamspeak/and game rules) and disregarding such rules and regulations can result to your employment being terminated. Do you also agree that upon termination of your employment contract with the Police Department, any houses or dwellings in your possession may be searched in according with the Search and Seizure laws and Standard Operating Procedures? Do you agree to adhere and understand the above declarations: Yes, Signed -Ethan Thomas
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  5. So basicly if you make cake batter for the first time and get off the server you can never make it again, when you try to make it again your charcter gets frozen and you have to get someone to kill you
  6. STEAM_0:0:102345491 Lightsaber PurgeRP PurgeRP Parkour Swep ARES - SHRIKE PurgeRP Butterfly Knife | Fade PurgeRP
  7. Hello Everyone Recently I've updated our System and our Donation System decided to remove Packages from some of our Users Please Post below here what you are Missing with this Template SteamID: What Donation Package are you missing?: Anyone who posts irrelevant Content in here will be restricted from posting.
  8. @Blade Moved to unpaid PM me if you decide to buy.
  9. Moved to unpaid PM me if you decide to buy.
  10. @LemonsZA Moved to unpaid PM me if you decide to buy.
  11. Class looks good but no anime playermodels on MethRP @Liza
  12. - Invalid Post - Can't see link Moved to invalid.
  13. @coolwhip90j Class looks good, pay whenever you are ready and it will be added the following morning. Post here if you have any questions.
  14. most people that use custom classes are staff, and aren't staff suppose to make the experience better for new/normie people? Plus it isn't the custom classes that ruin mega basing, it's the people doing it. People with custom classes usually have a lot of friends so that is enough to make a mega base, new people don't really know anyone so it's hard for them to get started. At times i'll see people with custom classes become a damn hurricane to the people they raid and just completely obliterate them, making the newbies get completely pissed off. Someone with a custom class can easily die to someone with a Ithaca if they suck at pvp. Custom classes are mostly meant for the people who paid for it but now a lot of people are whitelisted to them, so it's really our fault not theirs.
  15. Nvm bro I did !checkvip and got it I feel dumb
  16. Lol I'm dumb I was tired and put City rp life time rp
  17. @Selekt
  18. Yea I think @Cordone ♥
  19. Steam Profile Link: : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198101715970 What is the problem, briefly describe it: : I need my MethRp Staff tag Anything extra: :Ill be on 3:30pm
  20. I am starting to get active on the forums.SO LOVE ME


  21. INTERVIEW STATUS: FAILED You may retry in 24 hours. Undersheriff Matthew Moore Department Administration Santos County Sheriff's Office
  22. Updated.
  23. Staff member will not be demoted!
  24. Ok so in the DOJ criminal code it says stuff about cocaine now I think that cocaine should really be added so cops can deal with more then one drug and have more drug busts and people could make more money. Because not everyone knows how to make meth well it's pretty simple it's like cooking in a way but anyways cocaine should be added because there is only two drugs one that is easy to make but don't get crap for or meth that is like a long recipe that gives ok amount of money. If cocaine was ingame they could make it and it would be a long process a little shorter then meth but longer then weed that gives you more then meth ect
  25. already resolved.
  26. Dang...I posted that one month ago
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