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  • PoliceRP 911 Alerts are now working properly again.
  • SantosRP Cosmetic sound & texture bugs have been fixed.

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  4. Oh I read it wrong, I thought it was permanent
  5. Probably not since it wouldn't make sense to upgrade since its monthly
  6. Great changeling! Just a quick question, once you buy tier 1 VIP can you upgrade to tier 2 by just paying the difference once it comes out?
  7. CLONE WARS RP 9/22/2019 Donation Store Tier 1 VIP is now available. Crystal Packs are now available. Crystals are in-game premium currency used for purchasing emotes, cosmetics, and more as they release. More items will be added to the Crystal Vendor soon. Click here to visit CWRP Donation Store Fixed Medical Regiment Adrenaline Now infinite uses. Fixed 187th Aerial Trooper Name now shows correctly. Corrected Bacta Stim sell price. Fixed some harvestables spawning incorrectly. Food & Drink Lowered prices in Mess Hall to be more affordable. Now restores more thirst and hunger. Clone Troopers now receive a paycheck. Paycheck is set at 10 credits and is not upgradeable. Still highly encouraged that Clone Troopers join a regiment. Changed ARC Jobs Added Havoc and Blitz as Officer classes. Added jetpacks for the following classes: ARC Commander Colt ARC Officer Havoc ARC Officer Blitz ARC Heavy ARC Trooper 501st ARC 212th ARC Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  8. Pleaseee add that armor system to santos, It would improve RP so much
  9. If we reset our skill points, we get the extra skill points that we had in our Armor/Armor Regen skills
  10. @Sgt.Val holy shit I thought something was just up with my PC thanks for fixing that f4 glitch
  11. @JD Bulwharksthere is an old dealer to sell your cars its 100% all your money
  12. So lost skill points and lost ferraris...... 10 mil in cars gone
  13. Can't wait to play it. But what will happen to those who have these skills maxed out?
  14. So what happens to ppl like me who have the armor skill points do we get them back or what? But other than that update looks nice
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