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    Recent Server Updates

    SantosRP's newest update brings 2 new law enforcement jobs to the county;

    The elite Sheriff Operator, and the lawful Department of Justice Agent.


    Looking for purpose?

    Truenorth County Sheriff Applications are now open, feel free to apply so you can earn your badge and begin protecting & serving the people of Truenorth.


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    1. Today
    2. Can't wait to kill some kid on Police and dance on their dead fuckin body that I am clearly going to disrespect.
    3. now I have an even better reason to purge.
    4. @Squidy Wait for the 3AM restart
    5. @Sgt.Val how do you buy them also it covers up the inventory but you can just click in a different area for it so show up and (for me at least) the rest of the stuff in that corner (servers, gestures, mini map, etc) dont seem to be click-able
    6. was just about to goto sleep but i guess ill stay up a bit more
    7. ooooo this looks interesting
    8. PurgeRP/PoliceRP/SlaveRP Update 2/20/2019 [Additions] - New Dance Emotes ( When holding down C you now see a new Menu showing all the new dance moves They all cost in-game cash to buy and most of them are VIP+ Only ) Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
    9. Brass

      oh hell yeah. I would still like to have the kill feed tho ._.
    10. Yesterday
    11. Vxie.

      def still want a kill feed
    12. TheJinx

      Well if you think about it it's easier to RP out situations when you don't know who got killed by who instantly
    13. Prolific

      OwO what's this? Val actually updating PoliceRP and using player-requested features? Now this is epic!
    14. Nico3903

      Decent, I still want kill feed lmao
    15. MagicTits

      Dank memes, @TheJinx rules involving the class will be added later today.
    16. Squidy

      Fine I’ll be on in 4 hours
    17. TheJinx

      @Squidy I still need to whitelist u to the custom classes ;) join anyways m8
    18. Squidy

      Fine I won’t join then
    19. TheJinx

      it's a 1 slot job im the only one on it 😉
    20. Squidy

      Ooo ima join to be a cereal killer
    21. TheJinx

      also there aren't any rules listed for the serial killer job do you kos people? or is it more of you killing them through rp ie. mug/kidnap/etc.
    22. TheJinx

      Although I have to say some of the new PD weapons should be under scrutiny
    23. TheJinx

      Quality of Quantity 👌
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