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  1. Today
  2. Ok thank for making a bug report I will pass this along to my sever mangers .I want to thank you again for making this report . sincerely SA ElijahN
  3. Ok thank for making a sever suggestion I will pass this to my sever mangers
  4. Does he mosrly play battle royale or save the world? And did you really think that Fortnite's and WW2's lootcrate systems were the first/original ideas?
  5. Is it just staff then because i can
  6. Okay since sour plays fortnite he was more than likely thinking of fortnite when he made the system
  7. And CSGO came out in 2012 and that was basically known for its loot crate system and competitiveness
  8. WW2 and Fortnite were not the first games to have lootcrate systems what are you on about TF2 came out in 2008 before both of those games even existed lmao
  9. During purge VIPs can no longer place props. Don't think this is intended. This has been happening for about 2 weeks I believe. Thanks
  10. Also knowing sour plays a lot of fortnite that could've motivated him
  11. Okay people do play save the world and yes I am very aware but they never really have the rare uncommon and stuff like that (Yes Ik WW2 has is but pretty sure fortnite was out before then) But yes this loot create system does apply to fortnite very well
  12. @Sgt.Val VIP shop being added back?
  13. @Chudy23 Toolgun issues have just been fixed. It doesn't look like you own the classes since your SteamID is not added. The only person who may whitelist is the person who actually bought the classes
  14. @Dab
  15. detective tapp from the saw franchise lived on into the video game so
  16. @Mark Hogan
  17. Problem: SA plus can'T check logs. When or how long has the server had this problem?: about 3 weeks
  18. Yesterday
  19. Never allow loot crates to be bought, will cause major issues.
  20. Nope. We are currently setting up the system for each server and testing items & values and other things. Should be 1-2 days before you will see your first loot crate.
  21. is the system currently active? Meaning that everyone will get a loot crate tomorrow.
  22. All you have to do to receive a loot crate is just log onto the server daily. That may be a possibility in the future, but it's up to Val to release that info if he wants to.
  23. *Spoiler* Staff get 10 crates per rank promotion.... Jk
  24. No one plays Save the World anyways and it's not like fortnite was the first game to implement lootcrates anyways
  25. no more room in hell models?
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