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      Server Rules   05/02/2017

      We do not use Google Docs for server rules(not including SlaveRP). So unless its in the forums don't pay it any attention.   All Rules can be found here: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/forum/644-server-resources/
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      All Server Content & Maps   07/27/2017

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      [SantosRP] Whitelisting EMS/FD   01/06/2018

      Thank you to everyone who shown interest in the new whitelisted Medical Services & Fire Departments, however we have decided to keep it un-whitelisted & fully public for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience! - Sour

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  4. Name: Dimitri Petrenko Rank: Captain Callsign: 3C13 The date the LOA begins: 1/23/2018 The date the LOA ends: 2/5/2018 Brief reason for the LOA?: Taking a break from state this week and next week have to leave.
  5. On some of the classes M9k weapons were removed while on others they were not, and some just had all firearms removed(Grim Wolves Guard used to have an LMG and now has nothing), and on the Incubus Merc its Bolt action M9k M24 sniper was replaced with a pump action shotgun, and the Plantation Scout's sniper was replaced with a pump shotgun as well and as Snipez said, you spawn with barely any ammo
  6. @Nathan Wick @Broster @Lekra Sorry if i did not Mention you something was wrong when I tried To Tag people. I just want to say thank you for telling me what I should work on and What I need to show people I can do. I do agree that it is a high command and that I need a lot of responsibility as a SGT. Again Thank you for telling me what I need to work on.
  7. Application Denied - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Unfortunately you have failed to obtain the required 75% positivity. You may re-apply for promotion in one week. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  8. Accepted Congratulations on the promotion!
  9. Name:NATEFIND20 What rank are you in Unity: MEMBER What rank are you applying for in Unity:SPECIALIST How long have you been this rank:OVER 1 WEEK How active are you: SEMI In at least 3 sentences why should you be promoted: I should be promoted because I don't have a life. If you message me to get on I probably will. And again I have no life.
  10. @McGrooves who are you
  11. Yesterday
  12. Update : In general, I think this update is awesome and makes RP a little more real as the guns are more from that time period as compared to before where at least in my opinion felt a little out of place. Although it will take a while to get used to I like the change. The gun price changes are good too as not as many people will be able to afford guns and cause them to play more in order to buy the thing they want. It will also cause more people to be more careful when carrying these as they are harder to get. Below are some bugs/issues I found from the hour or so I was on playing around with the new stuff. Bugs/Issues - Colt spelling error https://imgur.com/a/8xuro -Cant Buy Weapon Attachments As Blackmarket Dealer -The Axe melee weapon sold by black market dealer is called "New Gun" https://imgur.com/a/lxjhR -Players have reported losing whitelists to classes they were whitelisted too. Suggestions -VIP Peacekeeper Heavy Should spawn with a variation of an Owen Or Sten as it only spawns with a Mac-10 and Pistol which sorta defeats the purpose of calling it a Heavy. -Weapon Attachments should be purchasable from the F4 menu as there is not always a Gun dealer online and classes that spawn with a sniper are pretty much screwed because no gun spawns with attachments. -Ammo Crates and Kits Should be purchasable from F4 as well due to the fact most weapons spawn with only 1 or 2 clips and spam buying Small ammo kits is annoying in my opinion @Sgt.Val @Bacon Potato Cat
  14. -1 Inactive
  15. Good and kind person, Good Trooper, But a supervisor role requires a bit of responsibility. -1
  16. ACCEPTED @Chibs Wickyou have been accepted in to Justice. Your callsign will remain your current one Congrats welcome to Justice
  17. you will see
  18. Ah yes, Sheriffs will be just like Titans and elites, Titans are the original name brand, then Elites are the shitty knock off "Always Save!" brand. Seems like thats how Sheriff will be to State. If you even buy it because you keep saying you will buy stuff on the server and don't ever do it.
  19. I Actually changed everything except for ticket costs cause they are stayin the same
  20. This might bring some good IMMERSION
  21. Sorry Bills Your a good trooper but dont think your ready for supervisor -1
  22. ill have to try these out I'll post an update once I get in game
  23. That's not true. Though, he is a good trooper he has been in trouble.
  24. If we keep bringing it up it could most likely be put in affects
  25. I love everything about the update but It would be nice if you could add some of the suggestions
  26. Can’t wait to try out the banker system.
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