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  3. Name(In-Game): Michael Ross SteamID: STEAM_0:1:150966044 Date of Birth(IRL): 21/11/2002 Current Age: 14 What is your current timezone?: GMT +2 Why do you want to be hired into the SPD? (100 Words)? I would like to be hired for the Defcon Nations Police Department because i am a hardworking, honest, ang genuine person. If something ever arises, you can count on me to be willing to take on whatever is ahead of me. I learn fast so if anything is changed, I will be sure to learn it as best as i can before i enforce it. In another city, i rode with many police officers so that i could see what kind of work i would experience so that i could get used to it. While walking around the city, I have witnessed multiple crimes that i wish i could have stopped. If i were an officer, i can be sure that crime rates will go down once we do our job! What can you bring to the SPD? (75 Words): What i can bring to the SPD? I can bring experience, effort and hard work. I want to share my experience with other officers of the santos police department and work together to stop the city from criminals. I am a hard working person which will do everything necessary to catch criminals with a team. What motivates you to join the SPD? (75 Words): I have always had a passion for saving other people. When i first started out in government jobs, I was a EMS. Being a EMS is a hard thing to do because people always count on you and its hard to get there on time and save the day. If i become apart of the SPD, i will be able to help so much more hen i was able to. Currently there are not alot of officers on duty in the city and i would like to help wherever i can. Give us a brief description about yourself? (50 Words)(IRL): When i first flew into the city i was a poor person. It was hard to make money and i got invited to join the black business. I thought about it for a while and then decided that crime was not the way to go. I looked into alternative ways to make money while being of use to others and found my way in the Santos EMS(Emergency Medical Services) Department. I rised in ranks until i was 3 ranks away from the Chief of EMS. I have been the Chief of EMS in SantosPublicRP. I want to not only help people but stop criminals! What are your plans in the SPD? My future plans in the Santos Police Department are to work hand and hand with all the other officers to catch criminals and make the city a better place. Do you possess any experience with another Department? (Rank/Commanding Officer): Yes. I have been Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police, Asst. Chief of Police and Major Are you able to properly communicate in English?: Yes Do you have a functioning microphone?: Yes Do you consider yourself a patient person, and able to work under stressful situations and Why? When there is a stressful situation tbh sometimes i just take a 5 minutes break but at the end of the day i still continue my job and save the city from criminals. Do you understand that as a cadet you are under a probationary period where you can be terminated at any time, and you must seek out training before patrolling?: Yes Declaration of Agreement By submitting this application to the Santos Police Department, I, Michael Ross declare that all information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that a background check will be performed. I agree not to inquire about my application either accepted or denied unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, under my own consent. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be subject to termination at any given time? As we are a legal faction, by submitting this application you agree that if you are ever no longer a member of the Santos Police Department, you cannot use any information obtained during your employment, either IN-GAME OR OUT OF CHARACTER. You are required to follow all server rules and regulations (i.e forums/teamspeak/and game rules) and disregarding such rules and regulations can result to your employment being terminated. Do you also agree that upon termination of your employment contract with the Police Department, any houses or dwellings in your possession may be searched in according with the Search and Seizure laws and Standard Operating Procedures? Do you agree to adhere and understand the above declarations: Yes, Signed - Michael Ross Note: I've also got my own SPD Handbook, Criminal Code and my own Warnining System. Contact me in TS for further details.
  4. I was in the SantosRp server and before a server restart not even a 5 minute warning and i wanted compensation for my weed farm and stuff in my room and a staff member tp'd to me and gave me 10k in compensation i picked it up and the server restarted and *poof* it was gone and the staff on right now are complaining about how they can not replace my money and to make a ticket so here i am
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  6. Hi, Great FAQ, and interesting to read. طراحی سایت
  7. whomst are u talking to
  8. It appears to me that there is two ways you get ABSOLUTELY anywhere within defcon.. You can either not pay for your rank and be the BIGGEST Dick sucker in defcon[Myself] Or you can bring your guardians credit card hoping for the best offerings Val can give you..........[King] But besides all of that.. hello Im Justine Alberto with the Management team of the Social Lounge to make sure no one is being bullied or drama is being created... B0bcat and I will suggest that you please change your format to which you speak about members in the community.. Thanks for understanding You will be given Briefly 24 hours to fix the issues within this post.. Management Team, B0bcat and I
  9. hello Im Justine Alberto with the social Management team of the Social Lounge to make sure no one is being bullied or drama is being created... B0bcat and I will suggest that you please change your format to which you speak about other communities as that could give defcon a very negative look.. You will be given Briefly 24 hours to fix the issues within this post.. Management Team, B0bcat and I
  10. hello Im Justine Alberto with the Management team of the Social Lounge to make sure no one is being bullied or drama is being created... B0bcat and I will suggest that you please change your format to which you speak about members in the community.. Thanks for understanding You will be given Briefly 24 hours to fix the issues within this post.. Management Team, B0bcat and I
  11. Application Accepted. You have 72 hours to attend an interview on teamspeak with an FTO certified lieutenant or higher. - Chief Michael Cordone
  12. Sorry, but I do not believe you are a good fit for the SPD. Please do not reapply, the application will be denied. - Chief M. Cordone
  13. What is your In Game Name? Bailey CArson Do you have a mic? Yes How much money do you have? 5000$ How Many cars do you have? 1 What is your gunsmith level? 13 What is your Stamina level? 3 What is your Chemistry level? 2 How many hours do you have in CityRP? 66 hours Whats the most amount of money you had before? 40000 Were you affiliated with any gangs before ours? If so, list them below. No Are you or were you affiliated or part of any law enforcement agency, if so list them below. No Will you always put the gang before anything else? Yes Why do you want to join Slaughter Gang [2 Sentences]. Honeslty, this server is getting boring i've done almost all it has to offer. Im also getting tired of these mingey cops and want to fight back. Who is the leader of Slaughter Gang? Jahlyn Slaughter What color clothing do we wear? Red Age? 15 Do you Understand if you act mingey or extremely unprofessional, break any rules, go against higher up commands, or overall just not live up to expectations you can be removed and possibly blacklisted from Slaughter Gang? Yes or No? Yes Once you agree to these terms you are now under command of slaughter gang and its affiliates. Slaughter Gang is a "Set" under the primary gang "Bloods". This gang is composed of slum, gutter & extremely hood/gangster members. Be aware that our gang uses explicit language, gang references, and gang signs some may find disturbing or innappropriate. I understand 1
  14. In the end it all comes down to being strict about the rules not so much the content in the server and rules apply to setting limits on the number of people in a gang because you need to keep the server under control or else things WILL go to shit so @Justine Alberto and I @Savage are going to do our best to get Santos back on the tracks to what it used to be... EXTREME SERIOUS RP. Keep in mind there are cool downs for lots of things and no one is following them and if you guys like the server then you should take the initiative to follow rules to keep the server population up no one likes a dead server and rule breaking chaos can kill a server I have seen it, because when someone breaks rules on the server against someone else all they do is break rules back which is not going to help. So if we could can we please all take some time to realize the server needs to be back to serious mode and not some semi serious dark RP with fear RP and initiating and start following even the smallest rules and not comment back any smart shit and just do it. I'm now going to lock this topic because I was told to by someone higher up for the reason that this will now be taken care of in a rule breaking manor rather than him fixing people armor and nerfing things.
  15. Ok but how do I join police force instead of sheriff
  16. How did you know it was me if I had a mask on? Metagame much?
  17. Zusa teamed with VK and tried to raid us today,failed, ziptied @NewaZusa himself, and walked him out of our base. Fucking Backstabbers! We are now enemies with ZUSA
  18. Treat people how you wanna be treated you treat us like crap point guns at us, trashtalk us, arrest us and then in the end you demand respect and for us to play dead? NO. If a cop wants to treat me like crap he a can catch a .50 Cal Bullet from me and whatever else my gang is rocking. Real Talk, you guys need to be more nice like Santos said you guys treat us like crap and then get mad when we retaliate? And no we work together because we have a common enemy ,cops. All gang members have received unlawful Treatment from a cop and the cop receives no punishment. But at the same time every time I talk to an EX-COP why they resign they always say the same thing and that is "I resigned because being a cop gave me a bad reputation and no one really liked me because of my cop friends abuse" literally everyone is similar. I mean every time we kill a cop or make a base you guys just whine the police force doesn't need a buff IT JUST NEEDS MORE PEOPLE that's all so stop denying police apps and start getting more people because almost 80% of gang members are ex-cops OR people WHO YOU denied to be a cop. Real Talk. As far as gangs... We are at war if you see a big shoot-out don't go run up in their guns blazing because if its 2 gangs especially my gang.. you..will... die. BUT at the same time as far as slaughter santos and I are handling it calming are gangs down and sure @Savage is as well but don't be mad when you poke us with a stick repeatedly and we poke back with a fucking branch.
  19. More hour but look ok
  20. Need more hour
  21. Accepted Congratulations, you have passed your interview. Welcome to the staff team!
  22. Could someone chage my forums name to Mr.Clean plz and thanks
  23. Ingame Name;Mr clean Rank CFI Extra info I am the best
  24. Ingame Name: Rank Extra info
  25. Yes basically
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