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  5. Squidy

    Go wait somewhere else
  6. Happy

    [Casually waits for the Slave Major Update to drop.] @Sour @Dab
  7. leewilken

    The guide NPC would be helpful for slave as well maybe @Dab @Sgt.Val
  8. 500k with 5% interest gives 25k every 10 minutes
  9. Realfirebalz

    seems like a bug to me lmao
  10. i mean you can make over 200m from the bank if you put money in at restart and take out before restart and no game crashes server wise or game
  11. Realfirebalz

    tru tru but this purge update looks sick cant wait to play this weekend let me know what u think of the update lol
  12. never ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. Realfirebalz

  14. Michale Canyon

    I gotta check this out, well time to redownload Garry`s mod agen :p
  15. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED. Here are the winners for each server: @VinDiesel @Happy @HorrorMortar Congratulations to VinDiesel, Happy and HorrorMortar for winning the contest with your very clean, cinematic, and uniquely creative submissions. You three will be contacted via forum messages later today with your rewards.
  16. [DN] anthony [TS]

    could you guys delite this bacckgroung sounds of a radio making annoying noises please
  17. Squidy

    second i saw this on my phone i jumped outta bed since i just woke up bc i new the map was changing xD
  18. Mrbean

    how the hell do i place a hit i need a tutorial nvm before their wasnt a big green confirm disregard this
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