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      Server Rules   05/02/2017

      We do not use Google Docs for server rules(not including SlaveRP). So unless its in the forums don't pay it any attention.   All Rules can be found here: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/forum/644-server-resources/
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      All Server Content & Maps   07/27/2017

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      A3:L Reveal   05/01/2018

      Here is the reveal post for our summer-project that we have kept under wraps until now.   
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  1. Today
  2. We got wiped. Val got mad because of you guys making some bad decisions last night.
  3. Fat

  4. .

  5. .
  6. anyone? no? yes? maybe?
  7. you can only use one charge per raid (not including during purge) so this just let people use more during a raid and then breaking rules i think its fine how it is
  8. //
  9. Yes it does I’m pretty sure it does but what ever
  10. Breacher doesn't come with one
  11. @Julian101 why do u think there’s a lockpick
  12. Not like there will be 5 people with breaching charges and maybe we can put a restriction on how many they can buy per life I just think it sucks to blow the door open and then there's a fading door then your like well fuck.
  13. What’s that supposed to mean
  14. Ya but there can only be 2 at a time
  15. That would suck for the person getting blown into
  16. @cwg| sunrise respond
  17. Name: Cole Sexton Rank: Sheriff Callsign: 1-Alpha-10 Do You Wish To continue As A Sheriff: Yes <3
  18. Since So Many Player Struggle to call for staff..... They put it in occ type this (@ WHY YOU NEED STAFF) THEN PRESS ENTER
  19. devyn

  20. I have a suggestion for the VIP Breacher that after you use the first initial breaching charge that you can buy more under purchaseables.
  21. Edited a rule 6/19/2018: Under General Rules: It is FailRP to shoot a player's property just to get them agitated (Ex. Shooting a player's boombox or television just because you don't like the song or video. If a player is baiting by playing trollish music they can be subjected to admin punishment) To now say: Televisions and Boomboxes are for in home use ONLY. If you are caught having one out in public you will be warned to put it away, then you will be kicked the second time, then banned the third time. (This rule was adding because of the people who wanted to play music and bait other players into gun fights.)
  22. Name:Bills Murrys Rank:Captian Callsign:2 bravo 10 Do You Wish To continue As A Sheriff:yes
  23. Report post Posted August 22, 2016 Ingame name:CykaBlyatAk47 Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:181650757 Age?:15 Total in-game hours:2600 on gmod,about 1 day + on this server including the ip change it had long ago Are you active on our TeamSpeak?:Yes mostly arma 3 tho In At Least 60 Words, Tell us why do you want to join?:Well i want to join because i really like the servers addons and i always wished to be jaffa because its a step above all the others and it gives you a sense of a clan or brotherhood. The jaffa have been dying slowly as i saw on the server maybe its not i just havent seen any on besides a few, I really think i could add more to the jaffa. In At Least 50 Words, Tell us why should we recruit you?:First of all i know my way around gmod i have 2600 hours of mostly 2 weeks in one police rp server i used to play with my british friend so i know all the lingo and my way around guns what attachments do to them and what they don't i really think you guys could use a well seasoned gmod veteran and don't worry im not too serious i also know how to fly wac. In Your Own Opinion, What Do You See The Jaffanites As? [30 Words]:I see the jaffanites as mercs an army paid to fight no matter the faction it is hired by as long as its price is right and the mission is possible they can do it i mostly see them as a well organized milita/mercancry group. Have you read the Jaffanites MOTD?[Important]:Yes Do you understand that if your application gets denied, you'll have to wait 24 hours before re-applying again?:i understand In What Type Of Combat Role Are You Good At Being As? :LMG/Sniper/Radio operator in arma 3 tho Anyone recommended you into the Jaffanites (only Jaffas may recommend)?: a guy playing a small african slave reccomended me jaffa instead of grims wolves sadly cant remeber his name
  24. this was never was even accepted xD
  25. Name: Bashar Al-Assad (XXXTupac, ksnwashburn, ksn, not ksn, not bashar, Joseph Stalin) Rank: LT (But if I play my cards right CPT) Callsign: 4-delta-12 Do You Wish To continue As A Sheriff: No I'm a LT. I don't wanna be sheriff it's a elected position and campaigning sucks.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Yea “command” meeting then brings the whole department
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