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  1. Today
  2. @Z it already happened all gangs got on civ and were driving around in one limo. Which ended up in a staff member (Don't know who?) telling them they cant do that if they are whitelisted to any gang (Which i find really stupid) so they all unwhitelisted them selves to continue rising the city's crime rate to the oblivion. Also one question if this was such a big deal why was this not added back when slaughter were going literal AWOL last July and August
  3. Yesterday
  4. As someone who doesn't really play Santos but was there for the cancer gang situations of old I think this rule will blow over at the end of the day. It always happens that gangs do some stupid shit a rule is made and then it goes away in a couple weeks because the gangs stop playing or just complain the hell out of it. With that being said I think the rule is good but executed the wrong way. The problem with the rules is there is now absolutely no benefit to purchasing a gang while this rule is in effect. The only thing they get now is a vest which previously carried the potential for gang initiation but gang initiation seems to be basically irrelevant at this point so now gangs are just "cool" looking players. I also believe this is going to cause the same toxic interaction as last time with everyone just shutting gangs down and going civ like it a year ago'ish
  5. R.I.P Gangs.... Damn this is a fat F in the chat.
  6. I honestly think its time we close this thread, its getting toxic. The rules are in place, lets see how they work.
  7. Not really relevant for me to just pop in, but that's a pretty low blow, for someone trying to argue a reason for something to be reverted you seem pretty ignorant.
  8. As long as you're going to be a positive influence on the server, I'm fine with you coming back to help. But we're making big moves for the better of the server. If you have an opinion ill include you next weekend when I meet with some gang members and speak about the rule change.
  9. If you don't have a positive thing to say about the update or something you can logically prove without complaining then don't type at all.
  10. Alright you guys are taking this way out of context, stop disrespecting the other parties. I dont care who started it, now its over.
  11. He had a subtle jab about purge in there, nothing to do with this situation on Santos. Simple
  12. -1 Seems a bit biased towards cops. Also its like saying cops cant call backup, if they weren't there in the first place why should more of them show up??
  13. you had to personally attack him because of his opinion interesting
  14. Coming from the guy who got pushed out of the community because nobody liked him? Get your facts straight boy.
  15. And cops never search houses just cause their bored? It happens I'm not sure why you want to fuck over your regular players. Is that what happened to purge and had to jump on santos? As much as I hate gang's and think they're cringe they benefit the server you have around 10 of them on everyday in the mornings. If you look at the statistics those few gang members are helping keeping the server alive. I know gang's cause chaos, but I don't see it hurting the normal players if they're shooting the cops it gives the cops something to do... I'm pretty sure everybody knows what cops do when they get bored, and they start harassing every player on the server. From my point of view there is no difference between them.
  16. Also by the way rules can always be changed we want to try it for a week and then get everyone's opinion after trying it this way and if we believe it doesnt help or just makes things worst it will be removed.
  17. You guys are making this more complicated and overwhelming for a simple rule we want to enforce. It's simple don't reactivate situations that are over and done with. For example, if a shootout ends between police and players at the KFC and EMS are starting to revive people and heal them that should be the end of it. A car with 2-4 players shouldn't show up after the situation has ended and reactivate the situation STARTING another gunfight. This isn't role-playing, it makes it seem like a DarkRP with this happening over and over again. Q&A Q: Your friend's house getting raided? A: Yes you can still help them Q: Can I rob a gas station with all my gang/friends? A: Sure go right ahead just make sure everyone is in OR at the place of the robbery before starting and stay within the role-play zone. Q: All of my friends/gang members died and are now being arrested, can I pull out my weapon and tell the police to let them go? A: No, you should have been there at the beginning of the situation. Don't interfere, don't cause a new RDM Fest. Role-play it out. You can break them out of jail AFTER they've been processed in. ( Only Requires 4 cops now ) Q: My friends/gang members are being mugged, can I show up and then pull out my weapon and tell them to stop or just shoot them? A: No, again, you should have been there at the start of the situation. Only help your friends/gang members if you were there when the situation started. Don't show up after it started and then start shooting people.
  18. As of November 11th, 2019 we will be implementing a community wide rule that should have been self-explanatory from the start as it is literal common sense. However, due to the toxic manner and behavior of our players the Content Moderation Team, Community Management, and High Staff have all agreed to implement the following. HATEFUL CONDUCT Derogatory slurs such as fa***t, ret**d, ni***r, etc. used with intent to put others down or just as a joke will not be tolerated. Variations of these words used in the same way is included. Attempting to loophole this rule will not be tolerated. Any racial slur or term is not tolerated. Any disrespect via sexism or racism will not be tolerated. Telling or encouraging others to commit suicide will definitely not be tolerated. Hate speech or toxic remarks directed towards individuals or groups of people will not be tolerated. Targeting or harassing someone based on their religion, race, gender, origin, sexual orientation, etc. is not allowed. Making remarks or hateful comments about someones religion, race, gender, origin, sexual orientation, etc. is not allowed. Any of the above done on our TeamSpeak, Forums, Discord, Gameservers, or any of our platforms or outlets will result in the following punishments. 1ST OFFENSE 1 WEEK BAN 2ND OFFENSE 2 WEEK BAN 3RD OFFENSE 1 MONTH BAN This rule is effective immediately, and all staff members, server management, Content Moderators, and anybody with power to handle these issues must begin punishing accordingly. All members of our community are expected to follow this rule immediately as it's time to be actual decent people for once. We are 100% sure this is a step in the right direction, and we hope the community shares the same view. - Sgt.Val, Dab, Sour, and the rest of the DefconGaming team.
  19. Last week
  20. If a gang member gets pulled over and know they have a warrant of some sort they could very easily call in gang buddies/members to arrive to the scene before being told to get out of the vehicle. As the cop would be currently searching up the name of that suspect being pulled over or even before the officer even made contact to the suspect. In addition if we are driving in lets say a convoy and see someone in our gang ahead of us get initiated on by some sort of thing that being police/another gang. We should be able to assist, that is how it works. Gang members look out for each other. And lets say we get pulled over in one vehicle sitting 5-8 of us gang members. The windows could very well be tinted and once that driver is being told to step out easily the other people can grab their weapons and step out. This also goes with gang initiation if the windows are tinted and you cant see in you don't know how many people could be in that car. All you know is that there is at least a driver.
  21. Y'all cause chaos too and y'all been involved in some very questionable situations. It's the leaders ability to listen when we come to you with complaints , that determines how your gang is viewed. I'm sorry Trev but y'all are not saints. Stop trying to make this a personal attack on LSC. As long as you actively keep your gang in line, whether it be LSC / misfits / slaughter / Irish then rule adaptions will not happen like this. But this did happen because real toxic behavior has been happening, didn't just make that up. You have been very approachable about LSC whenever I come to you with an issue. Continue doing that and your gangs reputation will be a positive one with me. This is a positive change for the server. Give it time and you'll see.
  22. and after you mentioned them that one day I put everyone in line. If we have comms im pretty sure we should be able to use them untill we dead or they are disabled
  23. All we need is a video example (or something of the sort) of what to do in a situation like that, or things we CAN do, not things we CAN'T
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