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  3. Last Updated: 1/6/2020 Lore Clone Commanders: 21st Nova Corps 'Bacara' - @Mark Mendonca 41st Green Company 'Gree' - @Wiggles 74th Medical Regiment Slot #1 - @Phil Swift 74th Medical Regiment Slot #2 - Jacien 104th Wolfpack Battalion 'Wolffe' - @CMDR Wolffe (Ron)(Tcity) 187th Airborne Legion 'Alyx' - @MrAlex 212th Attack Battalion 'Cody' - Husk 327th Star Corps 'Bly' - @Circle 501st Legion 'Rex' - @Frozen Blades Shock Troopers 'Fox' - @Arlu3n Doom's Unit 'Doom' - @Monnk Republic Pilots 'Odd Ball' - @Daren ARC Trooper 'Colt' - @Sonof2tards Omega Squad 'Niner' - @Niner Delta Squad 'Boss' - @Colbienator Republic Command 'Yularen' - @Revy "Two Hands" Lore Clone Characters: 21st Nova Corps 'Keller' - @Atlas 41st Green Company 'Green Leader' - @smokeystatue 104th Wolfpack Battalion 'Sinker' - @Empia 104th Wolfpack Battalion 'Comet' - @Husky1 104th Wolfpack Battalion 'Boost' - @Magma768 187th Airborne Legion 'Alyx' - @MrAlex 212th Attack Battalion 'Waxer' - @ltgaz123 212th Attack Battalion 'Boil' - OPEN 327th Star Corps 'Deviss' - OPEN 501st Legion 'Appo' - OPEN 501st Legion 'Echo' - @MeowNyx 501st Legion 'Fives' - @Luke 501st Legion 'Hardcase' - Maxon Shock Troopers 'Stone' - @OwenTB21 Shock Troopers 'Hound' - @PhalinRed Shock Troopers 'Thire' - OPEN Republic Pilots 'Warthog' - @Patrick™ ARC Trooper 'Havoc' - @Jess(Havoc) ARC Trooper 'Hammer' - @King of Kings ARC Trooper 'Blitz' - @Blitz Lore Jedi Generals/Masters: Jedi Order 'Yoda' - @Sour 21st Nova Corps 'Ki Adi Mundi' - @TrulyUnknown 41st Green Company 'Luminara Unduli' - @moallan03 74th Medical Regiment - @Rock Lobster 104th Wolfpack Battalion 'Plo Koon' - @Conor Black 187th Airborne Legion 'Mace Windu' - @Niner 212th Attack Battalion 'Obi Wan Kenobi' - @New Order Drew 327th Star Corps 'Aayla Secura' - @[AOB] Regnozes 501st Legion 'Anakin Skywalker' - @Mills Shock Troopers 'Shaak Ti' - UNAVAILABLE Doom's Unit 'Tiplar' - OPEN Lore Jedi: Coming soon.
  4. General Application Rules: Must apply on Forums using the correct format and state which battalion you are applying for (see below for the highlighted section) Do not advertise your application in anyway. The application will remain open for minimum 72 hours When you are accepted for a Lore Jedi interview you will have 62 hours to contact 1 or more Clone Wars Server Managers+ AND 2 or more Council Members. When you are accepted for a Commander interview you will have 62 hours to contact 2 or more Clone Wars Server Managers+ If you are denied, you may not reapply for the position for 1 week after your initial denial. If you have an application open you may not comment or vote on other applications for the same position Abuse of the permissions given by being in the position will result in immediate demotion. Early applications result in an instant denial. Wait until they are open to apply. Only 1 application per applicant. (Meaning you cannot apply for 2 different positions) If you are accepted and given the position, you must serve a minimum of 60 days before resigning (unless you provide a valid reason that is approved). Failure to adhere to this rule will result in you being prohibited from applying for a Lore/Commander Position. (unless you obtain permission from 3 SA+). You must have a minimum of 48 hours on the server to apply for a commander position If you are accepted you are expected to dedicate your time on the server to push your regiment further for the better. Application Format: Copy and paste the blue text as the template for your application. Your In-Game Name: Your STEAM_ID: Hours Played: Current Rank: Position you are applying for: Previous Experience: Why you think you deserve this position: What will you do in this position: Additional Info: General Information Demotions and the Procedure Behind it Things that could get you demoted from Lore character positions: Prolonged inactivity without LOA or notice. Negligence or inability to perform the duties of the position. Failing to follow the rules/regulations of the server. Abuse of the permissions given by being in the position Result of Commander Evaluation process (Commander’s only) The procedure behind it: Individuals may be warned of breaking of any of the rules above and may be given advance notice before demotion/removal. How Voting Works: The side with the greatest number of +1/-1 will affect the outcome of the application (not the interview process) The Community may vote a "+1" or "+1"; the vote will be based on a percentage system, and the majority vote must be or pass the threshold of 66.66%. (In other words, there must be for example x7 +1 votes and x3 -1 votes) When the community is voting, they cannot just post a +1/-1, they must also include a clear and concise reason as to why they chose their vote. Interview Tips Be clear concise with your responses and make sure to keep to the question/topic being talked about Only bring up relevant topics related to the original question Take a second or two before you respond to the question to have a collected answer It's okay to be nervous but try to remember that the people interviewing you are just people and that you talk to them around the server. Take time to prepare before the interview, think about what they might ask you regarding your character, personality, and the position you are applying for. Prepare yourself! Ask questions that are related to the position or a very important task needed to be fixed Don't ask irrelevant/very situational questions
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  6. Ser Dub that I will definitely call you if i need a friend xD ❤️ @Dab
  7. Lots of new outfits for the female playermodels good update!
  8. Hah im first 🤡 this looks really cool though
  9. SERVER 1/12/2020 Bunch of new clothing options is available at the clothing shop! https://dwebhost.co/s/val/2020-01-12-2e3094d0-1818-4e93-806d-7f7e8670c0c7.mp4 https://dwebhost.co/s/val/2020-01-12-209c44e8-f8c4-4ffc-a098-4226df9cfe6e.mp4 Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
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