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Welcome to DefconGaming.net

Welcome to garry's mod's finest. We take pride in our high quality gameservers and try our hardest to provide unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for all players.

Missing required content?

We recommend just allowing your garry's mod client to download All Custom Files in your game settings, however if that doesn't work we got you covered!
Server Content

Want to join our team?

We are always looking for players to join our wonderful team and help support new players and keep our servers safe & clean. Click the button below to apply for staff!
Staff Applications
  • PoliceRP 911 Alerts are now working properly again.
  • SantosRP Cosmetic sound & texture bugs have been fixed.

Technical Issues

I'm seeing a bunch of errors even though I downloaded everything?

You haven't bought Counter-Strike: Source or Don't have it downloaded ( Not Counter-Strike Global that doesn't work for missing errors you need Counter-Strike: Source )

You can look on Google to find ways of downloading the missing models and textures that require CSS but we can't help much on this issue without buying CSS as it would be unethical  to provide ways without buying but it is possible without purchasing CSS

I am getting a "Missing Map" error when joining the server.

Here's how you could fix the missing map issue when joining one of our servers:

Go into your game options, then click other, finally click "allow all custom files from server."


That is the options menu, just in-case you don't know what you're doing.

This should work for all of our servers and if it doesn't, try verifying your game files then rejoining.

Map mismatch/Your map differs from the server's

Access your computer's folders

Delete the x.bsp file from steam / steamapps / common / garrysmod / garrysmod / maps (if there is one)

Delete the x.bsp file from steam / steamapps / common / garrysmod / garrysmod / download / maps

Restart the game and connect to our servers

Deformed vehicles

If Vehicles Look like for you in Garry's Mod follow these steps to fix it

1. Main Menu Garry's Mod

2. Settings

3. Video

4. Advanced

6. Model detail

7. Set to High

Restart the game and connect to our servers


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