Staff Application

  • *NOTICE*

    If you have applied and your application was denied you must wait at least ONE WEEK before reapplying.

    *Exceptions: You were told you could reapply sooner  by someone who works with Staff Issues. If you were told you could reapply sooner type @name of the person who said you could in the bottom section of this form where it says "Anything Extra".

    Do NOT message staff or other people to look at your application. Your application can be denied for doing this.

    You must meet ALL of the requirements listed in the Staff Requirements Thread

  • Your name MUST be the same on Teamspeak, Forums and In-Game on the servers. If you need a name change on the forums ask in your app or make a ticket.

  • Example: STEAM_0:0:116199793

    Go here and paste your steam profile URL and copy your ID that looks like the one above.

  • This means list every rank from lowest to highest. 

  • Owner/Founder and CEO.