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      We do not use Google Docs for server rules(not including SlaveRP). So unless its in the forums don't pay it any attention.   All Rules can be found here: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/forum/644-server-resources/
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      Staff Teams - Please equal your playing time versus your staff time. If you're planning on playing on the A3L Server, Make sure there are staff on your designated server before playing anything else.

Staff Abuse

If you believe an admin has abused their powers and you feel as if they deserve punishment, please fill it out!

But first here are a few things you should know.

  • Do not post any reports in the Accepted, Under Review, or Denied Subforums. Please post them in the "Staff Abuse/Complaints" forum.
  • Saying logs as evidence will result in the case being closed. This is because logs cause lag and not all servers have them.
  • If you are not directly involved or a witness to the abuse, you are not allowed to comment on a staff report.
  • After the report is filed, please do not post nonsense in the comments.
  • Please refrain from making salt posts, flaming, or using profanity. Reports are taken very seriously and are expected to be formal.
  • Failure to follow format will lead to the report being postponed for 24 hours until it is fixed.
  • Failure to fix the format will result in the report being denied.
  • Only Staff Abuse Investigators can close, lock, or move abuse reports. Anyone caught doing so without being a SAI will be temporarily banned.