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Welcome to our community.

Here at Defcon Gaming we try our best to deliver the best possible experience to our players.
With the help of the whole Defcon Gaming staff team, We make the community & all our gameservers a safe and enjoyable place.
We also can't forget the most important piece, you, the player. As the player, you play a huge role in our community, and we can't thank you any more.


    Law Enforcement

    Become a Deputy of the Los Santos Sheriff's Office, or an Officer in the Rockford Police Department today and keep the streets safe!

    Use the buttons below to select your preferred departments.



    We run solely off of donations, it's how we keep our servers alive.

    Here are some benefits you can receive for donating!

    • In-game rewards such as cash.
    • Fancy tags on our TeamSpeak, Gameservers and Forums.
    • Early access to upcoming servers

    + tons of more benefits available!

    Click here to go to the donation page.

      Recent Server Updates

      The newest update to PurgeRP is now live. This update includes adding back a bunch of scripts like the bank vault, coin flips, and more!


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        • ACCEPTED Welcome To Misfits! Join TS (PM me for whitelist) ~ Chief Operations Officer Michael Mikvik
        • >Santosrp Name: Curtis Jefferson   >Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:66881863   >Age: 14   >Past Org/Gang History: Grim Wolves, Kush Kings, Vice Kings and Kingsmen   >Do you have a Mic(requirement)?: Yes   >Experienced Law enforcement?: I was
          a officer, I retired If not do you understand the Code of law:   >Do you understand the rules of engagement?: Yes   >Are you biased?: Hell no   >Stamina Level: 5 about to be 6   >Will you follow orders from Executives, CEO, CO and clients?: yes   >Have you had a ban in your record if so, what was the offence?: Not that I know of   >Are you a felon?: Arrested today   >Do you record in-game (it's a requirement all Members must record in-game): Yes, I always save the last 5 minutes of recording   >What is your activity in Santos Hours: 1-4 hours a day (I need to be active on
          policerp)   >Do you take matters into your own hands?: Not unless I was asked/told too   >How many Hours do you have in Santos RP: 19h   >Do you do well under pressure? Yes   >What motivates you?: The will to not get arrested and to not be known as a bad person     ________________________________________ >By Signing your name you agree to the following: if your not active within 1 week without Notice you will be removed from Associate and be placed in Org till further Notice, you must Pm me or other higher Officials that your not going to be active due to work, school, home or simply "Got bored I'm going to play some rust for a little while" you will give notice about your inactivity.   Type name here: Curtis Jefferson
        • Added 12/8/2018:   Under General Server Rules: Police can raid if they have witnessed a citizen commit a crime, such as  an assault, or a kidnapping. They can also conduct a "missing person search" on bases once a kidnapping has taken place within the server.   Under Roleplay Guidelines: CDM is not tolerated at all (even if you honk your horn)   Under Roleplay Rules: Max mug is $5,000 and you must give them 10 seconds to respond to your demands, you also must wait 5 minutes between each mug. You must wait 15 minutes to mug the same person again. You MUST type in chat or verbally announce the mugging AFTER the mug advert. You must let the person know that you are mugging them.  When you go to mug a person, they can't have any weapons out, and they must be standing still. The same rule applies for kidnappings. You must comply when being mugged, you either let the person kill you or give them their compensation. You CANNOT "/advert Counter" a raid unless next to or near the building that is being raided. You can't run away or break cuffs when kidnapped. You can hold a person that you've kidnapped for 10 minutes, and you MUST either kill or release them once the time is up. Purge time accounts for this rule. Kidnappings have a cool down of 10 minutes, and 25 minutes for the same person. You CANNOT force jump onto or into a base or a base rooftop with a lightsaber.    Under Base Rules: No building bases in the road, that includes random props as well. You may claim a rooftop on a base if you own all doors to the building below the rooftop. This rule only accounts for bases with an entry to the rooftop.   Under Job Rules: Mayor The Mayor CANNOT be killed by a hit unless raided by the person who has the hit.   Some Minor Typo's Were Also Noticed and Fixed.