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    Ok, I know Chaos isnt going to like this but EVERYBODY that isnt in chaos hates them. Today, about 20 min ago the chaos started to do there minge spree, First i had a truck with stuff in the back "I was trying to do a senario with the police for fun" and then about 5 chaos started to chase my truck with gravity gunt just to mess it up, once i got out of range they started to shoot at me for absolutly no reason, when i ran them over they decided to keep coming back and trying again until i decided to remove everything and just go raid bases. So much for that. Then the chaos started to mug people like 2 min apart from each advert so everyone decided to start countering them, This led to the Chaos getting very salty. They started to break NLR and tried kill us "I have screenshots of them shooting before they are even respawned" [ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=974414219 ] and this lead to absolute chaos. They keep ruining the server for everyone. I told them i was making this post and a guy with 45 min on the server was saying he was going to make a forums account to give this a thumbs up, Im not asking for Minge Squad, oops i ment Chaos Squad to be banned, i just want them toget under control. In my opinion, you should make a toll and see how many people hate Chaos. They are making the server just go to shit. Thxx, Have a good day.
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    How do I enter? - like the post and your forums name will be entered into the giveaway How much money is being given? - it may seem self explanatory but it's not how this works is 500k will be split 5 ways so 5 winners of 100k is this rigged? - no It is absolutely not winners will be chosen via an online random name picker Val approved? - yes GOODLUCK!!! P.S:To be entered a second time reply with your favorite meme
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    What is your name?: Nick Walkins Name of the reported staff member(s): NewaZusa What is their rank?: Server Manager The reported Staff Member(s) Forum Profile URL: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/profile/12595-newazusa/ Server CityRP What are you accusing them of?: Banning 2 people for "no initiation" when he broke into our gang house and was shooting at us, he also banned another person for "prop blocking" but he only blocked 1 doors and there was another way to get into the house, and also dealing with his own sit. Please explained what happened?: We were making meth in our house until someone (NewaZusa) broke into our house and started killing us, I then proceeded to kill him, after I killed him he said "!menu" in chat, then banned Micheal Mikvik for 3 weeks and 2 days for "prop block", then he banned Fredo and I for 23 hours for "No initiation". Evidence (required): http://plays.tv/video/5962acaca7d691e47f/proof What punishment do you best see fit?: Demoted from staff, or get him banned. (even tho he paid for staff)
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    Quit asking walter, me or any higher up to change the map to the bigger one cuz we can't do anything about it! I am making this topic about the map we have currently and the old map (new map actually lol) that we used to have before summer break. If a lot of ppl reply and give a vote on this topic val might accept the idea and change it but if it has only 15 Opionions he might not do it (Thats what I believe). Current map (small one): rp_downtown_v4c_v2 Old map (bigger one that we used to have before summer break): rp_downtown_v4c_v4 A Quick Reminder! The current map that we r using right now is the map that PurgeRP used to have from the begging DONT ASK FOR OTHER (BIGGER) MAPS. WE AINT GONNA SWITCH TO ANY OTHER (BIGGER) MAPS CUZ PURGERP POINT IS TO PURGE NOT TO BASE OR DRIVE CARS!
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    The Server Will Be Coming Out This Friday, July 21st.
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    Explain your Suggestion: Regarding the current rule for initiation, people must properly initiate on a person before they are allowed to commit any bodily harm. I am not suggesting to remove the need for initiation, however, I am suggesting that some actions be considered to be proper initiation. I believe that if both people/sides in a hostile situation is actively and clearly showing aggression towards each other, such as both sides having guns drawn and aimed at each other, no verbal initiation should be required. Imagine if a criminal is in a car chase with the police. If he crashes his car but manages to get out unscathed, pulls out a gun and takes cover behind his car, and the police also pull over and draw their guns on him. Who would walk out of cover, into the open, into hearing distance, to say "Hey i'm gonna shoot you now.". Another example is when I was farming corn at the corn field when I saw a guy in full military gear with a gun nearby. I pulled a gun and we both stared at each other for 10 seconds straight before I had to awkwardly walk up to him and say "drop the gun", before he killed me and all 3 of my friends I was with. It's rather unrealistic, and doesn't make any sense. It would just force them to get out of cover and make them vulnerable to getting shot. If both sides have their guns drawn at each other with clear hostile intent to each other, that should be considered proper initiation. Is it a Mod, New Map, or General Server Suggestion? General Server Suggestion Why should we implement this suggestion, how will it increase Role-Play? Makes things more realistic and less frustrating for some people. Is this exploitable? I don't believe so, but if a way to exploit it is found out, the rule can be easily mended again to fix it. If so, how would we prevent it being exploited? N.A.
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    Many people are having this issue of there spawn list being wiped blank. There are no props for the user to spawn when they press Q to spawn a prop, but use the tool gun. I have had this issue for the past 2 weeks. I have asked multiple staff for help and how to solve this but know body knows. I have tried Reinstalling the game, verifying the integrity of file and lots of other things it doesn't work. The funny thing is that I have all my props on all other servers. This is leading for the to become boring because I can not build bases. There is no search bar no nothing, please solve Problem ASAP. People are losing interest in the server because they can not build. Please Read the whole thing before saying (no this is wrong I have all my props) I said "(SOME PEOPLE) ARE HAVING THIS PROBLEM NOT EVERYBODY" Please fix this problem as soon as possible @Sgt.Val @Dab @Walter Wight @BroIamBro @Temmie Triggered @PricelessBrick @Cowculus @Legacy_Andrew @Tony gunk @Derpy Traitor @michael mezzo @Squidy
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    Recently i have lost interest in Meth rp and really gmod all together. I know i will be inactive so i am retiring from the staff team. I will most likely not be coming back to the staff team for meth rp but i may pop in the server every now and then. The staff team for meth also needs some work we have a lot of abusers but we do have some great staff and i hope the staff team improves. @Sherman Thanks to these guys for making meth rp a great nd enjoyable time @happykill@Mark Hogan@Cole@allgoodrc@Noob The Weeaboo@hcartt@EarthWarrior14@Swift@Justin Albert
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    The old map was better
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    So while taking a shit I was modifying a lighter and it became a semi flame thrower. I lit my hand on fire then wondered its range. I put it about 6 inches away from my dick and lit toward it. Turns out it only reached 5 inches but the heat burnt all the pubes in the patch. Now there is just a patch of pubes missing but I realized my skin is soft.
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    I never thought I would see this day, but I have decided to retire. I won't be leaving the community, so you can expect to still see me on. Being one of the few active staff has just ruined my time on the server. I'm not friends with every single person listed below. If I have interacted with you, you're listed here. However, to those of you who know I consider you a friend, it's been a fun time. You know who you are. I know I have forgotten to list people in here, so please don't be sad/angry. I have gotten to meet so many people that its been hard to list all of them out. I also have permission from an owner to keep the retirement tag. I have tried to tag everyone, if you see someone who is not tagged please let them know if you see them in-game, or tag them in a reply. Prepare for the longest list of shoutouts/acknowledgements you have seen to date... All are alphabetized... There are 75 in total:
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    Military Life RP Approx Release Goal: Summer (Beta TBA) Features: [North Korea VS United Nations] US Army VS Taliban (Edited from feedback) Citizen Jobs XP System Consent TDM Immersive Roleplay Daily CTF Matches VIP Benefits WAC Aircraft If you have any questions or suggestions , message me, Michael Kennedy, or SirMeman (Alex Kennedy) on the forums.
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    If you are a fan of StarwarsRP and wish to become one or more of the following then please contact me to learn more! ~ Staff Member ~ Battalion Commander There will be an open beta in the coming days. We are almost ready for release, just small things need to be done such as building certain bunks, adding content, and testing the server for bugs.
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    Let's start by getting rid of all these fucking paid fors crime orgs. For real all these kids are paying for whitelist custom classes running around with 200 armor and spaz and other 1 shot guns killing everyone. Also let's get rid of the fucking cars that shoot lazers. Also get rid of chaos squad because no one fucking likes them. They cause problems for staff and break a shit ton of rules. They whine a fuck ton when we punish them. They said they gave a fuck ton of money to val and they keep getting unbanned for some odd ass reason. And they keep saying val is on my TINY cock because I give him a shit ton of money. The only orgs that should be on is State troopers, maybe ATF and atleast 1 or 2 criminals orgs. Or at least nerf some of em.
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    This is generic
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    Development Update 6/25/2017 ~ Added A couple donator items ~ Added 5 New Jobs ~ Added New Escape Menu Sorry for the lack of updates, I took a much needed break from developing the server. I am now back in action for making the Starwars server, my prediction for a release date is in 2-3 weeks, but don't quote me on it. More Coming Soon
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    Name: (In Game/TS Name) William Sherlock Enzo Type of Suggestion: Rule Why it should be added to City RP: (Narrative): What this rule is, or what it might state, is that during a traffic stop, or an officer initiating a traffic stop, the person being pulled over is not allowed to run away from the police, and must pull over for a simple traffic stop. This would include having illegal drugs on you, meaning, illegal cannabis, meth, or other illegal substances is not a valid reason to run. However, if you have an illegal, unconcealed firearm, you are allowed to run as an officer is allowed to give you jail time for that. Do you see a benefit in adding it: Yes, as there are far too many times in CityRP where someone would run away from the cops without having a valid reason. Every single time ends in a shootout.
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    It makes it impossible for any police related jobs to enjoy themselves. With their op guns combined with their indestructible cars it causes mass failRP and at times RDM.
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    Name: (In Game/TS Name) Titus Wood Type of Suggestion: Replacement Why it should be added to City RP: Due to the recent gun nerf it is almost impossible to mug/kill/raid/ or defend your base. It`s so unrealistic and also with the introduction of S.E.R.T it is impossible to kill them unless you ram into them with a car going full speed. Like a raging bull should not be a 5 shot kill. If you get shot in the head IRL with a revolver you are ether brain damaged or dead. This nerf has ruined guns and made them pretty much like slapping a kid in the face with a napkin from a little kids birthday party. Do you see a benefit in adding it: It would make the gun`s realistic and back to the way they should have stayed. Also make it so S.E.R.T are not invincible.
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    So as many of people have seen that SSD is no longer a thing. I want to first off by saying thank you to everyone who has participated to make the department strive and be successful as it was. I personally had so much fun and met a lot of really good people and learned a lot. Sheriff's will forever be remembered and dearly missed. On behalf of all the command staff for SSD I would like to say, Thank You!
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    The Order of the Jaffanites Public Address Operation: Takeover will be in effect tomorrow, July 7th, 2017. This operation's goal is to secure the Jaffanites position (along with our allies) as the dominant faction on the server. Mass-Recruitment will begin tomorrow, and missions will be begin Saturday and extend to over a week. I expect that most active Jaffanites will try to make it on the server during this time. If you cannot make it on any of these days, please let me or any high command know of your absence. Let this be a warning to those whom oppose us: if you try to stand in our way, you will be eradicated. But if you decide to be friendly, we will be friendly towards you. This is the basic information of the Operation. Every other detail is classified among high-command Jaffanites, and will not be shared with the public until the operation is over. Also, many Jaffanites members aren't active on the forums, so please let those people know of the operation. : ). @Gordonbrown @Happy @Bacon Potato Cat @King Logan @Vladimir Lenin @Itty Bitty Ditty Committe @MaJesticLion @Silenced @anatnomynot [Tonymontana]
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    @Vincent Patriarca Nice Billboard
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    After many peace talks and a successful joint raid on an enemy faction, we have allied with the Grim Wolves. When we tried to break into the enemy faction's base, we struggled to take the base. When we raided with the Grim Wolves, the raid was a success! This shows that the two factions can work together, rather than always trying to get under each other's skin. Please do not raid their base or you will be demoted. We hope that this alliance will last a long time, and that we can put our bloody history behind us.
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    Name: Derek Finch Type of Suggestion: Job Why it should be added to City RP: SERT and SWAT must be nerfed. Every ones whos on Sheriffs patrols in it, so there's at least 3 of them. With the new damage nerfs you can fire 100 bullets into them and do nothing, and reequipping armor resets their ridiculous health levels. You can't do anything against SERT, except ram them with your car which will get you kicked for CDM. SERT and SWAT will ruin RP very fast and is already ruining the server so lower the health to the 200-300 range. Do you see a benefit in adding it: Make the cops not invincible so people can actually do things that aren't legal.
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    So we have encountered an issue that has come to my attention. The past few weeks staff applications have been rolling in. The problem with this is YOU guys are failing to leave a review. Why this matters? This is important on helping us SM's determine whether to mark it under Interview or Denied. This is not acceptable nor is it tolerable. We have around 22 staff members yet there are only 2-3 reviews. From this point forward Me and @BroIamBro will be monitoring Forum activity. Staff strikes will be issued to those who continue to not respond. ============================================================= Trial Staff @EXEM_YANG @Get_Paid @pierce1239 @BingXhz Moderator @Cowculus @Legacy_Andrew @Michale Canyon @CrustyKangaroo Admin @BobbyWeast @Fashionkilla @ITSKOTA @[LB]KingKamm @PricelessBrick @Squidy @Tony gunk @Autistic_Weeaboo @Luckymike117 Senior Admin @Gift4mybro @Sidoh @Met @Temmie Triggered @animalcat Thx @Cow for the template <3
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    Super Minge but guess what he just says "Ill pay mr.val more money to unban me so its just an over whelming cycle of unending bullshit he literally acts like the owners are his bitches and then he acts like he makes Val his bitch by giving him money
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    What is your name?: [Mr] Sir Cowz Name of the reported staff member(s): Savage What is their rank?: Community Co-Owner The reported Staff Member(s) Forum Profile URL: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/profile/12293-savage/ Server CityRP What are you accusing them of?: Creating an unnecessary admin sit, no clipping around, physgun abuse, and disrespecting fellow staff Please explained what happened?: As a SERT member we had a call to Lake Houses with someone having drugs. After looking around we saw someone had drugs in the house so we had a warrant placed, right before we searched the house Savage decided come in and asked us some questions which had the intention, in my opinion, to annoy us but then we told him to leave because we didn't want him over our shoulders' and didn't want him to intervene or annoy us during the raid. Jason kindly asks him to leave but then is barked at by Savage with "Do you want to be f****** banned?", he then suddenly proceeds to grab Jason Dickens and we are asking "What the hell are you doing?" with Oleg Fischer asking it as an admin situation but Savage tells him to shoot him. Oleg declines then is cussed out by Savage with "F*** you, F*** you, F*** you", where then no clips away where he then teleports Jason to his "Admin Sit". Jason did nothing wrong but simply ask Savage to leave, he didn't even say a cuss word he just asked him to leave kindly but then was unnecessarily dragged into an admin sit. @Bacon Potato Cat @Dab Evidence (required): What punishment do you best see fit?: Demotion to Admin at least Demotion to Member and Blacklisted from staff at most
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    Hey lamo! this is a rant about gangs on Santos and how cancer it is for cops! So lets start with 7/17/17 I logged onto the server to find out that 2 or 3 other gangs made a huge base at BK. Now i tried to get on duty as the only cop on and with in 2 mins I found out why I was the only one on, everyone was getting robbed or kidnapped, and you would think that cancer wont carry over into tomorrow but it did but this time there were more cops and we still were killed every 5-2 mins. No cop wants to get on anymore almost every cop came to me and said " I am quitting" or something along those lines. So they are to OP and to many of them. I asked Justin Ablert if he can talk to Val and he gave me the wise words of "Justin Albert: Not much that can be done they ahve paid for everything that they have " and it is true we can't do shit about it, they paid for everything that they have now. The only solution would be make cops more OP for we can compete against the gangs. Please for the love of god help us @Sgt.Val
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    Your name: Walter Wight SteamID: Doesn't matter. Rank on the server: SM Your suggestion: BITMINER (JUST LIKE IN SCHOOLRP) Type of suggestion - (Rules/Items/jobs): Items / Addon Pros: MORE WAY TO MAKE MONEY ! AND IT"S FUN + ADDICTING and no more useless money clicker that no one use . I think it's very unique and very efficient way to make money without any much effort and it's SUPER fun to use (In my opinion). Cons - (Must try and think of at least one): Couldn't think of one yet but maybe they can exploit it but ... IT"S ON SCHOOLRP Names of players who also support this suggestion: SCHOOLRP SERVER
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    @Sherman Yep that's right, I'm out of this bitch. Here are the people that made this almost year worth it: @James Kasper (RIP) @JigglyBiggly (RIP) @Jeff Dogz (RIP) @MitchBruh @King :) @Snoop Doge @Thomas Royal @HairyEagle™ @Chris Kula @Reizuko Zusa @NewaZusa @[AOB] O-3 Cpt .G Ron @Justin Albert Anyone else that wants to add me on steam is more than welcomed to: Add me here I'm sorry to anyone I forgot to put up here, but anyone who is up here has made being on this server worth it, and you are the only people that I will miss, because I will try to forget everything else about this shit hole. Incoming Rant So I've been considering a complete retirement for a while now, and today I've finally decided to. The server lags to shit everyday all day, random shit is always breaking or being removed or changed, but HEY AT LEAST WE HAVE 2 NEW SERVERS RIGHT? Because we can't already handle the ones we have, and now the player number on SantosRP has gone from 60+ to maybe 30 on a good day, but HEY AT LEAST WE HAVE DEFCON MERCH NOW RIGHT? Most (Not all) paid for staff don't even do their jobs, but since they paid, they keep their rank, and when they should be getting in trouble, the higher up staff always looks the other way. Basically, if you're a paid for staff, you can get away with pretty much anything, as long as Val gets his money, and instead of fixing server bugs, more useless shit gets added. Peace out bitches
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    The Bigger the better😉
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    What is your name?: Mezzo Name of the reported staff member(s): Walter Wight What is their rank?: Server Manager The reported Staff Member(s) Forum Profile URL: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/profile/12212-walter-wight/ Server PurgeRP What are you accusing them of?: Falsely banning me Please explained what happened?: So I was accused of having spawned in weapons (Ray guns) which come with my custom class. I was also accused of breaking nlr and not calling a raid. Their video shows what they said about me and others. What really happened was this was a normal raid. After the raid Walter hops on used this video and banned me without hesitation or willingness to even see my side. This ban was based on the false narrative of me breaking nlr and also repeated offenses which I don't see in this video. If you look at my video it shows the actual raid and what really happened that is in the evidence you will see I broke no rules. If I did break any rules I do not know about I will take the punishment although I see that My raid as a player is fine and that this ban Is false and infact the people that reported me and others failed rp and broke nlr which is the reasons I was banned for falsely. Their Evidence used against me: Evidence (required): What really happened in the raid: http://plays.tv/video/5964e708520dab07f2/real-story What punishment do you best see fit?: suspension to moderator for a week
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    -1 Lots of admins say you break rules Created lots of staff apps for no reason - never been in ts
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    Name: Mark Hogan Rank: Assistant Chief
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    Name: Scotch, Scotch Bates, Star, SteamID: STEAM_0:0:98112934 Steam Community Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Star_Swing/ Age: 16 Server you are applying for?: MethRP Total playtime of said server: 49 Number of hours on Garry's Mod: 2800 Have you ever donated?: Yes In at least 150 words, why should we allow you to join?: You should hire me because I am very loyal to the server and it is majority of my time on my computer and gmod itself. I've grown to love the community and staff. I am respectful to all players and try to do my best to keep everyone treated equal on the server. I am a very friendly player and I feel that I am known well on the server. I've been admin/mod on many servers before. I even owned my own server at one point. I fully think I should become mod for many reasons. One of my main goals as a moderator is to create a fun and safe environment for players to enjoy. This would include entertaining people, helping players, and trying to eliminate as many hackers as possible. Respect is something very important in my life. I respect everyone and everyone's decision. If you treat other with respect they will treat you the way you treat others.I understand how gmod servers work and how to treat players with the respect they need. In at least 100 words, why do you qualify for this position?: In 2016, i started playing on a server called TheFlawless. My first day, i played long enough to apply for moderator. That same day, i was promoted to moderator (Note: I was not friends with any of the staff on the server). Later that week, i was promoted to Administrator, and less than a month later, due to my success as admin, i was promoted to Super Admin. Later that week, i was promoted to Global Admin (Essentialy, i held the status of a co-owner). TheFlawless was shut down, These are the reasons why I think I qualify for staff. Who owns Defcon Nations?: Sgt.Val List the chain of command/rank structure: Trial Staff > Moderator > Admin > Senior Admin > Server Manager > Game Master > Staff Director > Community Manager > Co-Owner > Owner Do you understand how to use the chain of command? That your issues should go to a Server Manager and then go up from there: Yes Do you understand advertising, posting, or asking for people to look at your application will result in the application being instantly denied?: Yes Do you understand we withhold the right to terminate your staff rank for any reason at anytime?: Yes Do you understand that you cannot be staff on ANY other Garry's Mod servers, If you are found lying you will recieve a blacklist from staff, and possible ban: Yes Anything extra:
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    my rig credit to West Coast Customs for the sick wrap
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    Topic Title: (Hayden Weaver) - (Meth Rp) - ({LFG} HADEN208™) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your Name: rickgrimes Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DBONPC/ Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:86237420 Players Name: Hayden Weaver Players Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129928682 Players SteamID: STEAM_0:0:84831477 What did this Player do: Exploit, Threatening, Cop baiting, Breaking NLR, Flaming in chat, Over all minge. What would you like to see happen to this Player: Permanent ban although he may have given money to the server he should not be allowed to just go unpunished just cause he has money its about the over all player experience not just how he wants to play. Its unfair that he can just do what he wants on the server without being stopped and players are tired of it as you can see in the video's not to mention staff don't want to ban him because he flaunts that he will just get unbanned by paying money that is unfair and biased as he seems to have more power than the staff does and seems to be unbannable. Evidence:
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    -1 when ever I see you on you're just a complete minge, people always have complaints about you.
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    -1 You were one of the worst staff members that PurgeRP has ever had. You did nothing but abuse and break the rules on the server. I don't know who the hell would ever give you staff back especially after what you said to me today. Infact here is video proof of why you should never get staff back! To be honest I think you should be blacklisted from staff because you stated yourself "the only reason I cared about that is so I can abuse" referring to being staff.
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    What is your name?: Temmie Triggered Name of the reported staff member(s): FREAK MOZ What is their rank?: Senior Administrator The reported Staff Member(s) Forum Profile URL: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/profile/14643-freak-moz/ Server PurgeRP What are you accusing them of?: Abuse of spawn power spawning in npc's and doing events that he should not be doing, Banning people for way to long (his in game name is brezz) and spawning in stuff not in shop Please explained what happened?: Well he was calling votes on events and you not even suppose to do events as a SA but any ways he brought the entire server and spawned in a lot of npc's that instantly kill every thing in sight he then spawns in a lot more of the same npc witch lags the server a little. Next he was banning people for way longer than he needed to, he banned some one half a day for Attempt CDM he banned a couple other people for longer but i don't have screenshots of those. He was also using nerv gas during purge. Evidence (required): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119604210/screenshot/858348503485547283 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119604210/screenshot/858348503485545462 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119604210/screenshot/858348503485547283 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119604210/screenshot/858348503485545462 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119604210/screenshot/858348503486221913 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119604210/screenshot/858348503485602207 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119604210/screenshot/858348503485601608 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119604210/screenshot/858348503485600929 Kachooo
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    @Sherman Sorry sir wont do it again set him to trial staff please
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    The release of our brand new, fully custom, Arma 3 Life Modded Server!