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      We do not use Google Docs for server rules(not including SlaveRP). So unless its in the forums don't pay it any attention.   All Rules can be found here: https://defconnations.com/index.php?/forum/644-server-resources/
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    Your In-Game Name:Caden Your Steam Name:[DN] Caden Your Steam ID: Link to your Steam Profile: Date of Birth:2002 Your Current Age:14 Your Timezone: Total time on Server:6w Are you currently registered in ECSP? If so, please link to your original application: Your current rank in ECSP:Trooper Rank promoting to?:Trooper First Class Why do you want to be a higher up in Evo City State Police? (100 Words Minimum):I want to be promoted in Evo City State Police because I was in the State Police for over 1year now and I think its time for me to get promoted. Also I want to be a higher rank so I can help out more because as a Trooper their is not much I can really do. I also like that as a higher up I can use better cars and much more. And many people told me to do a app for promotion be can I was a trooper for a while now and I want to able to help with much more like commanding lower rank getting better gear etc. Why should we chose you over other Applications? (100 Words Minimum):I think you should chose my application over others because I was in State for over 6 mouths and more so I Know more of what to do in most situations I am very respectful and I help with trainings and much more. I also think you should chose my application over other apps because I am more experienced than most troopers by saying that I mean by Driving, Shooting,Taking calls and much more and I will like the change from trooper and also a new call sign. I know all the codes everything and I think i have been here for the longest out of all the troopers. Additional Information:I was told to do this from like 5 other troopers. Love u mark Terms and Condition By submitting this application to the Evo City State Police Administration I, [Caden] declare that all information contained here is true and correct. I agree not to inquire about my application either accepted or denied unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, under my own consent. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be removed in position if it has been seen that I am unfit for duty or have violated any of the current organization handbook. We may amend this Agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on Code of Conduct. We may or may not post notices on Announcement or Document when such changes occur. Have you read all of our general handbooks? [Yes]. If so, do you agree to all? [Yes] Signed - [Caden]
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    He is staff on Gates Truckings Community
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    Lmaoo.. I dont know how to DDOS GOSH BUT use the template pleaseeeeeeeeee
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    Going to fall? Averages 40+ people daily?.
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    No need to comment on literally everything he post. The two of you leave each other alone or I'm going to get involved.. I hope we are all understanding
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    I know.. I said Michael because his name is Michael Cordone on CityRP.. I filed the warning as Cordone
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    DENIED [insufficient Evidence If you get a Larger Picture that isnt Blurry please post another Abuse Report Thanks] Closed
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    Like he said I'm not going to argue with anyone. Butt if the shoe fits better put that shit on
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    Im sad you even have to make this post... I really am disappointed in your behavior lately and I understand that you are depressed and I do feel bad for you BUT/.. I dont particularly agree with the people that you associate yourself with.. They are a bunch of negative people being hateful or whatever you want to call it day in and day out.. SO that negative energy is rubbing off on you AND that is what is causing you to be an absolute dickhead..[Sorry Im just being honest with you...] BUT I hope that you do take a break focus on yourself because your health and well being is much more important than a garrys mod community.. So get better come back and find some new faces in the community and make friends with themm.. JUST beware I have only posted here becuase I want to help.. YOU have NEVER nore will you ever or anyone else EVER effect me with words I promise ;D
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    @Bacon Potato Cat PLEASE HELP I tried to unban him and I guess it didnt work...
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    Promotion: Postponed Im going to give you a chance to fix this application.. You have 24 Hours to Write TWO New paragraphs and change this Application.. not many people Hack in garrys mod.. @WIlliam
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    Promotion: DENIED As stated above you do not meet the requirements to be promoted to an Admin: https://defconnations.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25363-promotion-application-requirements/ Reapply in 1 and a half weeks. Just beware that at the bottom of the promotion application and requirements post it clearly states you should be fired from staff so Im going to be nice but in the future only apply when you meet the requirements :D
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    Interview Stage You are now moving onto the Interview Stage, Please hop in Team speak and go to the waiting for interview Channel and someone should be with you as soon as possible.
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    I don't want to talk about my ban
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    Ok.. Here is the thing.. The rules are broad for a reason .. That is because we dont want to limit that Role Play that happens BUT obviously cant have people running around doing what they want.. So Im not going to add this to the rules BUT if someone is doing this.. Inform them it isnt allowed and they will be punished if they are found doing it again... Ban them for an hour and If it continues contact me and I will go and talk to the person..
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    +1 -Cool guy -was a old trooper -------------------------------------------------------------------- -HAD PROBLEMS BUT, I LIKE HIM.
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    This is not mandatory at all, but after the state meeting on Saturday, I will be holding a training for driving etiquette when responding to emergencies. Anyone is available to attend, state or not. This should, if taught properly, improve the reputation of our department when responding to emergencies.
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    Application Accepted --------------------------- Congratulations you are now part of the Evo City State Police Your call sign is 1C16. You'll be added to the roster shortly. ---------------------------
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    sorry bud but I'm going with a natural -have not seen you on -get more active
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    Denied Sorry but you have been Denied for: Super Admin+ You may not apply for, that is hand given or paid for, the majority of the time it is paid for.
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    Denied whu said u culd leave
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    Sour > Sgt. Val (no hate just my opinion)
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    i said the server got updated and sometimes that removes bans
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    DatPenguin is a Good superadmin and knows how to do he's job in all he a great superadmin. #Datforservermanger
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    Accepted Have someone whitelist you
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    Hella true he does deserve it @*Penguin*
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    +1 He is Really i good staff member i think he is fit for the game master position he is always helping and very active on the server he needs more perms he is a really helpful player he is respectful to other players he is the type of person that makes me want to get on methrp everyday he has great ideas for server events. He is always taking sits. Thank You #GoldForGM
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    Were missing rules like one gang cant help out another in a PD raid. Example Slaughter cant help Aces in a Jailbreak. and robbing in plain sight which is one of the biggest rules I stressed to help stop the server from becoming a mugfest/gangRP and was approved. And those pesky "unspoken rules" like the proclaimed "Im In EmS CuStOdy yOu caNt PaT me dOwn" but is not in the rules. those other ones reizuko speaks of I forgot exaclty which he was saying but im sure there are rules that are followed on the server rhat arent even listed cause reizuko even said it himself Some rules need to be revised like we legit got a rule marked as -KOS (Kill on Sight)... Like what does that even pertain to it doesnt have an explanation literally just "KOS (Kill on sight)" and some need to be removed like it says you cant be corrupt as ems and then it says you cant do crime as ems. Wouldnt doing crime someone fall under corruption already? No need to list that as its common sense pretty much.
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    MethRP Changelog - 8/2/2017 Fixed the Issue of the Errors and Missing map Sorry about that [Added] New Arsenal of Weapons over 10+ ( Snipers Coming soon ) ( These are known as Military Grade Weapons ) [Added] New weapon base guns May feel Different from before [Added] 4 New Cars to the Dealer 3 are for VIP and 1 is for Members [Added] New Security Guard System to hire Guards Visit the NPC near Nexus [Fixed] The Cartel Members now get Demoted correctly upon Pablo's Death [Change] Added New Loading Screen Music and Screenshots upon joining [Change] Revert Back to old Driver's License System Current one was too much [Change] Weed now sells for more [Change] VIP Gun Dealer name changed to VIP Military Arms Dealer [Change] Security Guard Name changed to Hired Body Guard [Removed] Old Driver's License System and Revert back to the one with /showid [Removed] Old VIP Gun Dealers and Replaced with the new Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here
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    Application Status Evo City State Police: Open Internal Affairs: Open Field Training Officer: Open M.E.R.G.E Operations: Open S.E.R.T: Open S.B.I: Open Undercover Operation: Limited D.T.U: Closed S.I U: Open Communications: Closed Promotion Application Status Evo City State Police: Open Internal Affairs: Open Field Training Officer: Open M.E.R.G.E Operations: Open S.E.R.T: Open S.B.I: Open Undercover Operation: Open D.T.U: Open S.I U: Open Communications: Closed