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    Fuk all u nigs im gonna be your negan and you will all be my negan and i will lead the saviors fuck rick grimes he sucks plumbuses and carl will be my adopted son, oh wait hes dead.
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    ... Fortnite... But hey I'm VIP so, YAY FREE BENEFITS!
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    @[DN] dimitris Lets do it fuck ye
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    Lol that would be fun to watch @allgoodrc
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    Just a bump in the road is all @Realfirebalz
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    @[DN] dimitris Well now I know why he likes to skullfuck people with her
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    Thowable melee. Knife, axe, i dont give a shit. This is definitley like totally required for proper roleplay, you know. I just want to be able to dome people with a sharp object from like 20 feet away if needed. It would be great for tactical situations. If your mugging a kid and he runs away you could just bean him in the back of his chrome dome with a flying knife or axe, ya know. No sound, except for the knife entering his cerebrum, ya know.
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    Saying "Is that Initiation?" or “Are we initiated?” while in a roleplay situation will count as Fail-RP. You must find out a player's name through RP reasons When you initiate on the police, it does not mean you initiate on the entire cop force as this is a random deathmatch. The initiation would only be towards the cops involved in the situation or on those that arrive as backup (Codes Two/Three responding). You can not shoot from a vehicle unless proper vocal initiation has been made before.
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    EMS is a job I take pride in and I hate rule breaks that don't follow the guidelines. 1. Remove the tahoe so it can stop being an issue 2. Change from 3+ for revive on scene to 1+ 3. Increase the amount of healing units from 32 to 64 (Because it takes about 12 to heal a fully damaged person. 4. Increase vehicle health for ambulance because we're always moving in high-speeds to save lives. 5. Add a rule were EMS Can not partake in any criminal activity. 6. Allow EMS rights to bare arms a pistol and below (ie: knife) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Administration system to be introduced into santosRP/CityRP Warning system or an report system https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/3264 https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/629/awarn2-warning-module https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/3577/report-addon-logs-admin-statistics-warning-system If need be I will pay for it I currently prefer the report system
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    SantosRP Changelog for April 7th [ Added ] County Court / Judge System ( This is a huge update and a lot to be said about this system Only Certain people can be County Judge there is levels in the judge system each level have more permission Level 1 <-- Everyone can apply (Whitelist Only) Level 2 <-- Staff Only ( Must be whitelisted still ) Level 3 <-- High Staff Only ( Must be whitelisted still ) There are levels cause the system can be abused each level has more permission on jail times and probation time Judges can also give and take money in court cases Everyone earns money if attending the court case when the judge starts one as it will display in chat when the judge starts a case. Judge earns 700$ per 120 Seconds Citizens earn 350$ per 120 Seconds Gov earn 400$ per 120 Seconds Judges can put players on probation instead of putting them in jail When you are on probation cops can type /po and shows them your location as cops may always randomly search you while you are on probation Judges can also place more arrest time then the NPC will allow and Judges can place your jail time with no bail as well. ) [ Added ] New organization system ( Can be bought at the D.M.V for 20K Hold Q and visit the new Org Tab Color Adjustable Only VIPs can create them ) [ Added ] Adjusted Head UI ( Edited font and size as it looks better ) [ Added ] Police Impound ( Cops can impound vehicles by using the ticket book and right clicking a car ) Cops should only impound vehicle upon arresting the suspect or talk to Moore for other reasons [ Fixed ] Masked Player Icon now shows above head Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here
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    In real life if your born black you dont get to be white- wait, scratch that, Michael Jackson
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    PoliceRP Changelog for April 20th, 2018 [Added] New Custom Weed System 4/20 ( The Lights and Fans are optional as both will give you 20% boost in growing speed ) [Added] New Delivery Trucking System ( You must complete 2 Delivery's in order to receive pay ) [Added] New tow truck ( Talk to the NPC at the tow yard to spawn it ) [Added] Item pickup UI ( Small UI edit to show how to pickup items ) [Fixed] Admin Logging System [Change] Weed Bags now sell for 380$ each Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
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    PurgeRP Changelog for April 8th, 2018 [Added] New Purge System This system is much better and has event purges in it. Event purges require 30 people on first to start. [Added] New HUD & Lawboard UI You can toggle the laws of the land by simply clicking it. [Added] Guides Tab to the MOTD [Added] Toggle button for UTime in context menu By default UTime is disabled, click Show UTime and it will make it pop up. [Added] Some noises when you take damage Randomly when you take damage you will make some weird noises *Oof*. [Added] New Rewards System This system includes rewards for referrals and having [DN] in your steam name. Do !rewards to open the UI [Added] New Admin Jailing System When you jail someone instead of putting them in a cage it now TP's them to the sit room. [Added] New VIP Purging weapon VIP+ now spawn with a Fubar instead of a lead pipe. [Added] More Server Announcements Just makes it more helpful for new people. [Added] Clothing Vendor icon on the minimap [Added] Map Shaders Will now make the map look more saturated, should also increase FPS. [Updated] The Car Radios [Updated] Crash Screen [Change] Purge Times Now Purge is 10 minutes long and off-purge is 35 minutes long. [Change] Raid Protection Time Raid protection is now 2 hours instead of 12 hours. The server is too fast paced for there to be a 12 hour protection. [Change] New Order Member's AK-47 to the AK-74 [Change] Balanced the CS:GO Donator Weapons They should be better now, the AWP wasn't touched. [Change] Founding Fathers Name The job is now called "New Order Founding Father" [Change] Casino Rates Edited some chances for the machines. [Removed] Atmos Took up too much performance, should increase fps now [Removed] One way props Most ways to make one way props have been blocked. [Removed] Some weapons from the Q menu [Removed] Gas for vehicles Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
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    we are putting u in a jail cell
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    Well fuck u to cause Rick Slashed Negans throat
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    People who don’t recommend this have to look at it at a different angle. If people want to RDM, they could use anything. Its like saying we shouldnt add guns because itll cause more people to RDM. Sure, it might be a new gateway to rulebreakers, but they would be punished if they did use it for RDM, just like if you used a gun to RDM. Awesome idea. +1
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    Your Name: Gandhi Chicken What is the Suggestion: A whip for the plantation owner Why would this benefit the server: This would benefit the server because it would make rp better, just imagine a negro slave getting whipped
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    this nigger took my credit, inactive cuck
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    -1 poor grammar
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    Do u want to fucking die?
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    I just wanted the movie theater :(
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    @BroIamBro Looks pretty cute on that photo not gonna lie.
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    There will be no more free name changes, to change your name go to city hall and pay $25,000 each time you want to change the name. You are responsible if your name is inappropriate, you will not get a refund to change it to something else.
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    PurgeRP Changelog for March 24th, 2018 [Added] New Accessory Store Located at spawn, you can now dress up and look like a boss [Added] New Safe Zone System Certain areas are now covered by the safe zones. [Added] New Menu in the Context Menu [Added] New Chatbox Looks a lot nicer, and emoji's are for VIP+ [Added] Fidget Spinners to the Squeaker Class [Added] New VIP Graffiti Artist Class Run around and be a rebel and spray graffiti. [Added] New Admin Report System You may do !report or just type @ (Message) for quick reports. !reports for admins to view the current reports. [Updated] VCmod [Change] Reskined the DarkRP Votes to look better [Fix] Purge Instant Respawn Now there is a delay to respawn on purge so you can now see people ragdoll and it just in general makes killing more satisfying. Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
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    Edited Rule on 3/29/2018 If you crash your car while inside a chase you may not continue initiation unless the other person does not crash their car, it is failrp if both of you crash & initiate, You must seek medical assistance. If an officer didn't crash but you did, they are allowed to initiate but if they arrest/kidnap you, you must inform them immediately that you need to go to the hospital to get healed. Change Made: If you crash your car while inside a chase you may not continue initiation unless the other person does not crash their car, it is failrp if both of you crash & initiate, You must seek medical assistance. (Cops are exempt. i.e, if a cop is in a pursuit and uses their car to disable a suspect's car they may arrest or detain said suspect. However, Cops must bring suspect to receive medical attention if requested.)
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    Why dont we add back the fucking casino
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    +1 -Old chat had more options in the settings -looked nicer than this one if you changed the font and background -didn't have to be an Owner to use rainbow text and such -Way more chat parses -Could change the font of the old chat -Many more client side options Things The Old Chat Box Could Do But People Didn't Know -Custom fonts -Custom images -Custom emotes -You could change the chat history and size -There were actually options -you could add background to the chat (Mine had falling snow flakes) -Font size was changeable -Idk I like the old one more uwu
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    Haha, i'd love to see this
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    Is all you do is rant and nag? lmao
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    ACCEPTED GET A Drill Instructor TO TRAIN YOU WHEN YOU GET ON!!! @MrBobstalobsta
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    Introduction I've noticed that every time I've been called into a sit, nobody has proof and there's not much I can do. So here's a lag-free, no-software-needed method of recording, and it's simple. Garry's Mod has a built in recording method, and it's easy to use. So here's how: How to record: To start, open your console using the "~" key. If your console isn't enabled, hit ESC>Options>Keyboard>Advanced>Enable Developer Console>Ok>Apply. Once you've enabled console, open it up and type "record demoname". You can write any name for "demoname", as long as you can remember the name to find the file. Once you've started recording, you should see this in the top right corner of your screen. (Notice the FPS is still not too low.) And that's it! You've begun recording. Do this every time you join the server. How to find your recordings: After you've finished recording, you're going to need to go to your Garry's Mod files to find your demos. Here is the file location: Open up your files>This PC>Local Disk>Program Files(x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>GarrysMod>garrysmod>demos. From here, you will copy the demo file and paste it into your report as proof. This way, no one can tell you you're lying!
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    Your Name: Frost Bite Or is It? What is the Suggestion: I'm Not Sure if This would be with the map but maybe weather Why would this benefit the server: It would add immersion and give time for some epic pics/vids of gunfights in the rain
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    PurgeRP Server Rules RP/General Server Rules: Admin decisions are final. Do not argue with a staff member. If you feel their judgment is wrong contact a High Staff member.(Server Managers/Staff Director/Community Manager/Co-Owner) When in an admin sit, all RP is to end. During an admin sit disconnecting, running away, or breaking rules further is a temp ban from the server. You may not AFK farm the machines in the casino. An admin withholds the right to punish a player based on the administrator's perception. You may not at anytime advertise another community. Do not impersonate any staff, and never disrespect a staff member. If you have a problem with a staff member take it up with High Staff (Server Manager/Staff Director/Community Manager/Co-Owner) Reporting bugs are greatly appreciated while abusing or advertising them WILL result in a ban. Do not hack/exploit. If you suspect a player is hacking/exploiting report them to staff. Don't impersonate anyone in the server. That includes users/VIPs/Gold VIPs/Supporters. Every job has a job description, read before selecting to avoid FailRP. Scamming is not allowed. E.g. Selling your car to another user knowing they cannot own the car. Combat logging is the act of intentionally disconnecting to avoid being robbed, kidnapped, shot at, or raided. This is not allowed and will result in a temp. ban from the server. Disconnecting after respawning to prevent the killer from accessing your stuff is not allowed. Drug classes cannot grow/produce drugs in PD/Government Building. You cannot steal at spawn. E.g. Take someone's weapon if they take it out of their pocket. Cop baiting is the act of shooting, hitting, or luring police into interactions with you. This is NOT allowed. Police cannot raid based off of sound. This is metagaming and is bannable. You cannot log out with the intention to avoid a roleplay situation. Jumping/standing on another player's head with the intent of climbing obstacles is allowed. Boosting a player on a ledge or uneven surface is not allowed. Do not RP within spawn. This includes kidnappings, muggings, etc. Random Arrest (RDA ) will not be tolerated. Do not demote a player if there is a staff member online. If the staff member is AFK, and you are sure of it, then you may. Do not baton rush. This includes the stun stick and the arrest baton. Body blocking is not allowed. You may only body block if it is relative to an RP situation. Do not randomly shoot at people, shoot cars, or hit/stab people. This is minging and will result in a temp ban from the server. Do NOT use lightsabers to force leap over, in or out, of bases(EVEN IF IT IS YOUR OWN BASE). All Whitelistable Custom Classes may only have a max of 10 people whitelisted at once. You may only AFK farm money and time as a civilian or your custom class You cannot "Counter" unless you are directly involved in the situation. Do not counter a raid/police raid/kidnapping if you have no affiliation with either person (ex: You see a raid going on, you cannot kill the raiders saying "Counter" because you want to kill people. You have no business there). The classes that should be countering are police, bodyguards/personal security and the Mysterious Man. If you aren't on these classes you're probably wrong to counter. Do not get yourself involved in situations you have no business in. If it doesn't involve your home, your CLOSE friends/gang mates, your car then you probably have no business interfering with it unless you're police, a bodyguard/personal security or Mysterious Man. You can only climb to one area once per raid with a parkour SWEP. And you can't use a prop/entity/person to boost yourself. You can not use the parkour SWEP to glitch inside a base. NLR Rules: New life rule is when you die you start a new life. You cannot return to the place you were killed for a minimum of 2 minutes. Avoid this area as much as possible. If you die during a raid you CANNOT go back until the raid is over. Even if NLR is over. You cannot remember the events that led up to your death. You cannot use information previously known before death. You cannot return and continue roleplaying the previous roleplay situation before death. Cannot remember enemies from before death but can remember friends. Chat Rules: Disrespecting in any sort of way will NOT be acceptable. Yes, that involves racism. Using OOC chat, to flame, anyway at all is not tolerated. Advert is to be used for advertising in-game business. It is not for RP. Do not spam admin chat. One message every 3-4 minutes is ok. Do not spam admin chat because an admin is not responding. You are not the only one they have to help. Do not job vote advertise. Do not mic spam. Please be considerate when using your mic. You must have separate adverts for Base Raids, PD Raids, and Bank Raids. You may not have all of them put together into one. But for all of these you can use Raid Over advert. Prop/Base Rules: You must be able to breach charge, lockpick and keypad crack a door (No lockpick / Breaching charge proof bases) All bases must be raidable (No prop block) You are allowed to have double fading doors but they both should work with the same keypad. Your base must be enterable without crouching or jumping. No walls that allow you to shoot a player's feet without them seeing you. You may prop block all entrances to a building/base as long as there is 1 usable entrance. You are allowed to enter a base, but the owner of the base can kill you after giving you reasonable time to escape. You are not allowed to use an unowned building. Do not run into someone’s base and start building, for that is not acceptable. If someone owns the outer door of the base (Front door) they own the building no matter what.(No Exceptions) Don't use props to climb, push, block, kill, surf, or any purpose that is not RP related. You are NOT allowed to use a car to hop over a fence, this will be considered prop climbing. Do not prop block cameras. Do not buy a property unless you intend to actively use it. Do not build during a raid. You may only return to the building when the raid is over. Do not build in spawn. Under no circumstance should there be any props in spawn. All fading doors must have reachable visible keypads. Preferably around eye level. All keypads must be working. This means no fake keypads. All keypads need a minimum hold time of 3 seconds. You may only have 3 fading doors per base. No exceptions. If you have multiple fading doors inside of a base you must be able to fit a group of 3 people between the 2 fading doors. Under no circumstance may a player build on the street. At no time should there be props obstructing the roadway. The only exception to this rule is pets, hobos and DJs may build on the sidewalk. Bases that have kill tunnels,crouch/jump props, or props that allow you to see them but they can't see you are strictly prohibited. If you post a building sign, it must be visible to anyone who is walking by (So no small font). Building signs allow for players a grace period in which other players cannot raid them. Once your building is complete, you must take down the building sign. You are not allowed to leave the sign up while doing illegal stuff. Do not use no-collided cameras to look inside players bases. If you have 10 people to megabase you can have 5 fading doors in your megabase. Base takeover for a megabase is 15min. You can only use the TV or Radio's in a base. You may only have one TV or Radio per base. Base takeover for a normal base is 10min. No sky bases what so ever. Crime Rules: You must have a valid RP reason in order to kill a player, such as they are shooting at you or they fail to comply with your demands. It is not a valid RP reason to kill a player for standing outside your base, They killed your friend, or because they broke NLR. You can't have outnumbered raiders with you while raiding a base. If you don't have access to view any door (to check who's part of the base) then you can have 4 people to raid with you. Exception: organizations (you can view the tab menu to check how many people are part of the org. Example: Unity) You may not kill cops because you are wanted. You may kill them if they are chasing you. You must wait for 5 minutes between raids, and 15 minutes to raid the same person/base. Must wait for 5 minutes between each mug, 15 minutes for the same person. The maximum mug is $5,000. You can not kidnap a police officer with less than 3 police officers online. If you are held at gunpoint, it is against the rules to pull and gun out. This is also known as FearRP. You may pull a gun out if the person who was holding you at gunpoint turns their back to you or aims their weapon away from you. When being held at gunpoint, you can not run. However, if you are inside of a vehicle you can evade. CDM is not allowed, but accidents happen just be careful. It is still CDM if they are on the road. Avoid hitting anyone as much as possible. Assassinations are NOT ALLOWED. There has to be at least 4 government officials on at once to do PD raid. You can request a maximum of $10,000 for each hostage. You must initiate before robbing/kidnapping a player. Eg "Get on the ground this is a robbery "You move ill kill you" "You're bein mugged drop 5k or die" You can kill someone for not following your demands. If they do follow your commands you can not kill them. Do not rob pets. There must be at least 3 bank security and a banker on to do a bank raid. You should advert steal before stealing anything (money printers, gun shipments, drugs, etc) "NOT ALLOWED TO STEAL AT SPAWN" Binds must be relative. Meaning Raid/Raid Assist/Raid Over is ok but Raid/Mug 5k/Terror is not. All items on a bind must be related to the overall meaning. Acceptable binds are Raid (The act of forcibly entering a property), Mug (The act of using force or fear in an attempt to relieve another of money or property), Terror (The act of causing fear or terror), Bank Raid (The act of forcibly entering bank), Kidnap (forcing a player into your control), Carjack (Stealing a vehicle for personal use), and Warning (The act of warning a player they are getting too close, following you, or you feel threatened by another player) When kidnapping, you must have a valid RP reason why. After you have kidnapped the player you must advert the ransom. Ransom can be paid by anyone and is considered FailRP to refuse it. You cannot kidnap a person for more than 10 minutes. If the time runs out you may kill them or release them. You must wait 10 minutes between kidnappings and 30 minutes for the same person. A person who is kidnapped may run if the kidnapper isn't directly watching them. Please remember that your hands are bound and you cannot pull out a gun. You cannot kidnap or mug another player who has a weapon out. When a raid is undergoing the raid is not over until the person adverts "over". You can't code raid a base (Typing codes into keypad) Purge Rules: Government officials cannot purge. They are to return to PD and stay inside. If a cop is killed during purge they should remain in spawn and avoid RP. Once you leave the spawn during purge you may not come back until you die or the purge is over You may NOT use more than one breaching charge PER raid (During the purge you are allowed to use multiple) Job Rules Mayor: The mayor must lead law enforcement and assign them tasks. The mayor must make reasonable laws. Unreasonable laws are considered things that violate a server rule or legalize drugs. Laws must be appropriate. If an admin feels it is not you must remove the law at their request. Mayor may not commit any crime or possess any illegal items. Mayor must base within PD. Though the mayor is allowed to leave and visit the citizen. Mayor is not allowed to commence random lockdowns. When a lockdown is commissioned the mayor must advert the reason why. Once the reason is gone the mayor must end the lockdown. Mayor is not allowed to enforce laws. The mayor is not allowed to patrol or go on raids with police. Max bail or gun license is $5,000 The mayor must have a minimum of 2 law boards. If there's no mayor, Government officials can enforce laws. Law Enforcement: Law enforcement must follow all laws and are not allowed to possess any illegal items. Law enforcement is not allowed to base. Law enforcement must protect the bank, PD, and the mayor at all costs. You may kill another player who you have witnessed commit murder. Law enforcement must attempt to arrest a player unless they pose an immediate threat. Stun stick abuse is not allowed. Police K9 - Rocky count as a cop pet which means that it must follow the Pet rules. You may not randomly weapon check players. Secret service must be with the mayor at all times. They are not allowed to go out and enforce laws. You must have a valid reason in order to search a house. Hearing evidence is not legitimate. Police must listen to the Police Chief. SWAT must listen to the SWAT Chief/Captain FBI must listen to the FBI Leader. FBI is allowed to possess only 1 base outside of PD. They are not required to let other officers in but must allow the mayor upon the mayor's request. Law enforcement is not allowed to arrest players inside abandoned buildings during the lockdown. Do not arrest a player you have chased into a building. Undercover police may break minor laws. Murder is not allowed. Undercover police are not allowed to take drug profit but are allowed to make drugs in order to blend in. Undercover police are not allowed to enforce traffic laws. Undercover police may have 1 small base in order to maintain cover. If there's no mayor, Government officials can enforce laws. Medic: Medics can refuse to heal anyone. Medics can base, assists, or heal criminals. Medics can raid in a group of criminals, but, during the raid they may only heal. Hired Body Guard/VIP Personal Security: You're only allowed to Purge and Counter (can not raid/mug/carjack/assist...etc). You can only base with someone and it should be the person who he's protecting. You get paid to protect people (you can not request more than 10k). You should advert "counter" while protecting someone. Mysterious Man: You can only rape in secluded areas (House or dark alley). You can not randomly rape someone in the middle of the streets. You can not rape without adverting rape. You may rape during the Purge. You're only allowed to Purge/Rape/Counter (Cannot mug/carjack/raid/assist...etc). You're not allowed to use the RAPE SWEP except in Mysterious Man job. 2m rape cooldown, 5m cooldown for the same person. Gang Classes (Bloodz and Cripz): Bloodz must base with VIP Bloodz Leader. Cripz must base with VIP Cripz Leader. Only the leader of the gang (VIP Bloodz/Cripz Leader) can start a gang war. If you start a gang war you must wait at least 15 min to start another one. Gang wars cannot last more than 10 min. after 10min or less you should advert "gang war over". To start a gang war there should be at least 3 members of each gang, that means VIP Bloodz Leader and 2 Bloodz (in Bloodz gang) and VIP Cripz Leader and 2 Cripz (in Cripz gang) Raiding Classes: Waging war on PD or other organizations is not allowed. Mayor cannot be assassinated. You cannot raid or kill the mayor within 10 minutes of him being in office. Hackers may charge to be used in a raid. All raids must start with a raid advert and end with a raid over advert. Hitman: Government officials are not allowed to place hits. Hitmen cannot give another hitman a hit contract. Hitman may only raid if the player they have a hit on lives inside the base they are raiding. Bounty hunters can charge PD to catch and kill a criminal they could not. Bounty hunters cannot charge more than $10,000 Bounty hunters can kidnap the criminal and raid their base. You have to advert hit complete after completing a hit. Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealers/Drug Dealers: You must have some form of the shop. You must sell to everyone. You are allowed to inflate the price to your liking in order to profit from the job. You may not raid. You cannot self-supply. Gun dealers do not need licenses to sell guns unless the mayor has made a law requiring it. You may purge. Gun dealers cannot base with criminals and must own their own shop or share it with other gun dealers/black market dealers. Banker/Bank Security: Only the bank workers may work inside the bank. Bank security must stay inside the bank and are not allowed to leave. Bank workers cannot commit a crime. Must stay inside the bank during the purge. DJ/Theater Manager: No inappropriate songs. Do not troll/minge songs. Do not follow or walk/drive around with the jukebox. Do not mess with other DJ radios. No inappropriate videos Illegal items are not allowed inside the movie theater. Terrorist: Do not use the bomb during the purge. Terror is only allowed every 10 minutes. You can only terror with the suicide bomb After advertising "terror" you have 10 seconds to use the Suicide bomb There are no Terrorist custom classes. Only the Terrorist class may terror. These rules are subject to change. New rules will be highlighted GREEN for 1 week and then be changed to normal.
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    Your name: Dylan Rank on the server: SM Your suggestion: Add a Jackpot system. https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/4119/jackpot-a-simple-gambling-minigame-darkrp-ps1-ps2-support I will buy it if you don't want to. Type of suggestion - (Rules/Items/jobs): Gambling Pros: more uses for money on the server. Way to encourage people to make money. Cons - (Must try and think of at least one): Extremely addicting
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    doing gmod zombies in singleplayer
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