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    PurgeRP Update! 6/24/2019 Added 3 New Skills Drug Price Increase $5 weed price increase each point (max $50) $5 shrooms price increase each point (max $50) $500 cocaine price increase each point (max $5000) $1 meth price increase per gram for each point (max $10 per gram) Extra Ammo 5 extra ammo of Assault Rifle, Buckshot, Pistol, Sniper, and SMG rounds each point. Jump Height 3% jump height increase every skill (Max 30% jump boost) Added Blackjack and Roulette Tables to Casino Rates for these will be adjusted over the next week to make sure it isn't OP or really bad. Added More Purge Level Rewards For every level you level up on, you are now given an automatic $5,000 You also get a skillpoint every 25 levels now Added New Guidebook This book is an entity everyone may purchase, it will display guides to all of our systems. More guides will be made soon, for now we just are using the ones made for PoliceRP. Added Scraper & Confiscator Swep The Home Intruder class will get the scraper swep and all Police and S.W.A.T will get the confiscator swep With this swep you are able to scrap entities from the F4 menu for half what they are worth. This will make raiding more worth it. Added Advanced Weed This weed system produces high quality weed that sells for $600 a bag in the drug dealer. Instead of using a fan and a lamp, you use the new weed tent. The tent has 3 different levels of light, each level makes the plants grow faster. The Rasta class is the class that has this new advanced weed system. The weed tent has 5000 health total, if you destroy it then you will destroy everything inside as well. If you want the stuff inside you should lockpick it. Added back the Bank System, with a rework The bank system now has flat rates, meaning when you raid the bank the amount you get will not be dependent on investments. Instead it will be a flat $300k when raided. When the bank is raided all investments will be lost so gives you an incentive to protect the bank. When the bank is raided there is also a chat message that pops up for everyone saying it is being raided Added 2 new tools for event coordinators to use in events No Collide Everything Tool Precision Tool Updated Gun Shelf Addon This update fixes a lot of errors and also allows you to now sell shipments Updated Wheel of Luck Addon Fixed errors that got spammed after being on a server for a while Made it where there are more multiple positions for jailing, adminroom, jailroom, and sitroom. This is to make it where people don't get stuck in eachother when TP'd Raised the rates of the wheel of luck jackpot Reworked perma weapons during Purge We made it where kills with the weapon don't count towards the purge leaderboard (This is to allow new players to have an even chance of winning) To compensate with this, we made those weapons give you 50% more XP than any other weapon. So these weapons are good to grind your purge level. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
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    Hopefully the people who paid for lifetime keep it
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    SantosRP Change-log 07/10/2019 This will be available next server restart COP/S.W.A.T Vehicle Loadout (This edit was made utilize SWAT better as most people on the SWAT Team are cops first and when a hostage/robbery situation happens the police have to drive all the way to the PD and gear up and go back to the Hostage/Robbery Situation and by the time they do all of that the RP Situation is over. ) - Rule Two cops must go on S.W.A.T Together 1 S.W.A.T isn't allowed it Might even require 3 in the future If you are Whitelisted to S.W.A.T You may become S.W.A.T by accessing the trunk of your patrol car as an officer and switch between Cop and S.W.A.T Loadouts We plan to add new S.W.A.T Skins retextured by @Sour here is a sneak peek Citizen Vehicle Trunks now save When you place items inside your trunk as a citizen it will save upon reconnecting and server restarts.
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    Wild West RP 07/07/2019 The server will be unlocked on Monday All Custom Class are enabled - All Custom classes have access to the new robbing system Context Menu Tax System Tax Collecter Job Town Mayor Job Crash Refund system If your game crashes and you reconnect within 24 hours you will be greeted with a menu that will give you your inventory and what you had on you Scrapper Swep Purchased in F4 menu RP naming system, to help force more realistic RP names Organizations You can now create your own in-game org to play with your friends Ranch worker job Location Finder lost? use the location finder to find what you are looking for Cooking system Grow cotton Duel system You can now duel your friends Click "E" on the Gambler Ranch Workers share 25% of earnings with fellow Workers and Ranch Staff http://dabcon.tk/shared/AfraidYellowjacket.jpg F4 menu You can now favorite jobs and search for jobs Mining System Advanced mining system that truly immerses you into the feeling of a miner Shiny lighting problem has been fixed Black jacks back! as well as the roulette table Slave Jobs Slaves are now ranch workers The Ranch Workers now pool their money so make sure you keep your fellow workers on their feet Plantation Staff Plantation Staff are now Ranch Staff Ranch Staff now make a % off the workers pay Slave Saviors The slaves don't need saving Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
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    Bring back support team
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    SantosRP Change-log 07/14/2019 Santos Credit Store Credits can only be obtainable through the donation store currently 10$ for 50 credits and 20$ for 120 Credits You can purchase Credit Store Items that arrange from vehicles to emotes to cosmetics and more There isn't much inside the store yet but expect a bunch of new stuff by this week!  Lua Error Spams Sometimes all players will get a bunch of Lua errors in there console and was a bit annoying so some of those mass errors have been fixed Some loot crate items were dropping on death and now have been fixed.
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    Hello DefconGaming Community, This is a very important announcement that will be taking place on 7/12/2019. This change affects our Donation Store and the ranks that we offer on our gameservers. Since we offer high quality servers with fully-committed Community Management & dedicated Developers working around the clock with little to no backing or support, we rely heavily on donations from our community that surrounds us and keeps us moving. With this change, we will be merging the Monthly VIP and Lifetime VIP ranks to form one rank, VIP. This rank will still stay as a month-to-month rank, and users can cancel at any time if they choose to do so. All Lifetime VIP benefits will carry over and be merged into this rank. Now, the only two ranks we offer on our servers is VIP and Supporter. What happens if you had Lifetime VIP? Anyone who has purchased Lifetime VIP will keep their permanent VIP rank. There is a slight possibility this may change in the future, but this is how it will be for the time being. Staff members will still continue to receive free VIP benefits as long as they are actively on our servers supporting and helping the community and it’s players. As stated in our Terms of Service, we can cancel an order or package at any point in time at our discretion, and we feel this may be a better change for our community as this will help our community out as well as prevent users from playing on the server for a few hours, donating, and leaving forever with a permanent rank on our servers. If you have any questions, concerns, etc. feel free to comment below or message a Director. Have a good day. Sour, Sgt.Val, Dab, and the DG Team.
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    This is pretty fire, I agree with this completely since It will help with development funds and other cool stuff getting added to the community.
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    this will help clean things up, i support.
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    Yeee yeee the south will rise again brother
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    yuh my team tuh best
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    @[ଠ] Content Moderator
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    Criminal Code Update - 6/28/2019 Changed imprisonment time. (Most of them have been lowered, some have not been touched.) Fixed the Criminal Code & Definition backgrounds. (You can actually read them now.) Approved by Department of Justice - @Pablo Reddington @Ajc40
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    Official PoliceRP Rules LAST UPDATED: 6/24/2019 These Rules are subject to change. New rules/edited will be highlighted green for 1 week then be changed to normal. Click HERE for tutorials/guides on how to play General Server Rules: When in an admin sit, all RP is to end. During an admin sit disconnecting, running away, or breaking rules further will result in a ban from the server. Do not impersonate any one, and never disrespect a staff member. If you have a problem with a staff member take it up with High Staff (Server Manager | Staff Supervisor | Community Manager | Asst. Director) Reporting bugs are greatly appreciated while abusing or advertising them WILL result in a ban. Staff disrespect isn't allowed. You will be punished if you are caught making fun of anyone's race/religion/sexual identity. You will NOT be punished for disrespect if you call a staff member a bad staff member or something of that kind but constantly disrespecting a staff member is not tolerated. Combat logging is the act of intentionally disconnecting to avoid being robbed, kidnapped, shot at, raided, or avoid a RP situation. This is not allowed and will result in a temporary ban from the server. No class can grow/produce drugs in any government building. Jumping/standing on another player's head with the intent of boosting to reach something (Like to get into a base) is not allowed. Body blocking is not allowed. You may only body block if it is relative to an RP situation. You cannot "Counter" unless you are directly involved in the situation. Do not counter a police raid/kidnapping if you have no affiliation with either person ( You CANNOT "counter" if you want to kill people) The classes that should be countering are police, bodyguards/personal security. You can also counter if you're in the same "Organization" as the person being harmed, or if you have some sort of way to make your affiliation with the person evident. The use of external third-party software is strictly prohibited. Custom class may only have 10 individuals white-listed at a time (Failure to abide by these terms will result in white-list being cleared). Common Sense: Staff members have final say on all rule interpretations whether explicitly stated or not; if you feel a staff member is abusing his/her powers, report it to a higher up or you can report said staff member by creating a Staff Report on the forums. Prop abusing and/or prop minging (Prop surfing, prop killing, prop climbing, prop blocking, etc) is not allowed. Do not advertise other servers and/or communities. Racial Slurs are NOT allowed in Out of Character Chat & Adverts. Spamming in any form is not allowed. Sending the same message 3+ times within 30 seconds. Pornographic / Derogatory images may NOT be displayed on televisions, or picture frames. No Witch-hunting Example: Targeting someone to ruin their experience in any way. Do not hack/exploit. If you suspect a player is hacking/exploiting report them to staff. Police cannot raid based off of sound. Do not randomly shoot at people, shoot cars, or hit/stab people. this is minging and will result in a punishment. Do not demote a player if there is a staff member online. If the staff member is AFK, and you are sure of it, then you may. Do NOT prop block cameras. Do NOT buy a property unless you intend to actively use it. Do NOT Mug/Kidnap hobos Roleplay Guidelines: RDM - Random Death Match Killing another player without a valid reason. This is not allowed. NLR - New Life Rule Once you've died you spawn with no prior knowledge to previous events and may not return to the general area for 5 minutes (this includes to get you car). In a raid you cannot return until the raid is over. If you are killed in a situation and a colleague PM's/ calls for backup, you are NOT allowed to come back to that situation. FRP - Fear RP If you have a gun or weapon aimed at you, you must role-play fear and comply with the demands of the player. You can not draw a weapon if one was already drawn and aimed at you for RP purposes. This is not valid if you are at a reasonably far distance. Note that Fear RP still applies even if you are in a car within a reasonable distance. If you are driving at a reasonably fast speed, Fear RP will not apply. Fear RP also ceases to apply once shots are actively being fired at you. RA - Random Arrest Arresting another player without a valid reason. This is not allowed. CDM - Car death match is NOT allowed, but accidents happen just be careful. Avoid hitting anyone as much as possible Traffic stop Evading the police during a traffic stop is prohibited Unless you have committed a felony/significant crime Ex. Running someone over, Driving a stolen vehicle Scamming is not allowed You may not scam other players, for example; Selling your car to another player knowing they will not keep it. Baton, Cuff, Taser rushing is not allowed. Is the act of rushing a player that has a weapon of any sort out. Advert Rules Only to be used for valid roleplay reasons, such as: Raid/Party Raid (raids should only last 15 minutes) PD Raid Mugs Warnings You must give three warnings Counters Kidnaps (only kidnap a person for 15 minutes) Carjacks/Thefts Jailbreak Bank Raid Bounty Complete Hit accepted/completed Steal Tax Collection No Racist / Offensive / Derogatory adverts. No "Assassination" adverts. Advert binds must be relative to each other. Meta gaming is not allowed The act of taking information received out of character and bring it into character. Police raiding off the sound of printers/Bitcoins/Meth/Cocaine. Cop baiting is not allowed Cop baiting is the act of purposely trying to get law enforcement to come after you Affiliation Same Organization Organizations are allied Basing together (Only counts if everyone's name is on the door) Roleplay Rules: You should advert steal before stealing anything (Money printers, gun shipments, drugs, etc) Max mug is $5,000 and you must give the person 10 seconds to respond to your demands, you also must wait 5 minutes between each mug. You must wait 5 minutes to raid a new person and 15 minutes to raid the same person. (Raiding in a party the cool down is applied to everyone) 10 minute server wide cool down on PD raids. To call raid on any building/government building you must be next or near the building that you are going to raid. You may not be down the street. Mayor has a 10 minute grace period. ( Don't kill the mayor before 10 minutes have gone by since the election) There must be a total of 3 or more cops/swat online before you may call a PD/Bank raid or Jailbreak. There has to be someone in jail or something of value in PD for you to jailbreak/raid PD. You can only call raid on the Police department to retrieve your own confiscated items. You cannot call raid on another player if there is common knowledge that there is nothing inside the base. You cannot call raid for the intent of killing. You must call raid outside of the base. Once a raid is over you must leave the base, you can not stay inside the base for more than 15 minutes unless RP situations cause you to stay in longer. You can request a maximum of $25,000 for each hostage. You must properly advert prior to anything especially for mugging or kidnapping anyone. When kidnapping, you must have a valid RP reason why. After you have kidnapped the player you must advert the ransom. Ransom can be paid by anyone and is considered FailRP to refuse it. You can't kidnap a police officer with less than 3 police online. Laws written by the mayor are not in effect if no mayor is in office. Blacklisted Laws Jaywalking KOS for any given reason Any law relating to any group or person Any laws that break server rules Any law that hinders roleplay heavily ( cannot jump, crouch walking, etc.) Any law that contradicts the already existing top 4 laws You may pull out a weapon (If one is drawn on you) if you are behind a vehicle/building and are out of the sight of the attacker (windows do not count as an obstacle) You may not steal/carjack a MARKED government vehicle (Marked is push bar, lightbar, and/or PD skin) (Government vehicles also include Tow Trucks and Semi-Trucks) If you have been tased by a police officer you CANNOT start shooting back at them when you get up or run from them. Police are not allowed to use their government equipment on other police officers (ticketing other officers or arresting them for no reason) You may not kill cops on sight because you are wanted. You may kill them if they are actively chasing after you. Repeatedly knocking on doors is considered Spam and Fail RP, and is a jailable offense You may not kill nor request to be killed while being arrested to avoid jail time. You may not straight out right kill someone for hitting you or your car, unless it was done with malicious or the individual was making an attempt on your life. Base Rules: All bases must be raidable. You may prop block all entrances to a building/base as long as there is 1 usable entrance. To be considered a base you must own all doors to your direct property. A building sign must be large enough to read from across the street and is to be removed immediately upon completion. you cannot leave the sign up to avoid being raided once your build is complete. Bases that have kill tunnels, crouch/jump props, or props that allow you to see them but they can't see you are strictly prohibited. Do not build or remove any props inside your base during a raid You may have a total of 3 fading doors to a base. You must have two keypads per fading door. False keypads are not permitted. Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds or higher Keypads may not have a delay on opening You may NOT no-collide props to give you an advantage in shooting (ex: Walking through props to shoot and go back) You may not hide inside of no-collided props when you are getting raided. Fading-door abuse is prohibited. Abusing the use of your fading door key bind to open and close a fading door during a raid, or in an RP situation. Props that are completely invisible are not permitted in the server, they must have an opacity of 175 or higher to be recognizable. Do not use no-collided cameras to look inside players bases. If you have a building/tryout sign you will be granted immunity to being raided but once you are completed with the building/tryouts you must remove the textscreen and replace it with a KOS. If you have a building sign up with loot inside the base. The building sign rules do not apply to you. KOS Signs Minimum size 50 You may kill someone for loitering for 20 seconds minimum if your sign reads "KOS if loitering" Hobos can't have a KOS sign Sky bases are not allowed whatsoever. Blackout bases are not allowed Head glitching is not allowed. There must be a fair visual advantage for you and the attacker. Under no circumstance may a player build on the street/public property. The only exception to this rule is hobos may build on the sidewalk. One way props are not allowed No Mega bases Green Zones: Green Zones are marked by text appearing at the bottom of your screen Nothing can be done inside of these areas including but not limited to Mugging, Kidnapping, Raiding, Hitman contracts being carried out. Do not abuse green zones. If you are in an RP Situation do not run into a zone for god mode. The Casino and Spawn are examples of a green zone. Official Organization Rules: Rules are more heavily enforced on you. You cannot witch hunt other organizations on the server. Official organizations are allowed to make alliances with each other Organizations are limited to 1 ally only List of Allied organizations: Blackwell Family & Kingsmen You cannot start an intentional rivalry with another organization that would involve regular players on the server. (i.e. Raiding a base with one member of an organization basing there, and killing random players because of it) Organizations have to be active in-game and on the TeamSpeak server, or they will lose their officiality It is your responsibility to keep your members active. To form an alliance between two official organizations contact a server manager. To make your organization eligible to become official, please ensure that you already have an org created in-game. You don't need custom classes to become official. You cannot charge IRL money to recruit members to an organization member, you must find some other way to recruit them.  Job Rules Mayor The mayor is not allowed to commence random lockdowns. The Mayor MUST have a valid RP reason to commence a lockdown and must advert why whenever the lockdown is in place. When the reason is no longer in effect, the Mayor must end the lockdown. The Mayor must base in Mayor's office, but is allowed to leave to visit the citizens. The Mayor is NOT allowed to enforce the laws. Only government officials can protect the Mayor and the Mayor's Daughter. Once you die as a mayor you have a 10min period in which you can't be reelected. Law Enforcement law enforcement must follow all laws, and they must not possess any illegal items. Law enforcement is only allowed to base in the PD, but CANNOT plant/grow or make any illegal items. Law enforcement must protect the bank, PD, and the Mayor at all costs. Law enforcement must TRY to ARREST a player that they have seen commit a crime. You may kill a player if they pose an immediate threat. (Running is not an Immediate threat) You MUST have a valid reason to search a house. Law enforcement is not allowed to arrest ANY player inside of a building during a lockdown. Law enforcement is not allowed to arrest a player that they've chased into a building during a lockdown. Police officer may have a base/house for bitcoins, but maintaining the law takes priority (you should never be in your base for longer than 5mins). Secret Service Mayor's Secret Service must be with the Mayor at ALL TIMES and is not allowed to leave the Mayor's office unless with the Mayor. Secret Service CANNOT enforce laws. Mayors Daughter Stay with the Mayor Can base in the Mayors office CANNOT enforce laws. IRS - Tax Collector Agent Help the Mayor to get money from taxes. Cannot raid (To get somebody that is evading taxes by hiding inside their home. You can call for the police) Must follow all laws and are not allowed to possess any illegal items. CANNOT enforce laws Can be killed for collecting more than $100,000 from an individual from taxes While collecting tax from an individual you need to advert it. (/advert Tax collection) Judge Don't be bias. Always be respectful and control the courtroom at all times. Prosecutor Try your best to be the best prosecutor you can. Bank Manager/Bank Security Only Bank Security can guard the bank. Bank security must stay inside the bank and are not allowed to leave. May not commit crimes. Bankers can print money in the bank legally. Bank workers cannot be charged for items inside the bank. Paramedic You cannot have a weapon. You may assist in police raids. You must heal upon request unless it is to assist in a crime. You may not commit crimes. Hitman Government officials are not allowed to place hits. Hitmen cannot give another hitman a contract. Hitman may only raid if the player they have a hit on lives inside the base they are raiding. You must advert Hit accepted and Hit completed Gun Dealer/VIP Military Arms Dealer Must have a store front You must sell to everyone. You are allowed to inflate the price to your liking. CANNOT self-supply Gun dealers do not need a license to sell guns unless the mayor has made a law requiring it. Gun dealers cannot base with criminals and must own their own shop or share it with other gun dealers. Semi-Truck Driver/Truck Delivery Don't purposely ram other vehicles. Can base Hobo You beg for money on the streets. CANNOT own any form of a weapon. Can build in public, NOT in the middle of the road. CANNOT Own a car. Don't build excessively large structures Tow Truck Driver The maximum you can charge is $10,000. You may only tow government vehicles off to the side of the road or back to PD if they are blocking the road. You may only tow vehicles if an official government officer asks you if the vehicle is illegally parked in the vehicle is destroyed if the owner of the vehicle is asking you to. You may not tow a vehicle that has a person inside of it. You may not tow government vehicles with their lights on. Hired Bodyguard/VIP Personal Security You can base with the person that you are protecting. You get paid to protect people (You can only charge up to $10,000) No betraying your employer. Can't work with the police. You must guard anyone that your employer wants you to until the job is over. You CANNOT RAID. Raiding Classes All classes under the criminal's tab can raid unless stated otherwise. Waging war on PD or other organizations is not allowed. Mayor cannot be assassinated. All raids must start with an advert and ends with an advert. All raiding classes may kidnap and Mug. Hacker/VIP Hacker Elite hacking crew, meant to crack the hardest keypads. Can team up with other criminals Kidnapper/VIP Abductor You must initiate RP before kidnapping someone. You Cannot raid. Meth Cooker/Crack Cooker You Cannot raid You can base with cartel leaders, and gangsters to cook your meth and crack with. Thief/VIP Advanced Thief You can get shot/arrested for pick pocketing. Medellin Cartel Always listen to the cartel leader. Must base together Serial Killer You may only use a melee, pistol, and shotgun only. You must /advert murder before committing a murder (This doesn't include self-defense kills) 1 serial kill per minute, this doesn't include being initiated on You are Subjected to be AOS/KOS by police at all times
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    Micro-transactions here I come
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    seems more organized than before xD
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    some of us poor boys tho Y^Y
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    I support this for a couple of reasons: 1. It makes the donation system more tidy, and cleans things up a good bit. 2. You can now choose to pay a 1 time payment, and get some epic perks, or you can choose a re-occurring payment which you can cancel at anytime, with some awesome perks. This makes the donation store a lot simpler, and also puts the ability to cancel the VIP payments in the players hands. Also, if I see anyone complain about the fact that you lost your Gold VIP, I will harass you, Sour literally stated that you can keep your Gold VIP for the time being. It's $25, chill.
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    Unfortunate for some but makes sense economically for the server if we want to keep getting exclusive stuff added to each game mode.
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    Thank you so much for this fantastic update!
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    Good to see the server is still getting work put into it. Just what it needs to start thriving again. Can't wait to hop on and check out all the new cool stuff.
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    Nice work guys! Glad you guys were able to work on WildWestRP. Great job!
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    I'm so happy that the server finally received an update.
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    Police RP 6/30/2019 Added 3 New Skills Drug Price Increase $5 weed price increase each point (max $50) $5 shrooms price increase each point (max $50) $500 cocaine price increase each point (max $5000) $1 meth price increase per gram for each point (max $10 per gram) Extra Ammo 5 extra ammo of Assault Rifle, Buckshot, Pistol, Sniper, and SMG rounds each point. Jump Height 3% jump height increase every skill (Max 30% jump boost) New Robbing system Features many things to rob / destroy for money Added back the sit anywhere script Added Advanced Weed This weed system produces high quality weed that sells for $600 a bag in the drug dealer. Instead of using a fan and a lamp, you use the new weed tent. The tent has 3 different levels of light, each level makes the plants grow faster. The VIP Kingpin class is the class that has this new advanced weed system. The weed tent has 5000 health total, if you destroy it then you will destroy everything inside as well. If you want the stuff inside you should lock pick it. Updated Gun Shelf Addon This update fixes a lot of errors and also allows you to now sell shipments Updated bank system Flat rate of 300k when raiding it now Only need 3 cops online now instead of 5 fixed multiple bugs Updated Advert Menu Added scroll bar Removed/added default adverts Updated DefconGaming Store Now allows you to unequip and equip items Added a Table of Contents to the guide books Condensed drug NPC's into one Replaced old NPC locations with the newly condensed NPC Wrench spawn limit increased to 2 now Raised fading door limit from 2 to 4 Updated the Serial Killer, Land Lord, and Tax Evader descriptions Police jobs now have access to bank and mayor's doors Fixed a typo involving robbing gas stations
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    What's Changed? With this forums update, all forum posts & registered members have been reset. However, there are many new features & updates that have taken place. Expect additional patches & updates throughout the next couple days! New Forum Tags These rank icons are much more sleek and easier on the eye. New Earnable Titles & Badges Before this update, there were only a handful of different titles to earn by posting. Now, there are 50+ titles that you can earn along with different badges to show for it. New Achievements & Awards This system allows members to show awards they have earned underneath their posts and on their profiles. Awards can be earned by completing simple tasks like signing up or posting, or like participating in special holiday events or community contests. These challenges are NOT limited to just the forums. Some may require you to do things in-game or otherwise. Awards have tiers based on how hard it is to get them. Common Uncommon Rare Exotic Legendary New awards will be added every so often with new challenges. You can view all the current awards (and when new ones arrive) by clicking on Home. You can choose what awards to showcase underneath your name on posts by going to Account Settings. GIFs can now be directly inserted into posts with GIPHY. Fixed Steam & Gmail sign up & sign in issues. This problem prevented members from signing up, or caused long login times. Fixed Applications giving errors when submitting. Also fixed Applications not submitting at all. Fixed Backend Issues New security measures have also been added. Changed Forum Layouts Many subforums have been changed. SantosRP In-Character Forums have received a large overhaul. Everything is now much more accessible. All server forums are now more uniform and have correct information. Player Reports have been renamed to Ban Requests. Changed Club Creation from Private to Public. Any Donator and above can create a Club. Clubs must abide by Forum Rules. Clubs will be approved before being able to be used. Find anything wrong with this update? Comment below or private message @Sour or @Dab
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    hell yea! Thanks dab and magic for puttin in the hours to get it done this morning!
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    As of 6/14/2019, we have gone ahead and wiped all bans across all of our Garry's Mod servers. This is something we have been wanting to do for a while as we have gained over 1000+ active bans across all servers. The only bans that weren't undone is mainly charge backs and then a select few that we do not want to return. If you were banned please take this as your second chance and do not break rules, you will be treated with harsh punishments if you do.
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    SantosRP Change-log 06/13/2019 This will be available next server restart Weed Growing Tent This tent was made to make things easier for growing and less equipment needed The tent can be bought at the drug dealer for 9000$ The tent can be stolen from your house and sold back to the drug dealer for 7000$ We plan to make it so VIPs get 20% faster grow speed with the tent but not yet. You can only grow a max of 5 inside the grow tent and to grow more you need another grow tent Video of tent here: https://dwebhost.co/s/val/2019-06-13-df6635f1-ed4d-4db8-818f-20ed3c3874d4.mp4 Event MotorBike This Friday whoever visits the car dealer can buy a KTM Duke Bike for 1$ only this Friday! We also plan to be giving out loot boxes throughout the weekend so just play throughout Friday/weekend and you will be randomly gifted loot boxes!
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    Staff Superthread Last Updated on 11/5/2018 This post will contain important information for any staff members or people who are interested in the staff team. This document explains all guidelines, requirements, commands, and anything else you need to know to be a confident staff member. Be sure to check this post frequently, as it may be updated with new information at any time. Any new information will be highlighted in green for 1 week before being returned to normal text. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions speak to @Sour 1. Ranks and Roles Sgt.Val - Founder & Owner of Defcon This is the server owner & lead developers This rank should not be directly contacted unless with Serious Server/Donation Issue. Full server permissions Deals with daily operations of community and servers Do not message him unless it is a very serious issue All donations to the servers go through and to him Deals with issues before they go up to Sgt. Val Manages most issues Deals with daily operation of servers Do not message Directors unless you have stressed every other option Deals with issues before they reach the Directors Manages most issues Manages promotions up to Senior Administrator [Need permission from a Director] Deals with daily operation of servers Do not message Assistant Directors unless you have stressed every other option Community Manager Max ban: Permanent Can suspend: Yes Can demote: Yes Can unban: Yes Can Train: Yes Manages missing ranks in-game, on TeamSpeak, or the Forums Handles general function of community Manages promotions up to Administrator Assists Server Managers with operation such as updating rules or ways to improve the servers Deals with TeamSpeak and forums Improves community functionality Community Managers are staff members that have been around the community for a highly respectable amount of time, and have shown constant effort into pushing the community towards a greater goal. Staff Supervisor Max ban: PoliceRP: 4 weeks SantosRP: 4 weeks PurgeRP: 4 weeks SlaveRP: 4 weeks Can suspend: Yes Can demote: Yes (with SAI perms) Can unban: Yes Can Train: Yes Manages staff applications Manages staff interviews and training Manages staff on staff issues that are easily resolved Manages missing ranks in-game, on TeamSpeak, or the Forums Supervises Super Admins and ensure they are doing their job Makes recommendations changes to staff training to Assistant Directors Staff Supervisors are fully dedicated & loyal staff members who have been apart of the community for a long amount of time. They are in charge of overseeing all server’s staff teams and making sure everyone is following their procedures and that there are no complaints on staff. Server Manager Max ban: PoliceRP: Permanent SantosRP: Permanent PurgeRP: 4 weeks SalveRP: Permanent Can suspend: Yes Can demote: Yes Can unban: Yes Can Train: Yes Manages staff applications for their assigned server Manages ban appeals and requests for their assigned server Deals with problems and brings them to community managers or above Manages staff interviews Finds bugs or exploits and creates ways to patch them Manages staff on their assigned server and ensures functionality Manages tutorials for our users on complicated subjects, or FAQ for the server they are assigned to. Server Managers are dedicated & experienced staff members who have been promoted to a management role. It is their job to make sure sits are being taken properly, Staff are not abusing their given perms, and that bans are being placed correctly & the server is running smoothly. Server Managers have access to update bans and unban people where corrections are needed (aka a Moderator mistake). Server Managers can moderate the forums aside from reports and ban appeals. In addition, they have the responsibility of accepting, denying, and voting on staff applications. Server Managers should be contacted for any in-game staff related concerns. If you are having an issue with an individual staff member, please speak with a Server Manager or SAI privately about the situation and they will help resolve. Please contact Server Managers with any serious staff/server related issues or concerns. Senior Administrator Max ban: PoliceRP: 2 weeks SantosRP: 10 weeks PurgeRP: 4 weeks SlaveRP: 10weeks Can suspend: No Can demote: No Can unban: Yes Can Train: Yes A Senior Administrator assists with ban corrections, ban updates and helping to ensure standards are met within their server staff & assist the Server Managers. They also provide assistance to moderators/admins with training, guidance, and supervising when needed. Administrator Max ban: 2 weeks Can suspend: No Can unban: No Can Train: Yes Admins are in-charge of maintaining the overall presence of the server, and making sure the rules are being followed. They help fellow Moderators fit into their new role by offering guidance and advice for moderating the server. Admins are seen to be role models and have access to many more commands and tools than lower ranks, the ability to remove props, etc. Admins can assist in most things that a Moderator cannot handle. Any Admins using No-Clip as a toy will be moved back down to Moderator. Admins are allowed to assist in Server-Wide Events. Senior Moderator Senior Moderators are staff members who spend an ample amount of time as a Moderator. Learning new staffing techniques and advancing through the ranks. They are also meant to tutor and lead the other Moderators throughout their early time as staff. Typically throughout our servers, the Senior Moderators are trusted with more duties & commands with their rank. Senior Moderators are also primarily competing for Administrator slots. Takes calls and answers questions for players In charge of all the Moderators Follow the orders of the staff above, they are there to help Start to be the example for new staff members Focus primarily on calls, but start to play with players more often Moderator Moderators are the next step up from Trial Staff, however they are still learning the basics of the server and staff team. They are tasked with taking sits and calls throughout the server and are meant to prove themselves before becoming Senior Moderator. Takes calls and answers questions for players Follow the orders of the staff above, they are there to help Basic supervisory of the player to ensure rules are being followed Trial Staff Trial Staff is the beginning rank of the staff team, given to non-donators. However they are still learning the basics of the server and staff team. They are tasked with shadowing other staff members and learning techniques, procedures, and commands before spending the required time to reach Moderator. Mostly dedicates themselves to only staff activities Listens to staff above and hold what they say close Should be extremely active Asks for help and observes what other staff do During trial week Trial Staff are constantly being observed and monitored and will be corrected on their mistakes Freelancer Contact a CEO or Director for more information. Freelancers are our professional & privately hired developers that cycle fresh new content into the servers. They also maintenance our servers and websites, and usually help around wherever they can. Staff Abuse Investigator Jurisdiction: Community Manager and below. Can Suspend: Yes Can Demote: Yes Can Unban: Yes Can Train: Yes SAI is a top management position and is specially selected by the Directors. Those in this rank work as a group of trusted advisors for Staff Procedures, punishments, and regulations. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: administrating staff, forum moderation, ban requests, ban appeals, staff applications, abuse reports. These staff members regularly meet with each other to address server concerns, recent updates, rule changes, and more. This rank is NOT a part of the official COC and is a hand given rank decided by the Executives. High Staff Reserve If you happen to have this rank, you should have been contacted already via forum messages. If you did not receive one, message Sgt. Val or Dab on the forums. High Staff Reserve is a rank for our beloved staff members that have helped Defcon greatly and have either abruptly or extensively gone inactive. 2. Advice to Future Applicants It is highly advised and required that you have a positive reputation in the community! You must know the staff, community, and server rules Plagiarism will result in an instant denial and possibly blacklist from applying for staff. Sorry, we will not accept your developer application. 3. The Basics Staff are at all times expected to know and follow the rules above that of a normal user. Act in a semi-professional manner. (Don't be a dick, but don't be a servant.). Administrative powers are to be used only for administrative reasons. Remember that you are not above the rules. Treat every player as you would want to be treated. Seek advice from peers and higher-ups if you question something. Never act on a whim! Any Staff Members reported in-game for breaking a server rule should be handled by a Server Manager+. Senior Administrator may diffuse, but not punish. *DISCLAIMER* Staff can be demoted for inactivity or becoming MIA. Direct server staff gone for 20+ days may be punished If you plan on being away, make a thread in the introduction/leaving section of the forums. Messaging Your Server Manager is also very helpful. All Staff are required to be on TeamSpeak while they are on a Defcon Nations Server Staff on staff arguments will not be tolerated and will result in a penalty. Staff on staff bullying will not be tolerated. If a staff member witnesses staff on staff bullying they are to report the incident to a SAI. Super Admins, Admins, Moderators, and Trial Staff are not allowed to use their commands on each other such as bring, goto, jail, kick, or ban unless it is relevant to an admin situation where those commands are necessary. Staff are not allowed to take sits on situations that involve them. This goes hand in hand with not being biased. Staff are never allowed to receive donations from players. Staff are required to be professional at all times this includes no profanity when in sits, no mocking or bullying players, and no use of racism in sits or in times when you are required to act like a staff member. Staff members may only use their powers when required to carry out their duties. A Staff member should never use their powers unless it is an admin situation. This includes nocliping, spectating, physgun abuse, and etc. You are not allowed to request another staff member to look at you promotion application. This will lead to the application being denied and restricting you from posting another application for 2 weeks. You cannot spectate another staff member unless it helps prove a staff member is abusing. Staff are to work together and help each other improve. Staff are always on-duty. Staff are required to take calls and deal with admin issues. Failure to follow this rules can lead to demotion. Respect everyone, whether it's a player or a staff member. It is acceptable to joke but do not take it too far. Staff members who have been given the ability to spawn weapons, may not spawn in multiple cars, entities in an RP situation, weapons in an RP situation, or sell/give weapons to other players. Violation of this rule will result in punishment. Staff are not allowed to be biased. Treat everyone fairly and give everyone the respect they deserve. Witness cannot be used in admin situations. It’s one player's word vs another’s. There needs to be proof that a player broke the rules before you may take action against the player. Do not under any circumstance bring another staff member of the same rank and attempt to punish them. Admins+ cannot train staff unless they are Staff Training Team. Staff Complaints/Reports, Strikes & Warnings, and other procedures goes through SAI first. 4. Sit Guidelines 1. Be Respectful Please be respectful to all Players & Staff Members alike in any OOC situations. In-context RP is the only place where Disrespect is allowed. In no circumstance should you ever scream or yell at someone during a sit. Do not argue, flame, or rant with other staff members in-front of players. Handle it privately! Be Professional - Every Staff Member represents Defcon Nations. 2. Stay Calm The worst thing you could do in a sit, aside from being rude, is lose your temper. Getting mad at a user in a sit never helps. If a user is arguing repeatedly with you, or another player during a sit - remember to use your "mute" ability instead of screaming or yelling back. Staff Sits are to be controlled by the Staff Member and should not be an open flame war for 2 players to argue. Be assertive if necessary - But be nice! No one likes an asshole. 3. Listen/Don't Interrupt When a user is trying to tell their half of the story, don't interrupt them; everyone should have a chance to speak their half. If they begin bad mouthing other users please do stop them, all it does is cause more drama which makes your job harder. Remember respect goes both ways. Belittling or Antagonizing players will only cause further issues and will not be tolerated. Set an example as a Staff Member. 4. Banning You may only ban on sight for DDoS Threats & Server Crash Attempts. Jails should always be used instead of Bans for minor rule violations. For any rule breaker, it is vital to hear their statement (this does include Mass RDMers) you know the rules, and guess what? Sometimes users don't! If you are a new Staff Member, consult an Admin or higher before banning. Do not include any quotes from them in your ban reason. Only list the rules broken as necessary. 5. Power Yes you have cool powers, no you can't use them to RP. Staff Commands should only be used to Moderate the Server. No-Clip should only be used to handle sits & adminsitrate or assisting with Events. 5. Disciplinary Actions Guidelines Warnings should be used if a player is new and genuinely unfamiliar with the rules Jails are a standard punishment and can be issued if a player blatantly violates rules for the first time or exhibits negligent behavior Bans are issued if warnings and jails are ineffective towards reforming a player Minor Bans are between 2 to 8 hours. These include violations such as RDMs and false warranting. Major Bans are between 12 hours to 3 days. These include violations such as scamming and multiple RDMs. Severe Bans can range from 3 days to permanent. These include hacking, exploiting, or no intent to play our servers. Please note, players with PO (previous offenses) can be given harsher punishments. 5A. Disciplinary Steps This is an example for repeated . Please note that depending on severity of the rule break or desired punishment, steps may be skipped. Warning Secondary Warning Jail Longer Jail + Warning of kick. Kick from server. Kick from server + Warning of ban. 30 minute ban 4 hour ban 8 hour ban 1 day ban - Ban is able to be appealed past this point. 2 day ban 4 day ban 1 week ban 2 week ban 4 week ban 6 week ban 10 week ban At this point the player could be permanently banned. 6. Staff Permissions Below is a full list of every server's staff and their allowed permissions. Use Commands as: !prefix, Commands with ‘<’ means the rank can only do it up to said time. Each rank will have everything prior. If a higher rank has a permission extension it will be listed. Some useful keybinds are: bind "key" "ulx jail @ 120" bind "key" "ulx unjail @" bind "key" "say !adminmode" Less Used Binds: bind "key" "ulx adminroom" bind "key" "ulx sitroom" bind "key" "say !logs" Command Explanation Some commands have optional targeting available. An example of this would be: "!jail @ 120" This would jail the player you are looking at for 120 seconds. @ - Targets player infront of you ^ - Targets yourself !adminmode Changes to staff on duty instantly (needed to use all the staff commands) !menu Opens a menu that lets you use commands instead of in chat !logs Opens server logs !jail (name) (seconds) Punishment, puts player in a cage for the amount of seconds you put !unjail (name) Unjails a player while jailed !return (name) Returns you or player to their last location before being teleported !goto (name) Teleports to that player !bring (name) Teleports that player to you !warn A menu that lets you set a warning on a player (3 warns = a kick) !sit Teleports to a room for taking sits !adminroom Teleports to an admin area for staff training and testing !kick (name) Kicks that player from the server !reports To check if there’s any report (staff sits) !mute (name) Refrains player from typing in chat !spectate (name) Spectates that player in a third person view !freeze (name) Makes that player unable to move and cannot die !unfreeze (name) Undoes !freeze reallowing that player to move and die !gag (name) Refrains players from speaking !ban (Hours/Days) Bans player from the server for that amount of time !cloak (name) Toggles the player to invisible !uncloak (name) Untoggles that player’s invisibility !noclip Toggles noclip, the ability to fly through walls and all around !strip (name) Removes all items that player is carrying 6A. PurgeRP Server Staff Commands S. Manager Senior Admin Administrator S. Moderator Moderator Trial Staff !warndelete !gimp !csay !cloak !gag !warn !warnremove !ungimp !tsay !uncloak !mute !jail < 120s !adduser !armor !noclip !tp !ungag !unjail !removeuser !hp !unban !defaultjob !unmute !kick !adduserid !blind !veto !ban <1w !freeze !goto !removeuserID !god !vote !banid <1w !unfreeze !bring !ignite !stopvote !xban <1w !ban <1d !return !maul !ban <2w !banid <1d !send “p1” “p2” !ragdoll !banid <2w !xban <1d !sit !slap !xban <2w !spectate !adminroom !slay !sslay !unblind !unignite !unigniteall !unragdoll !whip !ban <4w !banid <4w !xban <4w 6B. PoliceRP Server Staff Commands S. Manager Senior Admin Administrator S. Moderator Moderator Trial Staff !warndelete !slap !ban < 2w !noclip !ban < 3d !jail < 120s !tsay !blind/unblind !send p1>p2 !freeze !jailtp < 120s !csay !god/ungod !tp !mute/unmute !warn !adduser !cloak !gag/ungag !kick !removeuser !strip !bring !ban - perm !jail !goto !banid !jailtp !return !spectate !adminroom !unban !sit !adminmode 6C. SantosRP Server Staff Commands S. Manager Senior Admin Administrator Moderator !ban - perm !ban < 10w !ban < 1w !ban < 1d !tsay !noclip !tp !kick !adduser !cloak !freeze !gag/ungag !adduserid !unban !banid !mute/unmute !removeuser !send !return !removeuserid !bring !spectate !stopvote !vote !veto
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    Introducing Global Staff Meetings! Hey my wonderful staff team, I was thinking about how we no longer have global staff meetings and that they are something we really need again. I think, as the person who leads our staff team, this would really help bring our team together and bring up topics that we all think could be worked on to make DG better and also talk about things that come up in between the meeting dates. Next Meeting: Saturday, August 3rd @ 6PM EST MEETINGS ARE EVERY THREE WEEKS. **For any questions about this meeting or anything else staff related please feel free to message me! - Savage
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    Its time, the rules have undergone COMPLETE redoing. I suggest re-reading all of the rules.