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    As of November 11th, 2019 we will be implementing a community wide rule that should have been self-explanatory from the start as it is literal common sense. However, due to the toxic manner and behavior of our players the Content Moderation Team, Community Management, and High Staff have all agreed to implement the following. HATEFUL CONDUCT Derogatory slurs such as fa***t, ret**d, ni***r, etc. used with intent to put others down or just as a joke will not be tolerated. Variations of these words used in the same way is included. Attempting to loophole this rule will not be tolerated. Any racial slur or term is not tolerated. Any disrespect via sexism or racism will not be tolerated. Telling or encouraging others to commit suicide will definitely not be tolerated. Hate speech or toxic remarks directed towards individuals or groups of people will not be tolerated. Targeting or harassing someone based on their religion, race, gender, origin, sexual orientation, etc. is not allowed. Making remarks or hateful comments about someones religion, race, gender, origin, sexual orientation, etc. is not allowed. Any of the above done on our TeamSpeak, Forums, Discord, Gameservers, or any of our platforms or outlets will result in the following punishments. 1ST OFFENSE 1 WEEK BAN 2ND OFFENSE 2 WEEK BAN 3RD OFFENSE 1 MONTH BAN This rule is effective immediately, and all staff members, server management, Content Moderators, and anybody with power to handle these issues must begin punishing accordingly. All members of our community are expected to follow this rule immediately as it's time to be actual decent people for once. We are 100% sure this is a step in the right direction, and we hope the community shares the same view. - Sgt.Val, Dab, Sour, and the rest of the DefconGaming team.
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    @Muscle the only reason gangs do that is thanks to sour for saying you can use a vehicle as a weapon second off how about you ban and gang strike and not implement that rule that’s something I’ve seen you guys doing. So your are handling the issue misfits are at 2 and LSC is a 1. Like what your saying about people I agree with it’s toxic and not needed. But some of the rules I find extra. Like if a gang member is being held at gun point or being arrested after a store robbery why can’t we help if he saw 7 cop cars pull up. They do have the communication just as good as you cause we all use TeamSpeak. So if he calls in before why shouldn’t they be able to help. im saying it again I agree with you about the toxicity but this rule will have to be tweaked over time. The whole point of santos is literally doing crime with your friends and this rule defeats the purpose of friends cause you will figuratively have to be handed cuffed to your friend to do anything. from what it sounds like you guys should make using a vehicle as a weapon against the rules cause that’s one of the things you brought up. i can see it already this will be like that thing where your gang leader will have to be only for any gang member to be able to do anything. @Muscle @Dojabrah
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    This whole thing of gang members being able to help each other has been around since the server came out. And I don’t find this very realistic because say your in a police chase and there are at least two people or you have a modern vehicle. You can use Uconnect (which is the software from all dodge and Chrysler vehicles) for example and call your gang members yeah that makes sence. same thing goes for sence I feel like we should start using the ingame phone to make it more realistic not remove the whole thing. There are so many other video games and movies that show a shootout happening and more gang members pulling up later. Also I feel like if your driving around in two cars one in front of another they should all be able to initiate. Cause what are you blind yeah like I’m going to drive of when I see me gang member in the car in front of getting shot. No there are so many things in this rule that will have to be tweaked to make it any way fair for the gangs. This just means that the cops can call in for backup and gang can’t. And the fact now that guns cost more and that of have snipers and armour. Gangs will never have the advantage unless we all drive around in a car that holds 7 or 8 people. And when we get initiated on we all have to get out with our hands up. so please take all of this into consideration @Sgt.Val @Muscle
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    In my opinion if you guys are within each others range with vehicle they can become involved. It’s the whole calling for backup across the map when it becomes an issue and I can remember some situations recently when certain gang members purposely cop baited just to run and get into a shootout
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    SantosRP Change-log 11/1/2019 RULE CHANGE We are now heavily enforcing a new rule on the server please abide by it If you're too lazy to read all of that it pretty much means You cannot help your Gang/Friends if they are getting arrest/mugged/detained/Shootout if you aren't with them when it happens. We suggest you read the full detail below Do not involve yourself in situations you aren't apart of, even if you are attempting to help your gang. This means you cannot help in a robbery or shootout if you weren't there from the very beginning. This includes attempting to break them out of jail before they are fully arrested and placed in jail. (You can still perform a raid/Jailbreak to break them out of jail once they are actually in a cell.) This also means you cannot sit behind the cops and act like you don't know what's going on and then pull out a gun and tell them to put their hands up. Don't help your Gang/Friends in another car if they are being chased by the police or another gang ( These situations get everyone confused so if you are not in the same car as them, you simply are not allowed to help them )  If your Gang/Friends are already being Robbed/Searched/Cuffed/Ziptiped by Police/Gang/Friends you may not involve yourself in the situation. This includes your gang members getting pulled over and getting pulled out of their car and arrested. Gang members cannot pull up to the traffic stop and escalate the situation. You can no longer simply pull up in your car and tell everyone to put their hands up or initiate for a situation that you aren't initially apart of. -Police are exempt from "Don't involve yourself in situations" rule since their sole purpose is to put themselves in harm's way to protect civilians. Compare this to real life. If you shoot a cop, the entire state's resources are responding to that shooting within minutes. Gang members don't have the coordination nor the communication to do so. New simple MOTD ( Press Insert to show it or type !motd ) Water, Potting Soil, fertilizer all now higher amounts so growing weed is much easier and less annoying without the entities. Halloween event has been removed Everyone who has pumpkins from the event can keep them to sell or craft the Halloween cosmetic Please comment on your opinion about the Rule we think it will provide better RP for everyone.
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    Ill have to read over some things again but I can understand that some of the rules literally make a gang pointless but others should stay. For Ex If your Gang/Friends are already being Robbed/Searched/Cuffed/Ziptiped by Police/Gang/Friends you may not involve yourself in the situation. If you see your gang getting robbed I mean I would see why you would attempt to help
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    -1 cops are literally just going to destroy anyone now and if gangs cant help each other now then wtf is the point of gangs... remove crash intiation if this is going to be a thing because if I crash my car and my whole gang is in it guess what... we are all fucked cause we cant get out.. no matter what we do any situation now is going to be to the benefit of the cops and no one else.
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    I'm right with ya, I don't agree with it.
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    CLONEWARSRP 11/8/2019 Many changes have taken place throughout the week. Here are the changes I remember doing! X2 CRAFTING WEAPON SELL PRICES THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND! New Crafting Weapons Overcharged Variants DC-15A, DC-15S, DC17 all have Overcharged Variants able to be crafted at Level 20. New Weapons A280 (Blaster Rifle) A280c (Blaster Rifle) A280-CFE (Light Blaster Sniper) DLT-20A (Blaster Sniper) RT-97c (Heavy Blaster Rifle) DH-17 (Blaster Pistol) DH-17a (Blaster Pistol) DC-17 has also been added to the table at Crafting Level 1. New Crystal Vendor Items Blue Visor - Stocked to 3. Restocked Green Visor to 3. New Lootcrate Items Cracked Visor - Classified DL-44 - Unique 41st and Doom's Unit ARC Troopers Playtime Tracker Can also be seen via the website playtime tracker. Frigate Hyperspacing When enemy frigates come out of hyperspace there is now a full animation to it. Hyperspacing won't bug out anymore by putting frigates inside the map. Client Crashing Issue We have diagnosed the recent client crashing issue and will be trying new methods throughout the weekend to find a definite fix. Cycler Rifle Damage nerfed from 220 to 120. Vaulted from Lootcrates. Republic Command Duties: In charge of training new Clone Recruits. In charge of all Clone Troopers. Oversees all Shock Troopers. Oversees all Missions & Base Operations. Models: Crewman has been given armor. Officer has been given armor. Ensign has been given armor. ARC Specialist now has a new model. Halloween Items from download list.
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    PoliceRP Change-log 11/8/2019 Police Cadet now requires no whitelist to play ( Only gets a pistol and cannot arrest players ) New Robbable entities The industrial area now have a bunch of new robbable entities ( When you have lockpicked the entities they will pay you money but also alerts the police ) And the police should be patroling this area often as criminals can earn easy money with high risk. These require 3 Police to be online in order to rob these Industrial Resources / payout = min = 3500 max = 9800 Worker Lockers / payout = min = 2500, max = 5100 Storage Unit ( electronics ) / payout = min = 2430, max = 13500 Business and some locations will have Recyclable bins and dumpsters that can be robbed Recycle bins / Dumpsters Pay Phones / These require 1 Police officer to be online to rob and has a 45% chance of the police being alerted. Recyclables / payout = min = 430, max = 2432 Dumpsters / payout = min = 530, max = 3432 Pay Phone / payout = min = 530, max = 1952 Armor Skill point is back and Armor Regen Skill point is back as well. Kevlar vest will still offer bullet protection but not as much as it used to Resetting skill points now only cost 50K Weed now stacks 100 Fixed buying weed plants Fixed some skill Point issues Fixed missing Icons for some skill points Fixed advanced weed Fixed error on weed seeds Fixed missing texture for gun dealer on mini-map Fixed missing texture on the scoreboard Please comment your opinion about the update. Thank you.
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    Activate stacker tool again, along with the addition of the advanced duplicator (< if that's possible.) I would love to see the old system back 🙌
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    CLONE WARS RP 10/25/2019 Halloween Event (Until Nov. 1st) Pumpkin Patch Head to Main Hangar Bay to harvest Pumpkins. Pumpkins can be used to craft limited time cosmetics or can be sold for credits (20) to the Tent Vendor. Cosmetic Previews: Emplacement Turrets 104th Specialist (NEW), 104th Officers, and 104th Commander can place various turrets such as Anti-Infantry or Anti-Air turrets. Mobile Medbays Medical Officers and Medical Commanders can place down a mobile medbay tent for protection in the field. Lore Event Characters Senator Padme Amidala, Senator Jar Jar Binks, a new Mandalorian clan, and a few other familiar faces are joining the fight as Event Characters and will be seen from time to time. Shock Lore Characters Executive Officer Stone and Shock Trooper Thire are joining the roster. Regimental Medics As an experimental move, we are adding in Regimental Medics starting with the 501st, Galactic Marines, and Shock. Medical Troopers can now ask to be linked to a regiment. Other regimental medics will be added at a future date. Event Music Music has been added for the upcoming special events this weekend as well as future ones. New Aircraft Pilots have received the Headhunter as well as the Infiltration Fighter. Republic Command have received their own special aircraft as well. In-Game Radio All Commanders have access to the radio. Pilots now have access to the radio. Changed max mute time from 60 seconds to 900 seconds. Enemy flagships & low-orbital ships now have animated explosions. Craftable Invisible Backpack Take the Industrial Backpack from the Lootcrates to the Crafting Table to simply make it invisible. Extra lore friendly. Crystal Vendor Additions 332nd Battalion Helmet - Stocked to 5 - A helmet painted to commemorate Ahsoka Tano. Green Visor - Stocked to 3 - A green visor made to enhance vision at night. (Not really.) Valken x38 not equipping properly. Phase 2 Scout Helmet clipping. Shock Classes not being able to access the Republic Database computer. All shock can now access the database. Fixed an issue with Exonium and Astromech Part harvestables not spawning. All craftable weapon sell prices have been boosted for the weekend. (+30 Credits for every weapon sold. Ends 10/27) Jedi Damages Initiate Lightsabers now do 50 instead of 150. Padawan Lightsabers now do 75 instead of 150. Lootcrate Values Several items have gotten new amount changes. Example: Exonium now drops as 2 or 6 instead of 1 and 3. Lootcrate Prices Lootcrates can now be purchased for 1,750 credits instead of 2,750. Holocrons, Ancient Text, Datapads, and Coaxium Containers no longer drop on death. ARC Troopers now have DC-15A ARC Variants. Moved Snoruuk and Glasscap spawns to prevent them spawning under the map. Extra unused downloads. Vaulted the DC-15A Nebula. Republic Command Guard. All guards have been moved to shock. Duties of Command Guards have been passed onto Shock Troopers. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
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    I honestly think its time we close this thread, its getting toxic. The rules are in place, lets see how they work.
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    And cops never search houses just cause their bored? It happens I'm not sure why you want to fuck over your regular players. Is that what happened to purge and had to jump on santos? As much as I hate gang's and think they're cringe they benefit the server you have around 10 of them on everyday in the mornings. If you look at the statistics those few gang members are helping keeping the server alive. I know gang's cause chaos, but I don't see it hurting the normal players if they're shooting the cops it gives the cops something to do... I'm pretty sure everybody knows what cops do when they get bored, and they start harassing every player on the server. From my point of view there is no difference between them.
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    You guys are making this more complicated and overwhelming for a simple rule we want to enforce. It's simple don't reactivate situations that are over and done with. For example, if a shootout ends between police and players at the KFC and EMS are starting to revive people and heal them that should be the end of it. A car with 2-4 players shouldn't show up after the situation has ended and reactivate the situation STARTING another gunfight. This isn't role-playing, it makes it seem like a DarkRP with this happening over and over again. Q&A Q: Your friend's house getting raided? A: Yes you can still help them Q: Can I rob a gas station with all my gang/friends? A: Sure go right ahead just make sure everyone is in OR at the place of the robbery before starting and stay within the role-play zone. Q: All of my friends/gang members died and are now being arrested, can I pull out my weapon and tell the police to let them go? A: No, you should have been there at the beginning of the situation. Don't interfere, don't cause a new RDM Fest. Role-play it out. You can break them out of jail AFTER they've been processed in. ( Only Requires 4 cops now ) Q: My friends/gang members are being mugged, can I show up and then pull out my weapon and tell them to stop or just shoot them? A: No, again, you should have been there at the start of the situation. Only help your friends/gang members if you were there when the situation started. Don't show up after it started and then start shooting people.
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    All we need is a video example (or something of the sort) of what to do in a situation like that, or things we CAN do, not things we CAN'T
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    where the hell does it say we can have follower cars and gang intiation and comms should be a thing I can speak for LSC that we deadass arent raiding stores 24/7 so maybe your eyes should be on other gangs... we get into situations when our gang is in trouble which is fair.. this rule empowers the cops period.
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    Everyone. You aren't focusing on the big picture about this. Yes right now the Police are OVERPOWRED i myself will admit that to the fullest extent. The issue we currently have is this is turning into a plain and simple cops and robbers vs actual role play. @Lekra The issue isn't "One car" Per say but rather when someone gets pulled over by the police and say for example they have a warrant and they are placed in custody that the entire time they have their hands up they are talking over teamspeak "GET OVA HERE NOW PLAYA IM GETTING R-RESTED" then a simple arrest for maybe 10-15 mins turns into a massive gun battle that usually ends with "FAIL RP, NON RP, DIDNT ROLEPLAY YADA YADA" and people end up salty and not having a positive experience whether that be PD or Gang.. What Val is saying is gangs don't have coordination to do stuff like that realistically. you don't read the news everyone and see "Cop trying to perform felony stop gunned down by 3 snipers, a BMW driver with an MP5SD, Police were bamboozled!" @Trev Garcia Same thing kind of as above for Lekra, you guys can do what normal gangs do? roll 1-2 deep and RP DRIVE, There is no reason to fully evade a traffic stop or drive around like a nut job to even put yourself in the situation to begin with, sure we all have places to go and places to be on the map but this rule package mroe of the less enforces better driving and more stimulating role-play rather than a guns drawn match up of who can initiate first. If you are in a situation in which the PD Arrives there is still alot of wiggle room to get stuff done, This is really letting you guys handle as a GANG vs 1 v 1 + backup. realistically you should be rolling multiple people in a car and maybe a follower car. Then your directly involved.. This rule is to imply that if you are driving solo and someone tries to do something to you, YOU CAN, This also allows for the Cartel saying for example they want to Mug someone or kidnap someone, when they roll 4 deep in 2 cars, they all can become involved in the situation.. Vs Backup with snipers.. @Daren Crester I see where you are coming from with gang v gang robbery. But understand that if for example Misfit robs Cartel. Cartel can say "Alright well lets RP a war with misfit about this", "since we didn't die (cause if they shoot you and you were complying its RDM) Then you can say "Hey they mugged us earlier, lets go raid their base and get our shizz back!", This started because of the insane strategy PD had to start pulling or other gangs have to pull.. You in theory have to have a "suicide man" who runs up and initiates to watch out for snipers and watch out for the people in the gas station, this is plain unrealistic.. Basically the other way we could go with this without the rules is Okay well if you rob gas, You have snipers, and we have snipers sitting behind your snipers, and then you have snipers behind ours.. you see the endless cycle? And if these rules are listened too PD will be Nerf'd... We have discussed PD Load outs changing, so that way if you aren't a certain rank YOU CANNOT carry a class 2 firearm. As well as weapon damage nerfs.. the reason the PD is so overpowered now is simply because of the sheer volume of literally every traffic stop almost, Every robbery, Every 911 call TURNS INTO A MASSIVE SHOOTOUT. I know we personally have a lot of Jerky cops sometimes and we are working on fixing that, unfortunately when there are robberies 24/7 365 in which the robbers sit and wait on PD to get into a shootout. we don't really have time to train on Community Policing. Sometimes Cops want to Role-Play, Not to write tickets or be a dirtbag but just to present some role play. I know i'll get down voted to hell for this opinion but its just fact of whats going on currently and how it had to come to an abrupt stop, we aren't roleplaying anymore we are essentially a Team death match.
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    It will stop people coming from nowhere and fucking you over. It's definitely for the best. I can see why people wouldn't be happy but still, it's what benefits the server.
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    SantosRP Change-log 11/1/2019 5 New Vehicles » 2 New SUVs / GMC Yukon Denali / Land Rover Range Rover » 1 Sedan / Kia Stinger » 2 Coupes / Toyota Celica / Mitsubishi Starion New Craftable M4A1 Carbine Premium Drug Package The drug dealer buys this from other players for a lot of money but requires quite a lot of work to obtain. Here are the Required Items to craft one Package worth $215,000 ( Price May go higher if Players/Staff tell me its difficult to earn that amount of supplies ) Methamphetamine (High Quality) X 5 Cannabis (High Quality) X 50 Large LSD Tab X 10 Coca leaf X 10 Cocaine Package X 5 Pineapple Express Joint X 2 Bubba Kush Joint X 2 Maui Wowie Blunt X 2 All Supplies are Estimated to be a total of $100,920 ( Corrected me if im wrong ) This Leaves A lot of room to profit so you can either spend the time earning all these or offer other players more money then the Drug NPC would buy their drugs for. » All Weapons ( Not Pistols ) now require Scrap Metal Bars to craft » To obtain scrap metal bars requires buying it from Jeff at the hardware store at a Premium Price of 2850$ Per Bar or Mine and craft the Metal Bars yourself, We added this feature due to the Pumpkins being removed in a few days and after seeing multiple players create a small economy by Buying & Selling Pumpkins to other players we would like to have a system to continue this in hoping players find Jeff to Expensive and want to Buy from players that are willing to go mine and re-sell the bars to other players for profit as we are doing with the Drug Package. Fixed X5M and 2019 Supra they now drive better. ( Notify me if there are more broken cars ) Please PM me if there are any issues with this update Thank you.
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    Excellent decision to switch back to Evo!
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    PoliceRP Change-log 11/4/2019 We are looking for Serious Suggestions: If you have a small Idea or a suggestion you would like to see added please Comment it below. on a side note would you guys like to see the old Meth system back onto policeRP or keep the current one? This update is mostly a bunch of fixes New State Trooper Vehicles / Photon If the state troopers are active again they will receive new playermodels and another vehicle if we see them actively playing. We have moved the police spawn area to a more open room Fixed Texture errors on some NPCs/Playermodels Fixed an annoying/sound pain sound when getting shot at Fixed Police Vehicles missing Models on them Fixed Weapon damage ( Weapons don't instantly kill players anymore ) Fixed OG Gangsta and Trevor Playermodels. It now requires 2 police to rob the Bricks driver/Vault Removed the annoying beeeeep sound when dying Please comment your opinion about the update. Thank you.
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    @Sgt.Val are we going back to the old armor system?
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    PoliceRP Change-log 11/3/2019 MAP CHANGE: rp_evocity_v4b1 Many of players suggested for us to put the map back to Evocity and to give it back the old MethRP Feeling So we decided to give Evocity another try for a few weeks if the player base is good the map will stay on Evocity. The server is now Unlocked with these new edits listed below! There was a lot of edits and tweaks here is the most important ones worth mentioning New Police Vehicles and Skins We now use Photon Police Lighting System for our Emergency Vehicles New Police Playermodels ( Custom Made by us ) New UI and HUD Improvements New Font for names New Pain sounds when taking damage 10+ New Vehicles Simple Day & Night System 1 Hour Day / 25 Minutes Night Growing Standard weed has changed back to the old models and myself and staff seem to like them ( Advance weed is still the same ) Growing Standard weed gives more weed bags Police Equipment Menu UI has changed ( The Police B menu ) Drug Dealer wasn't working for quite a long time and is now fixed Please comment your opinion about the map and new changes! Thank you.
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    Fixed Muscle will give you it next time you and him are on the server
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    I would love for a 1957 Chevrolet to be added. Something along these lines. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1343536811&searchtext=1957+Chevrolet I need to listen to ABC 50s in style. Thanks -Jovan Markovic
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    IN THE EVENT OF THE BASE BEING UNDER SIEGE: All battalions will be called to their battlestations to defend key points of the base. Listed below is each legion's battlestations as well as a summary of what they do. REPUBLIC COMMAND Battlestation: Command Bridge Info: Republic Command is responsible for all base operations and functionality. These command members work diligently to put together missions and make sure each regiment gets action during the day. SHOCK TROOPERS Battlestation: The Brig / Roaming Info: Shock Troopers enforce all Republic & Military laws and codes. This regiment can arrest all disobedient or disorderly clones within the Army. REPUBLIC MEDICS Battlestation: Medbay / Roaming Info: Republic Medics are the most important part of base functionality, as this regiment is tasked with keeping all troopers healthy and ready for battle using their medical knowledge and equipment. REPUBLIC PILOTS Battlestation: Auxiliary Hangar Info: Republic Pilots are in charge of providing air & ground support for the troopers on the ground, as well as providing transportation via LAAT gunships for missions. Pilots are one of the only battallions with access to vehicles. ARC TROOPERS Battlestation: Main Hangar Bay / Roaming Info: ARC Troopers are equipped with jetpacks, and are the elite clones bred to be droid killing machines. These Clones are highly equipped and are sometimes sent on special missions given directly by Republic Command. 41st GREEN COMPANY Battlestation: 3rd Floor Info: 41st GC is a recon division of well-trained Clones. These troopers are often equipped with long-range blasters and are also trained to drive BARC Speeders. 104th WOLFPACK BATTALION Battlestation: Reactor Core Info: 104th Troopers are tasked with making repairs throughout the base and hold the most important battlestation across the Shipyard, as they must protect the main reactor core at all costs. These clones are also equipped with grappling hooks and other specialized weaponry. 187th LEGION Battlestation: Main Hall Info: 187th Clone Troopers are equipped with jetpacks and are usually tasked with close quarter combat and infiltration missions. These clones are highly skilled in aerial combat and are prepared to protect and serve the Republic at all costs. 212th ATTACK BATTALION Battlestation: 2nd Floor Info: 212th Clone Troopers are extremely well-trained and disciplined troopers capable of completing high risk missions with ease. These clones often fight alongside the 501st Legion on the frontlines. 327th STAR CORPS Battlestation: 2nd Floor Info: The 327th Star Corps is a battalion that is specialized in unknown alien contact. These troopers have seen the worst of the galaxy and lived, and are often tasked with first-contact missions. They are also a very elite clone battalion that are genetically created to die for the Republic. 501st LEGION Battlestation: Connector / Patrolling 1st Floor Info: The 501st Legion is an elite regiment of Clones that have shown bravery and valiance across the galaxy. These troopers are a force to be reckoned with, and are often found alongside the 212th Attack Battalion on the frontlines. DOOM's UNIT Battlestation: Front Gate Info: Doom's Unit is a division of clones that pack a heavy punch. These troopers are equipped with heavy weaponry as well as blast barricades and shields, and are often sent to provide heavy support for other Attack Units.
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    Y'all cause chaos too and y'all been involved in some very questionable situations. It's the leaders ability to listen when we come to you with complaints , that determines how your gang is viewed. I'm sorry Trev but y'all are not saints. Stop trying to make this a personal attack on LSC. As long as you actively keep your gang in line, whether it be LSC / misfits / slaughter / Irish then rule adaptions will not happen like this. But this did happen because real toxic behavior has been happening, didn't just make that up. You have been very approachable about LSC whenever I come to you with an issue. Continue doing that and your gangs reputation will be a positive one with me. This is a positive change for the server. Give it time and you'll see.
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    Good luck 😄 We're going to need a few
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