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    Hopefully the people who paid for lifetime keep it
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    Hello DefconGaming Community, This is a very important announcement that will be taking place on 7/12/2019. This change affects our Donation Store and the ranks that we offer on our gameservers. Since we offer high quality servers with fully-committed Community Management & dedicated Developers working around the clock with little to no backing or support, we rely heavily on donations from our community that surrounds us and keeps us moving. With this change, we will be merging the Monthly VIP and Lifetime VIP ranks to form one rank, VIP. This rank will still stay as a month-to-month rank, and users can cancel at any time if they choose to do so. All Lifetime VIP benefits will carry over and be merged into this rank. Now, the only two ranks we offer on our servers is VIP and Supporter. What happens if you had Lifetime VIP? Anyone who has purchased Lifetime VIP will keep their permanent VIP rank. There is a slight possibility this may change in the future, but this is how it will be for the time being. Staff members will still continue to receive free VIP benefits as long as they are actively on our servers supporting and helping the community and it’s players. As stated in our Terms of Service, we can cancel an order or package at any point in time at our discretion, and we feel this may be a better change for our community as this will help our community out as well as prevent users from playing on the server for a few hours, donating, and leaving forever with a permanent rank on our servers. If you have any questions, concerns, etc. feel free to comment below or message a Director. Have a good day. Sour, Sgt.Val, Dab, and the DG Team.
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    This is pretty fire, I agree with this completely since It will help with development funds and other cool stuff getting added to the community.
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    this will help clean things up, i support.
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    seems more organized than before xD
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    some of us poor boys tho Y^Y
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    I support this for a couple of reasons: 1. It makes the donation system more tidy, and cleans things up a good bit. 2. You can now choose to pay a 1 time payment, and get some epic perks, or you can choose a re-occurring payment which you can cancel at anytime, with some awesome perks. This makes the donation store a lot simpler, and also puts the ability to cancel the VIP payments in the players hands. Also, if I see anyone complain about the fact that you lost your Gold VIP, I will harass you, Sour literally stated that you can keep your Gold VIP for the time being. It's $25, chill.
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    Unfortunate for some but makes sense economically for the server if we want to keep getting exclusive stuff added to each game mode.
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    Introducing Global Staff Meetings! Hey my wonderful staff team, I was thinking about how we no longer have global staff meetings and that they are something we really need again. I think, as the person who leads our staff team, this would really help bring our team together and bring up topics that we all think could be worked on to make DG better and also talk about things that come up in between the meeting dates. Next Meeting: TBD based on future projects and/or critical community situations. **For any questions about this meeting or anything else staff related please feel free to message me! - Savage
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    Just another reason to join the staff team on one of our servers!
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    There is a slight possibility this may change in the future, but this is how it will be for the time being. well fuck
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