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    SantosRP Change-log 10/4/2019 The server was offline for quite a few days so we can clean up the mass amount of cars that aren't being used and slowing down join times and server boot-up times. Our server downloads went from 80 to around 50 and now leaves us more room to add more cars that will actually be used and other features to our server. VIP Lifetime Package is now available again ( Too many people complained that the monthly package isn't purchasable with there paypal accounts so we decide to allow Lifetime VIP back and will be back on all the servers as well.) Market/Selling System We have fixed the remaining issues not many of you remember this system but it works great now and should be used to sell your in-game items or make stores. Buy one of the 3 shops Mall unit 1 / Mall Kiosk / City shop 2 to use the system. It's too many features to type so here is two videos one is from the sellers perspective and the other is from the buyers perspective Buyer: https://dwebhost.co/s/val/2019-10-03-64332681-407d-4849-986f-2cbeb473577e.mp4 Seller: https://dwebhost.co/s/val/2019-10-03-b368596b-e7fc-4172-8b4c-d78f7bb94ebf.mp4 Wood Cutting/Crafting You can purchase a wood axe from the new NPC at the hardware store to cut wood down near the harvesting area to sell or craft Refined wooden planks to sell to the new NPC at the hardware store 1 Tree = 2-4 Logs / 2 Logs = 1 Plank / 1 Pank = 375$ Use assembly table to craft the logs into planks. VIPs now are able to make a second Character There might be rules added to this. Car dealer/Cars has Reset ( Please sell your old vehicle at the NPC for the cars full price refund * Some Cars ) We now categorized our car dealer by car types rather than car brands This has made it much easier to add new cars and there will be more vehicles soon. Sport Cars Muscle Trucks SUVs Super Cars Sedans Coupes A bunch of new cars is added as well. Please PM me if your custom car is affected by this. Please PM me if there are any issues with this update Thank you.
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