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    SlaveRP Changelog - 8/18/2017 [Added] The New Weed system ( Was Suppose be be added last update ) [Added] New Vehicle - Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 [Change] Updated our Inventory System to work with Weed system. Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here And Message the Server Managers for suggestions on our next Update!
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    -1 -Wrong COC -Never heard on you -Fix Playtime -Grammer Mistakes -Cant be staff if your staff on another server
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    Accepted After reviewing the report I have come to the conclusion that Warhead was abusing in the evidence given, he has whitelisted himself to police multiple times and now he just full on out abused his administrator permissions. So what will happen? Warhead will be receiving a 1 week demotion on SantosRP, along with this he will be stripped of his permissions on both the forums and Teamspeak until he can prove to me that he can be mature enough to have them. Thank you for reporting the abuse, we try our best to keep stuff like this from happening within our community.
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    Here is the deal: The language used in this application is sloppy, unprofessional, and at times obscene. I am also aware of your past history. I would like to give you a fair chance at an interview eventually but at this current point in time I am forced to deny this application. If you can go totally crime free for two weeks AND clean up this application before you re-apply I would be more than happy to interview you! For now this application is: DENIED
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    Rest in peace. I love you babe <3
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    Stop Talking Like This It's Really Annoying
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    Gonna miss you calling me "Coo" CY@
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    still not an excuse to say that in a ban appeal end of story
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    GOD FUCKING DAMIT. Thank you for ur kind words... BUT NO. nahhhhh Imma need you to stay. Like just a while.
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    Hi, How are yah ( you did tho) can you send me some memes plz i need them
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    Purge is abandonned and no one play it anymore... Also GMOD becoming a bore to all of us so ..
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    RIP why so many people have to leave
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    HA you said my name two time that means you like me the most
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    Applications status: Denied Reason: Plagiarism You may reapply in 2 weeks (8/28/17)
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    Name: Jacob Mayweather SteamID: STEAM_0:0:3683285 Steam Community Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197967632298 Age: 15 Server you are applying for?: MethRP Total playtime of said server: 6 Days 16 Hours 5 Minutes Number of hours on Garry's Mod: 372 Have you ever donated?: No (I Will once I start working again in December) In at least 150 words, why should we allow you to join?: I Think I would make a good addition to help make MethRP better. I think everyone deserves a fair and equal chance at everything. Ill try my best to help every player that needs help and give the proper punishment to those who deserve it. I will not play around and unless a higher up starts to play around with me. I am very nice and lenient about certain stuff like CDM and other things, but if they mass CDM or RDM, ill give the proper punishment that seems accordingly at the time being. I try to help new players out as much as possible and help them get the gist of things in Meth. but all in all, I think I would be a good recipient for being a Trial Staff, then hopefully get promoted to Moderator, Admin, Etc.... I am not trying to sound self-centered in anyway but I think you should give me a chance I can prove to you that I am worthy to be a Staff on MethRP! In at least 100 words, why do you qualify for this position?: I qualify for the position of "Trial Staff" because I think ill help out Defcon's Community by making it a better RP place for the players who which to join the server. I record everything I do so if someone tries to blame me for something I didn't do, I can show higher ups the recording and prove them wrong. You can have Admins and higher ups watch me for how ever long you want them to. I would not let them down what so ever. I'm very truthful and loyal to the community and I think making me a Trial Staff would help Defcon out tremendously. I know all the basic rules and I try not to break them. But every once in a while I might break a rule.... I mean like everyone breaks a rule or 2 once in a while.... I think that's why you should make me Trial Staff for your server MethRP. Who owns Defcon Nations?: Sgt. Val List the chain of command/rank structure: Trial Staff, Moderator, Admin, Super Admin, Server Manager, Game Master, Staff Director, Community Manager, Community Co-Owner, Community Owner Do you understand how to use the chain of command? That your issues should go to a Server Manager and then go up from there: Yes Do you understand advertising, posting, or asking for people to look at your application will result in the application being instantly denied?: Yes Do you understand we withhold the right to terminate your staff rank for any reason at anytime?: Yes Do you understand that you cannot be staff on ANY other Garry's Mod servers, If you are found lying you will recieve a blacklist from staff, and possible ban: Yes Anything extra: I record everything I do when I hop onto Meth and that Sugarlessasp is amazing and that Michael Kennedy, Homer Simpson, Simba, TheAncGamer, Carlos, and Sherman are amazing at there jobs on Meth!
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    What Server were you banned from: MethRp What is your in-game name: CR Riziing What is your Steam Profile Link: Steamcommunity.com/userid/riziingyt What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:109993458 How long was the ban? (24H and below will be denied): 1 Week Staff Member who Banned you (staff members name and forum profile link):Not Muscle/Dunno What was the reason why you were Banned: Deleting VCMODS Car Spawner Why do you feel that you should be unbanned (75 Words Minimum): Because I Dint Know That I Could Actually Deleting Because I Dont Have Any Special Rank And I Clicked Edit Menu Im Not A Admin So I Thought It Was Just Letting Me Look And I Clicked Delete Just To See If It Would Say No Accsess But No It Said Deleted So I Called A Sit And Told On My Self So I Wouldnt Get In Trouble And I Told The Admin He Called Not Muscle And Then They Just Freaked Out Dint Give Me Any Time To Talk But Whats Youre Last Words And I Got Banned What have you learned from being banned (50 Words Minimum): Dont Click Delete When The Server Has Shitty Protection And Will Let You Do Anything Because They Cant Pay People To Run A Server And Dont Tell On Youre Self Or You'll Get Some Triggered Faggots That Ban You For Doing The "Right Thing" And Third Dont Be A Fucking Cunt Just Like The Banning Admin Not Muscle Will you ever do this again: Hmmm... Do you understand if you do do this again you can be banned for double the time: I Guesss ;))) Any Additional Comments you would like to add: Fuck Not Muscle He Can Suck My Dick