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Welcome to our community.

Here at DefconGaming we try our best to deliver the best possible experience to our players.
With the help of the whole DefconGaming staff team, We make the community & all our game servers a safe and enjoyable place.
We also can't forget the most important piece, you, the player. As the player, you play a huge role in our community, and we can't thank you any more.


    Keeping the servers alive.

    Here are some benefits you can receive for donating!

    • In-game rewards such as cash.
    • Fancy tags on our TeamSpeak, Game servers and Forums.
    • Early access to upcoming servers

    + tons of more benefits available!

    Recent Server Updates

    SantosRP's newest update brings 2 new law enforcement jobs to the county;

    The elite Sheriff Operator, and the lawful Department of Justice Agent.


    Looking for purpose?

    Truenorth County Sheriff Applications are now open, feel free to apply so you can earn your badge and begin protecting & serving the people of Santos!



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      PoliceRP Update 3/19/2019 Please note we are still balancing these weapons as some may be overpowered and some are under-powered [Additions] New Weapons base TFA CS:GO Custom Class Owners please Read We are still allowing M9K weapons on the server and on custom classes but new custom classes can request the new weapons We will not add these weapons onto current custom classes for free so if you wish to change your load-out to these new weapons PM me to pay a Fee to change them out Please message PM me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
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      Accepted Team speak channel will be created tonight. Enjoy and have fun.
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      I love the new weapons, hope they come to purge.
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      +1 Best org on the server
    5. 1 point
      RIP to the goat. You will be missed.
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      Added Gang Rule 9 Gangs may NO LONGER "gang initiate". With the new voice system update this is how RP will be done.
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      OwO, lookin' good *wink* *nudge* I feel disgusting after typing that...
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      SchoolRP Shutdown As of 2/27/2018 we will be shutting down our SchoolRP server. The server had a good run but due to the lack of players on it and the fact that it wasn't supporting itself, there was really no reason to keep it up. If you've donated to the server, you can contact myself or Val about it and we will be offering compensation for the next couple of weeks. So where do we go from here? With the shutdown of SchoolRP, it will open up new doors to new servers. As of right now we're working on making a completely custom Zombie Outbreak server. This server will be similar and based off of the game DayZ. More about this server will be released in the coming weeks but for now this is all we have to say about that.