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    Recent Server Updates

    SantosRP's newest update brings 2 new law enforcement jobs to the county;

    The elite Sheriff Operator, and the lawful Department of Justice Agent.


    Looking for purpose?

    Truenorth County Sheriff Applications are now open, feel free to apply so you can earn your badge and begin protecting & serving the people of Truenorth.



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      SantosRP Update 1/14/2019 [Additions] Job: Sheriff Operator The brand new upgraded & elite officer that should be a role model or goal for all deputies. This new division has better gear and exclusive models & vehicles. Being a Sheriff Operator is a privilege, and it must be earned. Job: Department of Justice Agent DOJ Agent are field operatives for the Department of Justice. They protect the County Judge and other government properties. They also will be enforcing all orders from the Judges and will be investigating into businesses, intercepting bench warrants, and enforcing permit regulation. They may also work along with the TCSO if there is a threat on government property or a situation involving highly wanted fugitives. [Changes] The Police Vehicle Extractor tool has been re-enabled. This tool is used by Police to pull people out of their vehicles if they are refusing to get out or if there is an emergency. This MUST be done through roleplay, you cannot just run around ripping people out of vehicles without context. [Fixes] Prisoner models are no longer errors in Q menu. They also no longer disappear when tased. Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
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      PurgeRP Update 1/18/2019 [Additions] Added Cocaine Manufacturing System Currently on the New Order Drug Trafficker and Franklin Buy the guide in the F4 menu to help you Sell the cocaine at the same drug dealer for weed & shrooms. Cocaine sells for 30k each. Added Russian Roulette Game in F4 Menu Take a chance and see if luck is on your side. Added New Gambling Systems (Rock Paper Scissors & Coin Flips) You must be a VIP Gambler to gamble. Added New Jobs (& New Pet Category) Added Goat Job Pet Class Added Cat Job Pet Class Added Thief Job Spawns with Pickpocket SWEP Added Edgy Teen Job Spawns with a JUUL Added VIP Gambler Job Gets access to the new gambling system Added New Voice and Chat Icons Added New Permanent JUUL Donator Item Up on the donation store now! New Additions to the Franklin Donator Class Now has access to the Hitman system Added Cocaine Manufacturing Added JUUL to loadout Added Bong to loadout Class Salary Changed to $600 (Was $400) [Fixes] Fixed Purge Board Font Fixed Loading Screen Music Fixed The Following Organization System Issues Custom Icon Glitch Purchases resetting after rejoining [Changes] Class Loadout Changes Added slappers to Hobo Added slappers to Streaker Added Jihad Bomb to VIP Terrorist Added New Breaching Charge to VIP Breacher Added m9k_uzi to Purger Added m9k_mp9 to Justified Purger Added m9k_g36 to Hired Body Guard Changed the way the Drug Dealer works Now has all options always available instead of on a 5 minute timer Added a "Sell Cocaine" button into the dealer Class Playermodel Changes Changed Hitman playermodel Changed Piano Player playermodel Changed VIP Graffiti Artist playermodel Changed VIP Parkourist playermodel Changed Paramedic playermodel Changed VIP Parkourist playermodel Changed map to rp_downtown_tits_v1 Changed minimap to match rp_downtown_tits_v1 Updated F4 Menu and Escape Menu Links [Removed] Classes Removed Removed Mercenary Removed VIP Personal Security Removed The Mafia Removed Unity Organization Removed The Mexican Drug Cartel Removed Tactical Medic Removed Landlord Removed Knuckles Anyone looking to buy either the gambling system or the cocaine system, prices will be given out in about 2 weeks once the systems are done being tested and are here to stay. Keep an eye on this topic for when they become available. Purge will also be having a double money and XP weekend starting today and ending on Monday. Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
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      Another reason to stay up all night. Let’s get it
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      [Additions] New Cotton System We completely re-worked the cotton system to be much more user friendly. [Fixes] Mining System Fixed the where the rocks did not spawn properly.
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      how do u complain for months about the server not being updated and when it gets updated this is your response
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      Lit up date, purge needed some real love for awhile now.
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      That Franklin class I definitely worth it now. Thanks for the update!
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      Ok, now this epic. Also yay unity is gone!
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      Honestly, great job. Appreciate the hard work. Thank you. Update is mad fire.
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      @Sour $5 rn for the Sheriff Operator
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