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    MethRP/PoliceRP Changelog for October 19th [ Added ] our older HUD that was recently Fixed [ Fixed ] VIP/MW2 Weapons have their recoil reduce by 50% [ Fixed ] Map Materials should not be black and pink anymore [ Fixed ] Fixed the radio the one in F4 Menu [ Fixed ] DJ now has his Jukebox/Radio now [ Change ] DJ Can now use the Hobo's Donation box as well. [ Change ] Repair Wrench is now 50% Faster to repair vehicles. [ Change ] Bank Guard and Body Guard player models have been changed [ Change ] Replaced Repair Kit with Wrench in F4 Menu and clean up the F4 menu a bit [ Change ] VIP Personal Security now spawns with weapons and player model has been changed and his rules tweaked Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here
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    I feel like if the prices for gang locker rises to 7.5k gang members might value their life more.
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    I wouldn't like to see gun lockers removed but I would like to see them nerfed, what I mean by this is that they should cost more for the guns you are taking out. If it costs 3k to get op weapons then I can make my money back in a second which isn't really fair. Just my opinion though
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    I know we have the phone system. I was saying If they got rid of chat, more people would actually use their phones.
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    Huge -1 -It would have to take 10 seconds or more to put on so it can't be spammed in police chases -There should me some method of removing it such as a lockpick, but doing so would be a felony -Making a car completely unusable so that when you click on it is horsecrap. You should be able to very slowly drive with a boot while it damages your car. -Gangs would now have a new fun thing to do; park a car in the middle of the road and wait with guns until some poor officer puts a boot on it -What happens if somebody relogs? You can't have a thing that is an attachable entity transfer over. With the current state of the server, I just cannot see the PD not abusing this. Cops will begin to each personally define what "the road" is, and will boot every single car that they feel like doing. It would be a pointless hassle for new players, a way to kill cops for gangs, and completely avoidable by relogging.
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    One of my many CityRP "laundry lists" of ideas: Either fix or remove the cars which are glitched/broken, such as several of the Volvos Some form of impound SWEP for Police Officers, so that instead of waiting for a towtruck which never arrives, there can be an instant way to remove cars blocking roads Make more use out of the "Sales Truck Driver" job, which is very rarely used. This could be done by making the items sold adjustable, or even changing the price/profit items are sold for Implementation of coke since our version of SantosRP is lacking it Remove the ability to propkill, proppush, and propsurf with certain props Do something to make cellphones more effective and used, as virtually no one uses them currently Big Suggestion: Create a basic video tutorial covering SantosRP, and place it inside the MOTD so that new players can click and watch it
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    This could be related to a certain file in TF2. If you have TF2 installed try uninstalling it and see if this works.
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    Application Accepted ---------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations and welcome to the ECSP Your new rank is cadet Your call sign is 1 Charles 12 ----------------------------------------------------------
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    Accepted Welcome to SIU/DTU you will be whitelisted by any SA+ or me lol
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    Let’s take a moment of silence...
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    Why are Handcuffs only take .2 seconds?
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    CityRP/SantosRP Changelog for October 15th [Added] Mini-Map to guide new players [Added] Three New Vehicles VIP - 2017 Cadillac Escalade Platinum $585K VIP - 2016 Mercedes-Benz C63 S AMG $1M non-VIP GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 2014 - $236K [Change] We allow seeing players names again ( It Confused new players ) We plan to add it so masks hide names instead shortly. [Fixed] Dirty Money from gas robbery now has a model again. [Info] New Donation Package for Permanent Attachments in Donation Store. Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here Click here to post Suggestions! https://defconnations.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32735-what-would-youthe-players-like-to-see-santosrpcityrp/
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    May not agree with you and I dislike you, but what he is saying is true. The police staff will rip you a new one.
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    I would suggest we get some in-game money prob solved
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    I suggested during a community meeting about 2-3 months ago to bump locker prices tonroughly 6-10k depending on the stuff in the locker. It happened, people complained, prices got dropped again ):
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    Well, I agree with jhayln like why bother buying shit for our gangs if all they are gonna be in near inacessable, I mean I am pretty sure I speak for most gang leaders, but me and I am not sure who else, I try to get opinions from my members and staff before accepting anyone and put them through a trial to see how well they do in RP and non RP situations, sure we may fuck around with each other its the RP that matters. I am neutral on this
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    Application Closed --------------------------------------------------------- You are currently blacklisted from the ECPD ---------------------------------------------------------
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    This would be a huge improvement to the RP in the server, both myself and my department have been wanting something like this for so long!
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    +1 this would be so much fun for state. it would add realism and add a larger RP aspect.
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    +1 Love these cars and would love to see them added
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    +1 Your application looks good and you fell like you could use these classes respectfully
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    @dawnjaffa @sir mcdonalds french fries @MR.SWAGY SWOOcsgolive.com give opinions
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    Why In the world would val even add this, the cops can't even stop a store robbery, what makes you think they can stop a bank getting robbed?
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    A new map is the only way to keep methrp from falling to nothing. A new map will gain the attention of new people and help the server back up, players will become more interested in the game, and methrp as we know it now will just be different a more uniqe version of methrp. If a new map is not put in play soon this could be the final stand by the methrp community. Try a map like Chaos City it is a HUGE map and has most of the same features as our evocity does execpt its WAY bigger and more realistic. Download the map for yourselves and check it out and all of you should want this map for our new methrp map.Or watch the youtube video on it http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=296403366&searchtext=Chaos+City https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-NADMh7ie4
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    I'm sorry, but if some people in this community are so immature that they would leave because of a very slight nerf in gun lockers i,e increased prices or time cooldowns, then leave. Everybody here is thankful that people in this community are willing to keep it up and running, but how immature can one person be to donate hundreds of dollars, no, thousands of dollars, to a community, and then just up and leave because of a slight change to a single aspect of the game? At that point, what more is there to say besides good riddance? You can only do so much for those who support the network.