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    SERVER 1/12/2020 Bunch of new clothing options is available at the clothing shop! https://dwebhost.co/s/val/2020-01-12-2e3094d0-1818-4e93-806d-7f7e8670c0c7.mp4 https://dwebhost.co/s/val/2020-01-12-209c44e8-f8c4-4ffc-a098-4226df9cfe6e.mp4 Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
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    CLONEWARSRP 1/8/2020 Expansive Custom Map! Huge thanks to Jimbo (original Anaxes creator) and Patrick (our new map developer) for creating the new map! TONs of changes throughout the entire map. Voice/Audio cues for various things across the map such as Hangar Openings, Alarms, Debriefs, etc. (Huge shoutout to Shape Shifter!) AUX Hangar Changes + Secondary AUX Hangar New Shock Tower New Outdoor Medbay New Outdoor Garage for BARC Speeders and land vehicles. Outdoor Hangar makeover Brand new farming town Outpost changes Brand new outpost Expanded Main Hangar Bay Main Hangar Bay Doors Dedicated Hall of Fame + many many other changes, additions, and quality of life changes. New classes Pilots: Co-Pilot class Pilot Officer 'Warthog' Doom's Unit: Centurion Company Trooper Centurion Company Officer Jedi Order: Regimental Jedi Knights Jedi Path Classes Shadow Consular Sage Guardian Healer Ace Weapons Specialist Temple Guard Republic Command: Executive Officer Senior Officer New vehicles for pilots: AV-7 Antivehicle Mortar TX-130 Crystal Vendor Additions: Black Ice Helmet Night of the Wolves Helmet - 60 crystals, stocked to 10. Carbon Fiber Helmet - 60 crystals, stocked to 10. Tie Dye Pauldron (2 different patterns available) - 50 crystals, Stocked to 4 each. Multicamo Pauldrons (4 different patterns available) - 50 crystals Lootcrate Items Unique ST-W48 Sub-Machine Blaster Specialized M-9 Lance Heavy Blaster Classified Fists Industrial Scout Backpack New Armory NPC: Republic Knowledgebase Purchase Skill Books to instantly level up specific skills. Level skipping is not permitted, you must buy the prior book to level up. Loading Screen Music Playlist Mandalorian Theme Geonosis Ambience Senior Moderators can now whitelist to Younglings, Wookies, and Astromechs. Shock Troopers now have Electrostaffs. Redesigned entire base layout. Respawn button spawning people in training room. Multiple classes spawning in training room. Wookies 212th Galactic Marines ARC Hammer and others. Jedi Generals not having whitelist access. Whitelist issues for Officer/Commanders who weren't staff. Galactic Marine's Keller Company classes not spawning with armor. Galactic Marine Medics not spawning with armor. Gamemasters not being able to whitelist without crashing. 212th Airborne not spawning with correct bodygroups. Whitelisting Access for various classes: Shock Officer Hound Galactic Marine XO 187th ARC YouTube links popping up in chat. Doom's Unit Weaponry Doom's Unit Z-2 Tighter fire spread, higher RPM and slightly more damage output. (+4 more than the default Z-6) DU Troopers spawn with 150 Health and 100 Armor. DU Officers spawn with 150 Health and 150 Armor Doom's Unit now has the big beefy blast barricades, all other regiments with barricades have the smaller ones. 104th Loadouts Removed Ladders Now have Barricades, Fusion Cutters to repair ships, and fire extinguishers. 212th Models Waxer & Boil Ghost Company Medic Revive Bonus was 15, now 30. Nitro Booster cosmetic reward Instead of being a clone visor it is now something Jedi Characters can use as well. Tons and tons of unused addons. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
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    Sad to see you go, Dab. Thank you for every opportunity you've given me in this community. I'll always appreciate your friendship and helpfulness.
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    NOTE: SOME OF OUR SERVER'S MAPS ARE CUSTOM/EDITED AND CAN'T BE UPLOADED TO THE WORKSHOP. SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR SETTINGS SET TO DOWNLOAD ALL CUSTOM SERVER CONTENT. Our Garry's Mod Content SantosRP PoliceRP - Map PurgeRP WildWestRP - Map CloneWarsRP - Map -------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL OF OUR SERVERS ALSO REQUIRE CSS TEXTURES. To install them just click the "CSS TEXTURES" and download the zip file. Then extract the zip file and then navigate to your addons directory under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons (This may vary depending on how your PC is laid out). From there just drag and drop the folder into the directory and then you're done. --------------------------------------------------------------------
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    DefconGaming.net Forum Rules While using our forums you must follow the rules at all times, failure to do so will result in either a warning or termination of the account. Last Updated: 10/21 Rule 1 - Alternate Accounts. You may not own multiple accounts while using the forums, if you do have alternate accounts they will be terminated. If you have any questions, contact a Community Manager+ Rule 2 - Abusive Content. Racism/Religion and any other form of content put onto the forums with the intent to harm someone's reputation and or cause distress is strictly not allowed. Bullying or flaming is not allowed in any way. Rule 3 - Impersonation. Any attempt to impersonate another person on the forums is not tolerated, your account will be deleted. Rule 4 - Spamming. The excessive posting of material on our forums is not allowed and will result in a restriction of posting. This includes creating posts with no purpose or point known as ‘shitposting’, or spamming shoutbox with text and/or emojis. Rule 5 - Signature / Profile Picture Guidelines. Your profile picture/signature should not contain any pornographic material or induce seizures (flashing lights) and should not contain any personal information. If you fail to meet these guidelines your picture will be removed. Rule 6 - Personal Attacks. The attack of specific individuals or those in a group will not be tolerated, the release of private information will be regarded as a personal attack and will see your account being terminated. Rule 7 - Flaming. The flaming between parties will not be tolerated and if the anti-social behavior continues both parties will receive a restriction to their posting. Rule 8 - Necroposting. Do not post on threads which haven't been replied to in 4 weeks or more unless they are still topical, eg. unresolved unban requests & staff reports. Rule 9 - Clickbait. Do not create posts that mislead people into clicking them. Rule 10 - Reputation Abuse. Spamming someone with reputation with the intent purpose of lowering/raising their reputation count is disallowed and will result in restrictions on reacting to peoples posts. You may also not create posts that are designed just to gain or boost reputation. Rule 11 - Profiles Offensive profile content, pictures, or music is not allowed. 'Ear rape' of any kind is not allowed on profile songs. General Rules Excessive cussing and inappropriate language is not allowed. Pornographic imaging or anything of the sort is not allowed No discussions of software piracy, hacking, or anything of this nature. No flaming or bullying. Do not post lewd or offensive content or links to lewd or offensive content. Please remember that minors visit the website. Abuse in any form directed at our staff or members will not be tolerated. Advertising other communities is strictly not allowed. If you are unsure if you are allowed to link something, please send a message to one of the forum staff. Private messaging is to be kept private unless agreed upon by the sender and receiver. (Mass Messages are obviously exempt) Creating a new account to avoid a ban is NOT allowed. Any sort of key loggers/virus’s/trojan links are strictly not allowed. Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting. Users consistently posting to the wrong forum may be given a warning. Your name cannot be offensive, hateful, or mean towards race, religion, sex, or in any other offensive nature. You may only use the English language Posting Rules Do not post any personal information about you or anyone else. Do not make a post asking to be staff, this will just make you look like you should not be staff Do not post material that is hateful or mean towards race, religion, sex, or any other offensive nature Do not create threads just to create a “Troll” Spam posting will not be tolerated. Do not make the title of your post in all caps, Staff will assume that its a troll post. Members shall not post any information about self-harm, suicide, or threats against any community members including themselves. Doing so will result in a permanent ban. Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting. Users consistently posting to the wrong forum may be given a warning. Chatbox Rules Do not post links other than ones with the URL as defconnation.com or defcongaming.net (SS+ May void this rule under certain circumstances) Advertising your Twitch or YouTube is only allowed if you are streaming or uploading content of our servers. Do not use vulgar language Do not be disrespectful Do not flame others Spam will not be tolerated Note: These rules are subject to change at any time. Disclaimer; by creating an account you agree to the rules mentioned above.
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