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  1. SantosRP Change-log 11/25/2019 1 New Supercar Bugatti Chiron 2.8M ( Tested - Drives Great ) 1 New Coupe Bentley Continental GT 600K ( Tested - Drives Great ) 1 New Assualt Rifle MK18-CQ 1 New Credit Car Tesla Cybertruck is now available in the credit shop ( Tested - Drives Great ) + Unlimited Battery/Gas All Mastery Weapons was buffed a week ago MP5-SD has been nerfed ( Price point doesn't justify its damage so it's been nerfed ) Please comment on your opinion about the Rule we think it will provide better RP for everyone.
  2. PoliceRP Change-log 11/19/2019 Advance Meth Cooker has been added and Costs 150K one-time payment to become ( We plan to make more jobs like this soon ) Our original meth-making system has been added back for the Advance Meth Cooker Hitman is no longer VIP only / Hitman AWP has been removed now only spawn with a USP VIP Tax Evader has been removed PoliceRP Collection has been updated. Please comment your opinion about the map and new changes! Thank you.
  3. Also by the way rules can always be changed we want to try it for a week and then get everyone's opinion after trying it this way and if we believe it doesnt help or just makes things worst it will be removed.
  4. You guys are making this more complicated and overwhelming for a simple rule we want to enforce. It's simple don't reactivate situations that are over and done with. For example, if a shootout ends between police and players at the KFC and EMS are starting to revive people and heal them that should be the end of it. A car with 2-4 players shouldn't show up after the situation has ended and reactivate the situation STARTING another gunfight. This isn't role-playing, it makes it seem like a DarkRP with this happening over and over again. Q&A Q: Your friend's house getting raided? A: Yes you can still help them Q: Can I rob a gas station with all my gang/friends? A: Sure go right ahead just make sure everyone is in OR at the place of the robbery before starting and stay within the role-play zone. Q: All of my friends/gang members died and are now being arrested, can I pull out my weapon and tell the police to let them go? A: No, you should have been there at the beginning of the situation. Don't interfere, don't cause a new RDM Fest. Role-play it out. You can break them out of jail AFTER they've been processed in. ( Only Requires 4 cops now ) Q: My friends/gang members are being mugged, can I show up and then pull out my weapon and tell them to stop or just shoot them? A: No, again, you should have been there at the start of the situation. Only help your friends/gang members if you were there when the situation started. Don't show up after it started and then start shooting people.
  5. SantosRP Change-log 11/1/2019 RULE CHANGE We are now heavily enforcing a new rule on the server please abide by it If you're too lazy to read all of that it pretty much means You cannot help your Gang/Friends if they are getting arrest/mugged/detained/Shootout if you aren't with them when it happens. We suggest you read the full detail below Do not involve yourself in situations you aren't apart of, even if you are attempting to help your gang. This means you cannot help in a robbery or shootout if you weren't there from the very beginning. This includes attempting to break them out of jail before they are fully arrested and placed in jail. (You can still perform a raid/Jailbreak to break them out of jail once they are actually in a cell.) This also means you cannot sit behind the cops and act like you don't know what's going on and then pull out a gun and tell them to put their hands up. Don't help your Gang/Friends in another car if they are being chased by the police or another gang ( These situations get everyone confused so if you are not in the same car as them, you simply are not allowed to help them )  If your Gang/Friends are already being Robbed/Searched/Cuffed/Ziptiped by Police/Gang/Friends you may not involve yourself in the situation. This includes your gang members getting pulled over and getting pulled out of their car and arrested. Gang members cannot pull up to the traffic stop and escalate the situation. You can no longer simply pull up in your car and tell everyone to put their hands up or initiate for a situation that you aren't initially apart of. -Police are exempt from "Don't involve yourself in situations" rule since their sole purpose is to put themselves in harm's way to protect civilians. Compare this to real life. If you shoot a cop, the entire state's resources are responding to that shooting within minutes. Gang members don't have the coordination nor the communication to do so. New simple MOTD ( Press Insert to show it or type !motd ) Water, Potting Soil, fertilizer all now higher amounts so growing weed is much easier and less annoying without the entities. Halloween event has been removed Everyone who has pumpkins from the event can keep them to sell or craft the Halloween cosmetic Please comment on your opinion about the Rule we think it will provide better RP for everyone.
  6. PoliceRP Change-log 11/8/2019 Police Cadet now requires no whitelist to play ( Only gets a pistol and cannot arrest players ) New Robbable entities The industrial area now have a bunch of new robbable entities ( When you have lockpicked the entities they will pay you money but also alerts the police ) And the police should be patroling this area often as criminals can earn easy money with high risk. These require 3 Police to be online in order to rob these Industrial Resources / payout = min = 3500 max = 9800 Worker Lockers / payout = min = 2500, max = 5100 Storage Unit ( electronics ) / payout = min = 2430, max = 13500 Business and some locations will have Recyclable bins and dumpsters that can be robbed Recycle bins / Dumpsters Pay Phones / These require 1 Police officer to be online to rob and has a 45% chance of the police being alerted. Recyclables / payout = min = 430, max = 2432 Dumpsters / payout = min = 530, max = 3432 Pay Phone / payout = min = 530, max = 1952 Armor Skill point is back and Armor Regen Skill point is back as well. Kevlar vest will still offer bullet protection but not as much as it used to Resetting skill points now only cost 50K Weed now stacks 100 Fixed buying weed plants Fixed some skill Point issues Fixed missing Icons for some skill points Fixed advanced weed Fixed error on weed seeds Fixed missing texture for gun dealer on mini-map Fixed missing texture on the scoreboard Please comment your opinion about the update. Thank you.
  7. PoliceRP Change-log 11/4/2019 We are looking for Serious Suggestions: If you have a small Idea or a suggestion you would like to see added please Comment it below. on a side note would you guys like to see the old Meth system back onto policeRP or keep the current one? This update is mostly a bunch of fixes New State Trooper Vehicles / Photon If the state troopers are active again they will receive new playermodels and another vehicle if we see them actively playing. We have moved the police spawn area to a more open room Fixed Texture errors on some NPCs/Playermodels Fixed an annoying/sound pain sound when getting shot at Fixed Police Vehicles missing Models on them Fixed Weapon damage ( Weapons don't instantly kill players anymore ) Fixed OG Gangsta and Trevor Playermodels. It now requires 2 police to rob the Bricks driver/Vault Removed the annoying beeeeep sound when dying Please comment your opinion about the update. Thank you.
  8. PoliceRP Change-log 11/3/2019 MAP CHANGE: rp_evocity_v4b1 Many of players suggested for us to put the map back to Evocity and to give it back the old MethRP Feeling So we decided to give Evocity another try for a few weeks if the player base is good the map will stay on Evocity. The server is now Unlocked with these new edits listed below! There was a lot of edits and tweaks here is the most important ones worth mentioning New Police Vehicles and Skins We now use Photon Police Lighting System for our Emergency Vehicles New Police Playermodels ( Custom Made by us ) New UI and HUD Improvements New Font for names New Pain sounds when taking damage 10+ New Vehicles Simple Day & Night System 1 Hour Day / 25 Minutes Night Growing Standard weed has changed back to the old models and myself and staff seem to like them ( Advance weed is still the same ) Growing Standard weed gives more weed bags Police Equipment Menu UI has changed ( The Police B menu ) Drug Dealer wasn't working for quite a long time and is now fixed Please comment your opinion about the map and new changes! Thank you.
  9. SantosRP Change-log 11/1/2019 5 New Vehicles » 2 New SUVs / GMC Yukon Denali / Land Rover Range Rover » 1 Sedan / Kia Stinger » 2 Coupes / Toyota Celica / Mitsubishi Starion New Craftable M4A1 Carbine Premium Drug Package The drug dealer buys this from other players for a lot of money but requires quite a lot of work to obtain. Here are the Required Items to craft one Package worth $215,000 ( Price May go higher if Players/Staff tell me its difficult to earn that amount of supplies ) Methamphetamine (High Quality) X 5 Cannabis (High Quality) X 50 Large LSD Tab X 10 Coca leaf X 10 Cocaine Package X 5 Pineapple Express Joint X 2 Bubba Kush Joint X 2 Maui Wowie Blunt X 2 All Supplies are Estimated to be a total of $100,920 ( Corrected me if im wrong ) This Leaves A lot of room to profit so you can either spend the time earning all these or offer other players more money then the Drug NPC would buy their drugs for. » All Weapons ( Not Pistols ) now require Scrap Metal Bars to craft » To obtain scrap metal bars requires buying it from Jeff at the hardware store at a Premium Price of 2850$ Per Bar or Mine and craft the Metal Bars yourself, We added this feature due to the Pumpkins being removed in a few days and after seeing multiple players create a small economy by Buying & Selling Pumpkins to other players we would like to have a system to continue this in hoping players find Jeff to Expensive and want to Buy from players that are willing to go mine and re-sell the bars to other players for profit as we are doing with the Drug Package. Fixed X5M and 2019 Supra they now drive better. ( Notify me if there are more broken cars ) Please PM me if there are any issues with this update Thank you.
  10. Fixed Muscle will give you it next time you and him are on the server
  11. SantosRP Change-log 10/27/2019 Halloween Event Has Started » Harvest 50 pumpkins to be able to craft 1 Loot Crate. » Harvest 150 pumpkins to be able to craft a Limited Time Cosmetic! » Sell additional pumpkins to an NPC for cash reward! Default Carry Weight / Volume has been increased by 250 Fixed some loot crates items not being given Please PM me if there are any issues with this update Thank you.
  12. SantosRP Change-log 10/13/2019 New Vehicles Added in car dealer 3 New sport cars - Mazda RX-7 (Racer) - Toyota Supra - C6 Grandsport '10 ( Lots of skins for the Supra ) 1 New Super car - 2017 Nissan GT-R 1 New Coupe car - Toyota MR2 GT 2 New Muscle Cars - Camaro 35th Anniversary - Corvette ZR1 '70 New Credit Car available in the credit shop Stock of 3 Nissan 240SX Daijiro Yoshihara ( Yes the wheel camber actually works ) Please PM me if there are any issues with this update Thank you.
  13. SantosRP Change-log 10/11/2019 New Cosmetic Items S4 This time we are featuring new cars to be unboxed as well! About 15 New Items Loot Crates are buyable for $40,000 Each The NPC is located near the Loot Crate Manager Some Credit Store items have been restocked including a new item called "Ghost Pet" Please PM me if there are any issues with this update Thank you.
  14. SantosRP Change-log 10/5/2019 Mining/Crafting for profit Just like woodcutting, you can now mine rocks to craft metal bars to sell to the hardware store. Buy a pickaxe from the hardware store Visit the new mining area press F2 for location Mine Rocks to craft Metal for extra profit or just sell the resources for simple cash. New Vehicles Added 1 New Sedans 2 New Coupes 1 New SUV 2 New Sport Cars *Fixed some cars that drove awful please PM me if there are any more that drive weird Thanks to everyone who did so far. Harvesting Times Cocaine now takes longer to harvest Corn and Peppers harvest more quickly Please PM me if there are any issues with this update Thank you.
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