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  1. SantosRP Change-log 06/13/2019 This will be available next server restart Weed Growing Tent This tent was made to make things easier for growing and less equipment needed The tent can be bought at the drug dealer for 9000$ The tent can be stolen from your house and sold back to the drug dealer for 7000$ We plan to make it so VIPs get 20% faster grow speed with the tent but not yet. You can only grow a max of 5 inside the grow tent and to grow more you need another grow tent Video of tent here: Event MotorBike This Friday whoever visits the car dealer can buy a KTM Duke Bike for 1$ only this Friday! We also plan to be giving out loot boxes throughout the weekend so just play throughout Friday/weekend and you will be randomly gifted loot boxes!
  2. SantosRP Patch-Log 06/10/2019 Gang Lockers now Should Save items now Whitelisting players to jobs Should also be fixed Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  3. SantosRP Change-log 06/8/2019 Server will be unlocked on Sunday New player-models to choose from and customize! New Cars to choose from BMW Z4 Mustang RTR Mercedes 63 Black AMG Ferrari Stradale and more! New Spawn Area New gang locker update All gangs now have to deposit items into there locker instead of just instantly getting the weapons. ( Gang Cosmetics items still spawn in the locker by default) ( Gang Leader may give access to only certain players to withdraw from the locker by going to the locker and editing ranks there ) Random Spawned cars The server will spawn random cars to be stolen but be careful when stealing a vehicle it would have a 50/50 chance of cops by alarmed The cars can still be stolen if there aren't any cops on for a quick profit ( Might change later ) New Stamina System Everyone now runs at the same speed no more running faster then cars. The more levels you have the longer you can run for. Property Raiding When your property door has been lock-picked everyone's items in the house cannot be pickup Only the raiders can pickup your items so defend your property or call 911! After 5 minutes has passed you can pickup the items once again. Rag-doll when getting ran over Instead of dying you now rag-doll when being hit by a vehicle ( It looks cool and funny ) You drop 10% of whatever is in your wallet of a max of 15K Make sure to deposit your money into your bank! Driver's License NPC you can now get a driver license and take the test Semi-Truck Driver Job is near the Hardware store now Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!