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  1. As long as you're going to be a positive influence on the server, I'm fine with you coming back to help. But we're making big moves for the better of the server. If you have an opinion ill include you next weekend when I meet with some gang members and speak about the rule change.
  2. He had a subtle jab about purge in there, nothing to do with this situation on Santos. Simple
  3. Coming from the guy who got pushed out of the community because nobody liked him? Get your facts straight boy.
  4. Y'all cause chaos too and y'all been involved in some very questionable situations. It's the leaders ability to listen when we come to you with complaints , that determines how your gang is viewed. I'm sorry Trev but y'all are not saints. Stop trying to make this a personal attack on LSC. As long as you actively keep your gang in line, whether it be LSC / misfits / slaughter / Irish then rule adaptions will not happen like this. But this did happen because real toxic behavior has been happening, didn't just make that up. You have been very approachable about LSC whenever I come to you with an issue. Continue doing that and your gangs reputation will be a positive one with me. This is a positive change for the server. Give it time and you'll see.
  5. This has been heavily abused and is why the rules have been updated. It is NOT realistic for a tailing gang member to 50 into the officer transporting a detained individual, only to have that person in cuffs to hop out switch vehicles and leave. Once in cuffs you're in the back of a police vehicle and cannot get out. That is how real life works. No cop car anywhere in the world allow you to open the door from the inside of the vehicle. So before you go quoting real life events, Let's all agree this is how real life goes. The behaviour and abuse of gang activity lately being toxic and not related to any form of RP is why these rules have been updated. Look from within before asking Val or anyone else WHY this is happening. I say this very openly without directing it to any one gang member. This is being spoken to all of you at once. From a staff point of view, this update allows for valid RP to take place and stops any of the toxic behaviour that has been taking place lately.
  6. Other vehicle fixed was the Dodge Charger SRT-8.
  7. Val And I have fixed the Bati I believe. Should be updated after tonight's reset! Let me know if you're still having issues! @Jc124games (Gluestick)
  8. hell yea! Thanks dab and magic for puttin in the hours to get it done this morning!
  9. @Savage good chance I'll be at work, but if I manage to get the morning shift off I'll be there!
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