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  1. Selekt

    They can't fix them if you just say "fix perms" what needs to be fixed?
  2. Selekt

    Hopefully this fixes it purge was lagging so bad with 100+ pop
  3. Selekt

    thank fuck he disabled custom classes during the purge
  4. Selekt

    What in the actual fuck is ur avatar
  5. Selekt

    Yeh our only server we have online at the moment is Arma...
  6. Selekt

    wow such a huge changelog ur so gud @Sour
  7. Selekt

    "At the start of S2"
  8. Selekt

    You make no sense " you didn't have to do shit to get it " like all u did was open an rng crate
  9. Selekt

    clean update
  10. Selekt

    every post you have its just one word?
  11. Selekt

    we already had a military server and it was dumb
  12. Selekt

    Or you could bring back the best server we ever had Arma 3 that be great Gmod runs like shit
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