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  1. We seriously need a mayor to deal with rules or doj right now the cops can out you in for hour and half for speeding which is bullshit... @Sour
  2. Let's do it.... Bring vanilla Santos
  3. Then don't try to brag on the internet about your relationship on the chatbox/forums. Can't say mind your own business when you post it public to randoms.... You wanna say "you are a disappointment to this fucking community" You make the community look bad by rantin stupid shit over some ugly bitch irl
  4. FR add this shit already
  5. Then report them simple
  6. I love the things just make it where they cant fight
  7. "FPS Booster" what has the world come to
  8. damn dude biggest changelog of the year
  9. @Sgt.Val You can still see the names on the top right of screen where it shows their playtime...
  10. Yeah but most of the time there are less than 15 civs tbh
  11. Are those damn melee weapons going in or nah?
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