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  1. Selekt

    thank fuck he disabled custom classes during the purge
  2. Selekt

    What in the actual fuck is ur avatar
  3. Selekt

    ur just sad bout slaverp lawl
  4. Selekt

    Yeh our only server we have online at the moment is Arma...
  5. Selekt

    wow such a huge changelog ur so gud @Sour
  6. Selekt

    "At the start of S2"
  7. Selekt

    I'm older than you and plus u look like a fucked up twig dude
  8. Selekt

    Real question who are u
  9. Selekt

    nu u dunt
  10. Selekt

    Yeah, last time they rushed it really hard... Most of our stuff is new stuff is being done involves whole new models new HUD etc etc new custon shit
  11. Selekt

    Sorry unfortunately you have been banned from that server ur going to have to appeal
  12. Selekt

    U back cuz of Arma or what
  13. Selekt

    What makes you think it makes me feel better xD? I just called you out cuz you always be saying you made so much money from bitcoin then I said that was bullshit and showed the btc addresses showing that it was a lie and that btc addresses never received or sent anything. Now your saying that you spent 5000 dollars on repairs on a computer, which quite frankly I think is another lie. You think i'm jealous when I have nothing to be jealous of?
  14. Selekt

    So if I go check that Instagram it's going to shown multiple pc's and since you wanna talk shit a better car and money?
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