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  1. "FPS Booster" what has the world come to
  2. damn dude biggest changelog of the year
  3. @Sgt.Val You can still see the names on the top right of screen where it shows their playtime...
  4. Yeah but most of the time there are less than 15 civs tbh
  5. Are those damn melee weapons going in or nah?
  6. Don't we have a test server I still don't understand why we cut off the main server...
  7. Oooh I love getting tickets
  8. bruh i get like 420 fps in game dat will be nuttin
  10. Currently the weapon department and attachments we dont have any of those sniperscope then turn into red dot sight I say add more weapons and we need gas masks bad due to tear gas maybe a silencer and some general improvements in lack of any attachments or weapons also add some actual vehicles you can only buy at rebel plz sorry for shit grammar on phone
  11. Whats the difference between this and patrol
  12. +1 Let's do this shit it might be pretty small but we need something that fits our playerbase
  13. gunna funger ur gooty hole wit dat knife
  14. Can we get turtle poaching fixed maybe some new stuff for civs like new opium fields at gang hideout and when you jump out of a vehicle I don't have to pull out my gun right now it's whoever gets out of the car and pulls a gun first wins when it could be hop out if my car with a gun add shit to rebel trader like gas mask guns clothes etc add some ccars only access to rebel and some actual scopes right now everybody want to become cop there is nothing in the rebel shop honestly it's shit
  15. @SpikyPlatypus
  16. There's currently no way to go against gas maybe make them at a higher price around 5k for a gas mask...
  17. Actually, I think this brings up a valid point maybe a flaw in the rules nobody would want to run up there and initiate and you cant initiate while in a vehicle so how could you have initiated? Let them hit your car and then initiate?
  18. bruh justin you were looting and shooting at 5:07 lol dont act like you weren't part of it
  19. That wasn't the reason we opened fire the passenger came out with a gun pointed it at us then we started firing and he ran in the back and put it away
  20. I'll put my input this video is only 56 seconds long and you put it after you pit maneuver us and and multiple officers tried hitting us, and your second officer there got out of the vehicle with a gun pointed at us so we opened fire... Honestly, you shouldn't try to alter your video to make it in your favor and make it open available reason I can tell is that you put it RIGHT after you pit maneuver us.
  21. First Name:George Last Name:Teller Age:18 where are you from? USA Timezone:us central Why do you want to become a member of the EMS? (75 words) Looking to join the EMS to save live's of lakeside. I want to go around with other EMS and become part of a team that goes around saving lives. I see the other ems and I strive to become like how they operate is very well organized and they get their job done. I want to help out people that are holding onto life and want to cling onto life no matter what their criminal record is like or who they represent. What do you hope to get out of being a member of the EMS? (50 WORDS) I hope to become a great volunteer, when not playing as a police officer and help out EMS who are going around saving lives. I want to eventually get to know the EMS and hope we can all get along. I would like to learn how to become an EMT and other doctor things. Do you have any experience?Nope Can you work well with others?Sure Do you have patience when dealing with people?Sure Can you take orders?Sure Do you understand That If your are Inactive you will be removed?Sure Do You understand that If you do not reach role play standards you will be removed?Sure What is your duty as a member of EMS? (Whats your opinion) Save lives I (George Teller) Agree that by submitting This Form I will do My best to create good role play, Follow ALL rules and SOP's and Keep updated With EMS activities. I agree If I Do Not Fulfill my duties I WILL be removed From EMS. Lastly I agree that If I break any RULES, OR COMMIT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES ON EMS LIFE, I will be removed and blacklisted. I (George Teller) Sign This document and put it forward to be Reviewed.
  22. Name: George Teller Date: 6/17/17 Time Zone: US Central Why would you like to work for the Lakeside Valley State Penitentiary? (150 Words) I want to join the State Penitentiary to protect the other citizens of Lakeside. I have always wanted to play as a LEO in lakeside and this is my chance to become part of that. I want to be part of the fight helping out the other officers and assisting with calls. I haven't had a felony or anything like that and it seemed like a great time to join and be part of something bigger! I am looking for a dedicated job and to be dedicated to just doing that, and have a decent income. I feel like this job is right for me, and looking forward to joining an active department. I want to bring peace to the city and make an overall good representation of what a LEO is supposed to look like, because sometimes other people can make a bad appearance of LEO's. I believe I can do the work and can deliver exceptional results for the department and the whole city overall. I am trying to eventually become higher within the hierarchy and do other things, than being in the state penitentiary and this is the only way to become part of leo and work my way up. What Skills do you have to offer? General PD knowledge Swat Breaching Knowledge of most codes Why Should we hire you over other applicants? (100 Words) I believe I am an exceptional person within lakeside. I have helped many people out and have a good rep within the community of lakeside. I will represent the whole department and overall leo in a positive outlook. I have general experience from other towns in leo. I have worked really hard in other towns, and want to have a start within a new place and work towards something new. I am within the age of not sounding like a little kid and have most of my time, when i'm not at work able to play games and do other things. I have general knowledge on what to do in lakeside. What are the duties of a correctional officer? (50 Words) They maintain the prison and make sure everybody is safe, most of the time you will be making sure everybody is okay within the prison. You will make sure all the yards and jails are all okay. You provide escort and security to visitors that want to visit their family. Make sure everybody is in the prison usually checking to make sure nobody has escaped the prison. What are your future goals for law enforcement? Patrol Department and being a senior officer. Why is professionalism and respect important in a job like this? If you act like trash and don't care you make all the other officers look bad, and your supervisors. Declaration of Agreement: By submitting this Application to the Lakeside Valley State Penitentiary, I, George Teller declare that all information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that a background check will be performed. I agree not to inquire about the status of hiring unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, and under my own consent. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be discharged if it has been seen that I am unfit for duty or have violated any of the following, but not limited to: Policy, Manual, Term, Condition, or Order. Upon being hired as Correctional Officer by the Lakeside Valley State Penitentiary, I am considered to be an employee of a legal organization. At any time, my employer reserves the right follow a "right to strike" system, however my employer does reserve the right to terminate my employment for severe of an issue, as well as at any time, I may also resign from my position. I am required to follow all INS regulations and disregarding such regulations can result in my employment being terminated. Upon being terminated or resigning from my position within the Lakeside Valley State Penitentiary, I will not speak of any Private Incidents or Sensitive Information. Discussion of such could result in my arrest and will be classified as intelligence leaking. I George Teller acknowledge that this application does not mean that I will be employed by Lakeside Valley State Penitentiary and that I must pass all phases including but not limited to: Application process, Interview, Background, Academy, and any other policy or training deemed necessary to be fit for duty. Signed - George Teller
  23. Bruh, honestly it's so easy to tell if your undercover even if it didn't say it
  24. new way to get ezy rep
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