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  1. FR add this shit already
  2. watch me
  3. Then report them simple
  4. I love the things just make it where they cant fight
  5. "FPS Booster" what has the world come to
  6. damn dude biggest changelog of the year
  7. @Sgt.Val You can still see the names on the top right of screen where it shows their playtime...
  8. Yeah but most of the time there are less than 15 civs tbh
  9. Are those damn melee weapons going in or nah?
  10. Don't we have a test server I still don't understand why we cut off the main server...
  11. Oooh I love getting tickets
  12. bruh i get like 420 fps in game dat will be nuttin
  14. Currently the weapon department and attachments we dont have any of those sniperscope then turn into red dot sight I say add more weapons and we need gas masks bad due to tear gas maybe a silencer and some general improvements in lack of any attachments or weapons also add some actual vehicles you can only buy at rebel plz sorry for shit grammar on phone
  15. Whats the difference between this and patrol
  16. +1 Let's do this shit it might be pretty small but we need something that fits our playerbase
  17. gunna funger ur gooty hole wit dat knife
  18. Can we get turtle poaching fixed maybe some new stuff for civs like new opium fields at gang hideout and when you jump out of a vehicle I don't have to pull out my gun right now it's whoever gets out of the car and pulls a gun first wins when it could be hop out if my car with a gun add shit to rebel trader like gas mask guns clothes etc add some ccars only access to rebel and some actual scopes right now everybody want to become cop there is nothing in the rebel shop honestly it's shit
  19. There's currently no way to go against gas maybe make them at a higher price around 5k for a gas mask...
  20. Actually, I think this brings up a valid point maybe a flaw in the rules nobody would want to run up there and initiate and you cant initiate while in a vehicle so how could you have initiated? Let them hit your car and then initiate?
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