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  1. My favorite pornstar is Ron Jeremy his hairy chest is turned gud
  2. Average person who doesn't try to act likes he's hot shit on the internet better hope those emuscles stretch out some more cuz when he gets involved his mother has to help him bathe not trying to be an asshole or bully but you go around threatening ppl personal attacks and if somebody is just a normal member you belittle them you act like you do so much" Justin has been able to keep a positive attitude and a smile on his face."
  3. Better watchout we got a badass over here
  4. depends buy king's fatass some workout methods and ill consider it
  5. damn dude biggest changelog of the year
  6. best gang definition of vk
  7. your in if you can identify
  8. been a long time all the servers seem to be dying and its no longer fun playing anymore i just hang out with people in discord and the ts3 shit is annoying cuz some people that are below me can move me and ban me which is just stupid. anyways cya faggots dunt care bout mentions cuz that shit is gay and brings me back to this forums which I dont wanna be in k cya
  9. ffs just tried to ban myself and I cant cuz some faggot removed my admincp which I needed for my gang that shit gets old asf I needed to monitor my gang members and you do that shit man yu some goofy niggas FTFY
  10. its k i only smoke meth everyday
  11. k cant really complain your breaking a rule when combat logging so your no better than the person shooting for no reason
  12. Id they bring back green crayon the best purgerp staff I would
  13. Bruh I ain't even mad more pubg for us
  14. NOT looking to share my ip to some fukin weebs
  15. Let's be real all you posers here in this community are thicc and 300+ pounds
  16. Challenge accepted money talks in this community
  17. cuz we assholes
  18. challenge accepted
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