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  1. Many thanks Sourpatch ❤️
  2. Very nice. Thanks for the hard work and dedication towards the server! Can’t wait to try out these new systems.
  3. PurgeRP Rule Update Sunday, June 20th, 2019 [Added] Under “General Server Rules” “Do not use the Scrapper Tool to ‘scrap’ items in your base when being raided. This is FailRP.” [Edited] The Mega-Basing Rules Changed the minimum amount of players allowed to create a mega-base. It is now 6 players. Fading door limit has been lowered from 6 to 4 for mega-bases. [Removed] Under “General Server Rules” “Players are no longer allowed to shoot government officials during Purge, and government officials cannot shoot players during Purge.” (NOTE: Government officials still CANNOT Purge, there is still a rule for this). Under “Roleplay Rules” Blacklisted Laws: “KOS for any reason.”
  4. I support this for a couple of reasons: 1. It makes the donation system more tidy, and cleans things up a good bit. 2. You can now choose to pay a 1 time payment, and get some epic perks, or you can choose a re-occurring payment which you can cancel at anytime, with some awesome perks. This makes the donation store a lot simpler, and also puts the ability to cancel the VIP payments in the players hands. Also, if I see anyone complain about the fact that you lost your Gold VIP, I will harass you, Sour literally stated that you can keep your Gold VIP for the time being. It's $25, chill.
  5. Great addition to Santos. Keep up the great work boyos!
  6. Nice work guys! Glad you guys were able to work on WildWestRP. Great job!
  7. L Benn

    L Benn

  8. This is a very good method to update the servers, make a fat update, then fix the issues, I like this strategy a lot. Keep up the good work.
  9. Like this forum change a lot. The rewards system is gonna be awesome!
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