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  1. Also @Sgt.Val the Volkswagen Golf isn’t in the Car Dealer
  2. @Sgt.ValCould you possibly add back the Nissan GTR Black Edition ive been wanting it back for awhile since the Nismo isn't that well.
  3. @Dab I will still always remember the times when we played on arma on the arma life server and when we were ems and you through me off the building with selekt i’ll miss you man you did a lot of good for this community
  4. You could probably purchase that as a custom car from val
  5. trunks for people that are whitelisted to cop are still broken when they are on civ
  6. @Sgt.ValAlso people that are using a Second Character for Second life for like PD and stuff, basically when I go to my trunk on my normal character i see all my police equipment and not any of my stuff i normally see, can you fix that possibly?
  7. lit what vehicles were removed @Sgt.Val?
  8. @Sgt.Val You can't store cars for some odd reason
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