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Welcome to the community.

Defcon Nations was founded on June 20th of 2013.

Here at Defcon Nations, we try our best to deliver the best possible experience to our players.
With the help of the whole Defcon Nation's staff team, We make the community a safe and enjoyable place.
We also can't forget the most important piece, you, the player. As the player, you play a huge role in our community, and we can't thank you any more.


Santos County Sheriff's Office

Become a Deputy Today!

Protect and Serve for the citizens of Santos!



We run solely off of donations, it's how we keep our servers alive.

Here are some benefits you can receive for donating!

  • In-game rewards such as cash.
  • Fancy tags on our TeamSpeak, Gameservers and Forums.
  • Early access to upcoming servers

+ tons of more benefits available!

This theme is in early stages, report any bugs or issues to Sour.

Forum security updated!

Upper Management: (SM+) Please respond to the role call.

    Happy Halloween everyone! We now have 2 official options for themes on the forums. The newest one, Origin is a modern, light colored theme that is very satisfying to use. The other option is our classic theme, which is a dark and simplistic theme, favored by many members. You can switch between the two at the bottom of the forums by clicking 'Theme' If you have any questions, shoot me a message! - Sour
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