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  1. It's gonna be different not seeing all the people I first saw when I joined the community but, whatever Dab decides to do with his life, he will always be remembered as Defcon Clown #1
  2. SERVER 12/29/2019 SantosRP 2.0 Coming Soon Server no longer relies on Counter-Strike: Source for props New Hit Registry System (Gunfights will feel more accurate and you will know if your hits are actually hitting the target Counter-Strike: Source Props Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  3. You should like this post cause technically I unhid the post which means I posted the changelog 🙂
  4. Due to high amounts of negative comments and drama, this thread is now locked. The rules are in place from the high staff and are not due to change at the moment so do not ask.
  5. If you don't have a positive thing to say about the update or something you can logically prove without complaining then don't type at all.
  6. Alright you guys are taking this way out of context, stop disrespecting the other parties. I dont care who started it, now its over.
  7. There's no exception to it, you were given a leash and broke it by abusing the system, now it's gone. I don't know how many time we have to explain it but even from a staff point of view you should know that alot of the stuff you guys do become toxic. @Lekra Maybe if gangs would of handled things better these rules would have never been added but they are because we don't see any gang controlling themselves in RP.
  8. That means no unlimited adrenaline shots in 1 life
  9. Thats a fat bet on that shot, us ogs earned that shot. @Hughes Coxs
  10. Rip to those who cant play until the weekend
  11. it's sad when all they care about is keeping the current rank, like donations don't help with future updates or something...
  12. When WildWestRP gets another update:
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