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  1. Name - [Titus Wood] Rank - [Corporal] PS: i was brought in by simba but im no longer on the roster anymore if you could fix that or talk to me that`d be great @EarthWarrior14
  2. Alright just wanted to clear that up
  3. Only problem is that someone could steal a custom car and then 15 million right there. Unless the chop shop wont take cars over a certain amount.
  4. In all honesty it`s up to you. The longer your here the thicker skin you get to disrespect and people being rude. You just got to be able to move on with it or at least be confident enough to tell them to go fuck themselves and not stand for it. The more you can just move on and not care or just give them a small taste of their own medicine you`ll start getting respect.
  5. One word for you. Zukoed
  6. @Galaxy
  7. Titus Wood

  8. Titus Wood

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