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  1. @Brass he said advanced meth which is uh...pretty fun to make if a bit complicated
  2. I'm curious if it's anything like it used to be it's funny that the majority of are player base and staff have never actually played on evo and only heard about from our OG lads
  3. @Sgt.Val holy shit I thought something was just up with my PC thanks for fixing that f4 glitch
  4. The duck is this absolute garbage -spits on ground- that's it I'm leaving the community this shit has me heated not even low-key bro what the D u c k 0/10
  5. I like how they look like they have down syndrome 10/10 https://gyazo.com/b4bfca20fb58d4bb850be6b06f3ec9ab
  6. I wish the price of the VIP gas can for cocaine was reduced 20k is a lot.
  7. Shut up squidy you're just jealous you're not a content mod
  8. @Sour what a COOL response I bet you feel cool beating on an old man just because he is salt also support team > content mods
  9. Content mods sound like TRASH
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