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  1. SantosRP Change-log 12/14/2019 New Weed system and Additions A new Weed system was added to the server. with this new system it actually adds more RP to the server. With the new system it actually requires your attention a little less then the other system. With the new weed system you can now craft nutrients. with this addition you can craft the nutrients with 1 corn, 1 plastic bucket, and 1 marijuana soil. Benefits from crafting the nutrients 25% faster growing speeds / Anti-Plague on plants. A Auto-packer was added to VIP which packs the weed bricks by machine faster than by hand. A Water tank was also added to VIP which helps you keep a consistent amount of water that supports the plant longer than using your Marijuana watering can. VIP pots can connect to the Water tank and can be refilled for a certain amount of money depending on how much water was used out of the Water tank. 4 New Changes VIP pots were updated to 5 pots. Food system - new food and recipes were added to the server. (read the food description in your q menu) All chips and junk food were lowered in nutrition You are now able to make food and sell it to Chefboyaredee at OFC 1 New Fix Property Raid zones have been updated ( You can no longer pickup your items when you get raided and the thief raiding you may pick up the items if you fail to protect your items ) Please private message one of us if you find any issues with this update. @Cookie @Dojabrah @Sgt.Val
  2. SantosRP Change-log 11/29/2019 Adrenaline shots have been added to the EMS job instead of getting it out of the locker EMS Tahoe speed increased EMS revive pay lowered to $425 outside of the hospital and $850 inside the hospital MK-18 position fixed Police trucks speeds increased
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