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  1. Neutral Good guy and good hours Kind and nice to interact with and mature Good application I am not too sure on you're activity within the 212th but I have seen you on shock. Im not going to -1 since your application along with other factors are good but I think more activity for a regimental lore character within the 212th would boost you're chances of getting the position. Good luck!
  2. +1 Was one of the most dedicated regiment leads that I have saw when he was Gree and Luminara putting countless effort into the regiment. Im sure he would do the same for doom. If anyone is qualified for a commander position it would be Wiggles.
  3. -1 Festive has demonstrated 0 leadership within the 41st which this role would require alot of responsibility that you have not yet taken within the 41st. You say you would only play the position if you got it however you have barely even played with the 41st. Get to know the regiment more and be more active before attempting to apply for a lore position as a private.
  4. +1 most qualified for the position, extremely dedicated to this server and extremely dedicated to the regiment.
  5. -1 Low ranking Low hours No 41st experience or
  6. +1 Good Application Very active Experienced as a jedi Mature
  7. +1 Active and good hours Experienced with the regiment Proven leadership with arc position
  8. +1 Great app Experienced with the 501st Active
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