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  1. PurgeRP Update! 11/23/2019 SCP Purging Jobs with levels We have added a few jobs that are SCP to give a new twist to the purging aswell the gamemode is now known as SCP-RP as the PurgeRP listing has no other servers and is hard to get more players in a listing that doesn't have other servers. New C Menu This restructures everything and cleans up all our individual menus into a single clean menu There is some features missing from this such as the bodygroupr and playermodel colors, so you can disable it for a short time to use the old one Command is /togglec New HUD This hud is a lot cleaner and also redoes a lot of other UI such as the door menu, votes, and a head hud health bar on others Added Purging Jobs Category This job includes SCP Monsters and Purging Classes These jobs are limited by purge level or VIP status Added New Head HUD Style Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog! We will be running a bunch of events this weekend on top of this update. Come check out these awesome updates
  2. PurgeRP Update! 10/11/2019 New Warning System Update This version includes a whole UI remake and also fixed a bunch of bugs with code. With this we also went ahead and wiped all warnings, so now everyone gets a clean slate. After having 10 active warnings, you will be auto-banned for 2 days Active warnings decay after 2 weeks New Server Logos These logos will be displayed on our tab menu and our loading screen Thank @Sour for making these fine logos 😄 Added Back LifeTimeVIP We decided it was for the best to bring back our one-time payment VIP as many people had problems with the monthly payments. Added Back Old Money Printers After a while with those elegant printers we decided it was best to go back to our old printers Added Bitminers2 This system has been something many people have been wanting so here it is The jobs that will get it is the Hacker and VIP Hacker jobs Any custom classes that purchased the old bitminers will still have them, that system is still on the server just not in use on default classes Pricing and profits of these system will be adjusted over the next couple of weeks Added New Loading Screen Pictures & Music https://dwebhost.co/load/purge3/ Added New Car Dealer Version (v8) This includes a complete UI overhaul and a bunch of code optimizations We also made it where you can now sell your cars for 20% of the vehicles value instead of not being able to sell at all Updated our Meth System Addon Fixed many bugs and cleaned up the code Fixed the Bugatti Veyron from being an error Changed the HUD and Law Board UI Design This looks more slick and just overall looks better on the eyes Changed up the chatbox fonts & messages Added a fog effect throughout the server to add depth Removed Escape Menu Removed Elegant Printers Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog! We will be running a bunch of events this weekend on top of this update. Come check out these awesome updates
  3. PurgeRP Update! 8/7/2019 Added New Money Printers These printers are much better and are way cooler to use Each printer take 60 seconds per print The Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond printers all require to upkeep ink and make sure it doesn't overheat The Lazy Money Printer doesn't require any upkeep VIP and Supporter Printers don't overheat but do require ink upkeep All printers have a max storage of $100,000 except the VIP and Supporter Printers. VIP has $250,000 max and Supporter has $500,000 max. There are 7 Money Printers total Sapphire Money Printer ($1,500 per print) Emerald Money Printer ($2,000 per print) Ruby Money Printer ($2,500 per print) Diamond Money Printer ($3,000 per print) Lazy Money Printer (This requires no work to upkeep, but has a low profit - $1000 per print) VIP Money Printer ($5,000 per print) Supporter Money Printer ($15,000 per print) Added Opium Manufacturing This system is something that has been requested for a while now and is finally being added. The sell price of opium varies on how much you chemicals you use in the batch To sell the opium, currently you just have to press E on the final product. (This will most likely be changed in the future to work with our drug dealer NPC) Here are the steps to make Opium 1. You purchase a heater. 2. Purchase gas and place the bottles on the heater. 3. Buy a barrel. 4. Place some water, codeine, sulfate and papaverine. (note everyone need to be above 1%) 5. Place it on the heater. 6. Let it stay until it turn green. 7. Buy some empty bottles, and touch the green barrel with the bottles. 8. You will gain 10 filled bottles. 9. Buy a packer, put the filled bottles in to it, when it is full (5 bottles), press e on it. 10. Now you have packed opium, find a npc dealer, place the pack next to him and press e on him. 11. You get money based on how well made the opium is, based on amount of ingreedents. Changed Welcome Board Design Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog! Profits of the systems added will be balanced over the course of the next couple weeks if needed.
  4. PurgeRP Update! 7/27/2019 Added VIP Rasta Class This class now has the advanced weed system, and then the normal Rasta class gets +4 extra weed pots of the normal system Added back VIP shops They now have some spicy models Changed the map to rp_downtown_tits_v1 We think a lot of people actually prefer this map so we will be switching back to it for the time being. More map edits will come in the future. Changed the perm weapons on the store to now count towards the purge leaderboard The 50% XP boost was removed as this was added to compensate This might get changed back depending on how it goes Edited the head HUD to not show ranks Raised max text screen limit to 2 Blackjack and Roulette Tables Since we changed maps, the casino is not big enough to hold the tables. We placed a chip exchange NPC at spawn for you guys to sell your chips, the NPC will be removed in a couple days so please sell all your chips. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog! There will be more updates before the end of next month with a lot of cool new content being added, so more is to come 😄
  5. PurgeRP Update! 6/24/2019 Added 3 New Skills Drug Price Increase $5 weed price increase each point (max $50) $5 shrooms price increase each point (max $50) $500 cocaine price increase each point (max $5000) $1 meth price increase per gram for each point (max $10 per gram) Extra Ammo 5 extra ammo of Assault Rifle, Buckshot, Pistol, Sniper, and SMG rounds each point. Jump Height 3% jump height increase every skill (Max 30% jump boost) Added Blackjack and Roulette Tables to Casino Rates for these will be adjusted over the next week to make sure it isn't OP or really bad. Added More Purge Level Rewards For every level you level up on, you are now given an automatic $5,000 You also get a skillpoint every 25 levels now Added New Guidebook This book is an entity everyone may purchase, it will display guides to all of our systems. More guides will be made soon, for now we just are using the ones made for PoliceRP. Added Scraper & Confiscator Swep The Home Intruder class will get the scraper swep and all Police and S.W.A.T will get the confiscator swep With this swep you are able to scrap entities from the F4 menu for half what they are worth. This will make raiding more worth it. Added Advanced Weed This weed system produces high quality weed that sells for $600 a bag in the drug dealer. Instead of using a fan and a lamp, you use the new weed tent. The tent has 3 different levels of light, each level makes the plants grow faster. The Rasta class is the class that has this new advanced weed system. The weed tent has 5000 health total, if you destroy it then you will destroy everything inside as well. If you want the stuff inside you should lockpick it. Added back the Bank System, with a rework The bank system now has flat rates, meaning when you raid the bank the amount you get will not be dependent on investments. Instead it will be a flat $300k when raided. When the bank is raided all investments will be lost so gives you an incentive to protect the bank. When the bank is raided there is also a chat message that pops up for everyone saying it is being raided Added 2 new tools for event coordinators to use in events No Collide Everything Tool Precision Tool Updated Gun Shelf Addon This update fixes a lot of errors and also allows you to now sell shipments Updated Wheel of Luck Addon Fixed errors that got spammed after being on a server for a while Made it where there are more multiple positions for jailing, adminroom, jailroom, and sitroom. This is to make it where people don't get stuck in eachother when TP'd Raised the rates of the wheel of luck jackpot Reworked perma weapons during Purge We made it where kills with the weapon don't count towards the purge leaderboard (This is to allow new players to have an even chance of winning) To compensate with this, we made those weapons give you 50% more XP than any other weapon. So these weapons are good to grind your purge level. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  6. As of 6/14/2019, we have gone ahead and wiped all bans across all of our Garry's Mod servers. This is something we have been wanting to do for a while as we have gained over 1000+ active bans across all servers. The only bans that weren't undone is mainly charge backs and then a select few that we do not want to return. If you were banned please take this as your second chance and do not break rules, you will be treated with harsh punishments if you do.
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