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  1. @OwenTB21 You are right about that I have now changed it to show what my vision for the 41st is. @Kaza Your criticism is very correct. @Niner I know. @Mack I have fixed. @Beard 🙂
  2. Your In-Game Name: Smokeystatue Your STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:0:154094880 Hours Played: 320 Current Rank: XO Green Leader Position you are applying for: Commander Gree Previous Experience: I have been Gree before along with XO right now Why you think you deserve this position: The 41st has been mine and wiggles baby since the server opend. I started off as 2LT Smokey in the first couple of weeks of the server being open. Once Jedi came out I went to Gree and was him for about 2 months or so. Then Wiggles came back down to gree and I went down to XO. I believe that I am the person who is best fit for this job because of this. I am dedicated and love the 41st and want to see it shine again! I know that experience isnt everything. I also work well with all the Officers and Troopers of the battalion. What will you do in this position: I will use my experience to try and make the 41st back into a big band of brothers as it once was, also I will try to improve the skills of the troopers by working with all of the Officers. I am working to redo most of how the 41st is operating at this time. I am currently trying to move all important links to a central spot. This is because of the discord merge, I want it to be easy for people to find everything. I am also going to start a 41st roster on google docs as we dont have one. Aslo the discord merge, we used the discord roles previously. Make tryouts more difficult, more stuff to it, longer. Currently it is a very easy and quick process, dont how we will change it but I will talk with the officers. Edit and revise handbook and other doc. The handbook is very outdated and needs some work done. also sub regiments need to revised. Come up with more training's. Trying to make the 41st better at everything we do. Alow officers to have a say in everything. talk to them about any change as this has not happened in the past. Set up a suggestion thing where troopers can say anything and all the officers will look at it and talk with them about it to see if it would be beneficial. Hopefully this will make troopers feel like they have a bigger say. Making the 41st considered more elite than it is at the moment. We are part of the 41st Elite Corps. Do weekly personal overviews with the troops. To try and make sure everyone is doing ok with the battalion and life. Get more people AT-RT certified. This way more troopers can use these cool vehicles. Most important out of all, Turn this battalion into a group of friends having fun as it once was. I wish we would of never let that slip out of our hands. Additional Info: I know that I might not have played as much lately but I will start to play a lot more to help out the 41st, Gree or not. Sorry for not putting any effort into this the firs time, I have no excuse I just wanna help out the 41st more.
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