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  1. -1. Not even part of the battalion. I feel that to become a commander in a battalion you should have some experience with that group of people.
  2. +1 Has shown his dedication to make the 41st better over the past monthes and I feel he is the best applicant currently for the position of commander Gree.
  3. Neutral. Before the edit you made I would have -1'd however now I think the app itself is good. At one point you were a good commander Gree however I feel that Gree should go to a new face. It is kinda dissapointed that it has been bouncing back and forth in between two people for the entirety of the server being up. It also appears to be the general consensus of your men that they would like to see a new Gree. I am not -1'ing you as I feel you were and could once more be a good Gree but after hearing opinions from the 41st I believe it would be in the best interest of the battalion to see a new leader.
  4. -1. I can't say anything of your capabilities as an officer in the 41st but the fact that you haven't even reached padawan in the Jedi order is really pushing me to -1. You immediatly become more powerful the most of the Knights in the order and you don't even have the basic training acquired during your time as a padawan and little to no experience during events as Jedi. The way I see it is you are not fit to acquire the role until you put some more work in as a Jedi and prove that you can follow the rules and regulations of the order.
  5. +1 Good 327th would make a good leader
  6. +1. I can't think of anyone else I would have as Ahsoka. You are a longstanding member of 501st and have shown your worth as a Jedi. I dropped my Ahsoka application so I see no reason why it should not go to Lissy 😛
  7. -1. No experience as Jedi. While Shaak Ti leads shock she is also expected to take a leading role in the Jedi Order and I don't believe anyone below knight in Jedi has any justification getting the character.
  8. +1 Deserves the position more then anyone else I can think of. Very mature and experienced as a Jedi and has the synergy with shock.
  9. @Dab A long time ago, if i'm being honest I hated you because I was a part of Jimmy's little group back them and what not. However the work that you have done on Defcon is far more then any of us can thank you for. ❤️ It's a sad day in Defcon. I wish you well with whatever you do next man.
  10. thank god the presents are now gone
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