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    DefconGaming.net and girls. Lots of GIRLS!!!
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About Me

I turn the soft into bricks of the crack
Then we gon' toss all the bricks in the back
Then we gon' sell all the bricks on the ave
Bitch I'ma Blood, ain't no Crip on my rag
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
I'ma catch a whole state with the case
Wait, wait, wait, wait
I'ma pull up on you, brains on the dash
50 clip shoot up the opps
Bendin' the corners, we shoot up the block
Fuck it, we gon' shoot at the ****
I'ma just shoot 'til you drop
I'ma just spit in your face
You gon' get hit with the gauge
Take the pin out the grenade, nigga
I'ma go piss in your grave.                                                                    One for the gang, two for the fame, Three for the name, four to the grave.

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