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  1. Those who cant attend, its okay. But if you CAN be there, PLEASE be there.
  2. Introducing Global Staff Meetings! Hey my wonderful staff team, I was thinking about how we no longer have global staff meetings and that they are something we really need again. I think, as the person who leads our staff team, this would really help bring our team together and bring up topics that we all think could be worked on to make DG better and also talk about things that come up in between the meeting dates. Our first one will be THIS FRIDAY - Friday, June 14th @ 6 PM EST - All DefconGaming Staff [MANDATORY] | Next Meeting: Friday, July 5th @ 6PM EST | MEETINGS WILL BE EVERY 3 WEEKS! This meeting is one that will be very important and not one to miss out on! At this meeting I will be updating you guys on all the new staff systems we have recently put in. There will also be other topics on other area that have new ways of how things work. + In addition to this there will be a TEAMS ONLY meeting right after the global one. This will be explained at the global meeting. **For any questions about this meeting or anything else staff related please feel free to message me! - Savage
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