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  1. Team Reworking! Hey everyone, so after a good week or two with having these teams here as a part of DefconGaming's Staff Team we have decided to change some things with them. Before you all jump out of your chair let me tell you why. Ever since these teams were added we have done some good numbers in trial and error. What is changing is that -Event Coordinator and -Staff Affairs are going back to roles, but in addition to this -Staff Trainer will be another. The -Staff Trainer role will be hand picked by SM's only. Appeals and Requests has been removed and will be dealt with by SM+ only. Content Moderation Team? This one we enjoy a lot and have even more plans on expanding it! This team we believe is very big in keeping a clean community. NOTE - This will all be mentioned in the next Global Staff Meeting.
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  4. Those who cant attend, its okay. But if you CAN be there, PLEASE be there.
  5. Introducing Global Staff Meetings! Hey my wonderful staff team, I was thinking about how we no longer have global staff meetings and that they are something we really need again. I think, as the person who leads our staff team, this would really help bring our team together and bring up topics that we all think could be worked on to make DG better and also talk about things that come up in between the meeting dates. Next Meeting: TBD based on future projects and/or critical community situations. **For any questions about this meeting or anything else staff related please feel free to message me! - Savage
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