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  1. The new best item https://gyazo.com/0033ac92b4d83a5d601c74e81c7bc29d
  2. The wrist blaster is a actual working gun btw
  3. PoliceRP Patch-Log 07/2/2019 Added a gas system Added a few new skin packs for the CSGO weapons MP5 now has skins Added new PD weapons Fixed weed pot limits for every rank Member: 6 VIP: 8 Supporter: 10 Fixed Criminals getting notified of a robbery instead of police
  4. Police RP 6/30/2019 Added 3 New Skills Drug Price Increase $5 weed price increase each point (max $50) $5 shrooms price increase each point (max $50) $500 cocaine price increase each point (max $5000) $1 meth price increase per gram for each point (max $10 per gram) Extra Ammo 5 extra ammo of Assault Rifle, Buckshot, Pistol, Sniper, and SMG rounds each point. Jump Height 3% jump height increase every skill (Max 30% jump boost) New Robbing system Features many things to rob / destroy for money Added back the sit anywhere script Added Advanced Weed This weed system produces high quality weed that sells for $600 a bag in the drug dealer. Instead of using a fan and a lamp, you use the new weed tent. The tent has 3 different levels of light, each level makes the plants grow faster. The VIP Kingpin class is the class that has this new advanced weed system. The weed tent has 5000 health total, if you destroy it then you will destroy everything inside as well. If you want the stuff inside you should lock pick it. Updated Gun Shelf Addon This update fixes a lot of errors and also allows you to now sell shipments Updated bank system Flat rate of 300k when raiding it now Only need 3 cops online now instead of 5 fixed multiple bugs Updated Advert Menu Added scroll bar Removed/added default adverts Updated DefconGaming Store Now allows you to unequip and equip items Added a Table of Contents to the guide books Condensed drug NPC's into one Replaced old NPC locations with the newly condensed NPC Wrench spawn limit increased to 2 now Raised fading door limit from 2 to 4 Updated the Serial Killer, Land Lord, and Tax Evader descriptions Police jobs now have access to bank and mayor's doors Fixed a typo involving robbing gas stations
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