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  1. Lots of new outfits for the female playermodels good update!
  2. Yay very good update is jail system fixed though feel bad for pd lol
  3. We are all going to miss you here sad to see you go best of luck my man.
  4. That def slipped my mind poor cops man let them imprison us again.
  5. Cool update! But what about trunks and drug packages.
  6. Awesome update just a few things that could be changed to better the server... The presents suck atm too much running around not enough grabbing makes it kind of boring and not as intuitive and prosperous as the pumpkins with business or making money could be fixed by lowering the amount to make loot crates to make them worth more.. or just make it like pumpkins with a lot of them. I would also like to point out that weed is the only drug that is being made primarily because drug packages aren't worth it they only have 30-30k to work with as a profit margin meanwhile you could just mass produce one drug and make even more with less effort or work... just would like to see business with buying drugs going again. Overall good update though I think Auto Warrants are good and now people could be most wanted criminals and stuff lol.
  7. But the real question is wheres the snow and wheres the trunks 😯
  8. you had to personally attack him because of his opinion interesting
  9. and after you mentioned them that one day I put everyone in line. If we have comms im pretty sure we should be able to use them untill we dead or they are disabled
  10. where the hell does it say we can have follower cars and gang intiation and comms should be a thing I can speak for LSC that we deadass arent raiding stores 24/7 so maybe your eyes should be on other gangs... we get into situations when our gang is in trouble which is fair.. this rule empowers the cops period.
  11. -1 cops are literally just going to destroy anyone now and if gangs cant help each other now then wtf is the point of gangs... remove crash intiation if this is going to be a thing because if I crash my car and my whole gang is in it guess what... we are all fucked cause we cant get out.. no matter what we do any situation now is going to be to the benefit of the cops and no one else.
  12. I like it but I have tons of gun supplies and now im fuckeddd
  13. Shop update is the sickest shit I have seen but if selling cars doesn't give full money thats a big problem got million dollar cars i gotta sell not trying to loose all that money.
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