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  1. Oh god cops can go even faster lol
  2. you had to personally attack him because of his opinion interesting
  3. and after you mentioned them that one day I put everyone in line. If we have comms im pretty sure we should be able to use them untill we dead or they are disabled
  4. where the hell does it say we can have follower cars and gang intiation and comms should be a thing I can speak for LSC that we deadass arent raiding stores 24/7 so maybe your eyes should be on other gangs... we get into situations when our gang is in trouble which is fair.. this rule empowers the cops period.
  5. -1 cops are literally just going to destroy anyone now and if gangs cant help each other now then wtf is the point of gangs... remove crash intiation if this is going to be a thing because if I crash my car and my whole gang is in it guess what... we are all fucked cause we cant get out.. no matter what we do any situation now is going to be to the benefit of the cops and no one else.
  6. I like it but I have tons of gun supplies and now im fuckeddd
  7. Shop update is the sickest shit I have seen but if selling cars doesn't give full money thats a big problem got million dollar cars i gotta sell not trying to loose all that money.
  8. buff LSDDD to much material cost and not enough money compared to weed otherwise hot update dig the cocainnee
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