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  1. AYee I fuck with tis Methamphetamine (High Quality) X 5 < Easy Cannabis (High Quality) X 50 <- Easy Large LSD Tab X 10 <- Medium Coca leaf X 10 < - Eaasy Cocaine Package X 5 < - Medium Pineapple Express Joint X 2 <- Easy Bubba Kush Joint X 2 < Medium Maui Wowie Blunt X 2 <-- Harder
  2. Adrenaline shot from the credit store is now actually a one time use. HATE THIS UPDATE ON THE SHOT
  3. Thanks for the info I will do my best to arrive.
  4. Ok I like that I can't wait to experience this update and see what will happen the future.
  5. Most Vaulable Content Citizen Vehicle Trunks now save When you place items inside your trunk as a citizen it will save upon reconnecting and server restarts. However Since Swat have these "amazing" loadouts, shouldn't they stay at the PD Station? Cause when they're out on the street handling normal low level crime. With Overpowered weaponry It deems unfair. Police Already use M4/AR On people with pistols, People driving away, unarmed people, People running from police, and etc. Cause Police should always resort to Level 1-5 Hands > Pepper Spray > Taser > Pistol > Rifle (Store Robberies & High Level Situations)
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