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  1. Added, 12/21/2019 Very important roleplay rules: Being a toxic player will result in a 5+ hour ban without question. Talking trash to players who you killed or arrested will not be tolerated. Players can record other players doing this and request for them to be banned. Be respectful to each other or don't play on our server. No homophobic, racist, sexist, political/religious discrimination of any kind. This is a big no-no and will not be tolerated in any way or form.
  2. I honestly think its time we close this thread, its getting toxic. The rules are in place, lets see how they work.
  3. In my opinion if you guys are within each others range with vehicle they can become involved. It’s the whole calling for backup across the map when it becomes an issue and I can remember some situations recently when certain gang members purposely cop baited just to run and get into a shootout
  4. Everyone. You aren't focusing on the big picture about this. Yes right now the Police are OVERPOWRED i myself will admit that to the fullest extent. The issue we currently have is this is turning into a plain and simple cops and robbers vs actual role play. @Lekra The issue isn't "One car" Per say but rather when someone gets pulled over by the police and say for example they have a warrant and they are placed in custody that the entire time they have their hands up they are talking over teamspeak "GET OVA HERE NOW PLAYA IM GETTING R-RESTED" then a simple arrest for maybe 10-15 mins turns into a massive gun battle that usually ends with "FAIL RP, NON RP, DIDNT ROLEPLAY YADA YADA" and people end up salty and not having a positive experience whether that be PD or Gang.. What Val is saying is gangs don't have coordination to do stuff like that realistically. you don't read the news everyone and see "Cop trying to perform felony stop gunned down by 3 snipers, a BMW driver with an MP5SD, Police were bamboozled!" @Trev Garcia Same thing kind of as above for Lekra, you guys can do what normal gangs do? roll 1-2 deep and RP DRIVE, There is no reason to fully evade a traffic stop or drive around like a nut job to even put yourself in the situation to begin with, sure we all have places to go and places to be on the map but this rule package mroe of the less enforces better driving and more stimulating role-play rather than a guns drawn match up of who can initiate first. If you are in a situation in which the PD Arrives there is still alot of wiggle room to get stuff done, This is really letting you guys handle as a GANG vs 1 v 1 + backup. realistically you should be rolling multiple people in a car and maybe a follower car. Then your directly involved.. This rule is to imply that if you are driving solo and someone tries to do something to you, YOU CAN, This also allows for the Cartel saying for example they want to Mug someone or kidnap someone, when they roll 4 deep in 2 cars, they all can become involved in the situation.. Vs Backup with snipers.. @Daren Crester I see where you are coming from with gang v gang robbery. But understand that if for example Misfit robs Cartel. Cartel can say "Alright well lets RP a war with misfit about this", "since we didn't die (cause if they shoot you and you were complying its RDM) Then you can say "Hey they mugged us earlier, lets go raid their base and get our shizz back!", This started because of the insane strategy PD had to start pulling or other gangs have to pull.. You in theory have to have a "suicide man" who runs up and initiates to watch out for snipers and watch out for the people in the gas station, this is plain unrealistic.. Basically the other way we could go with this without the rules is Okay well if you rob gas, You have snipers, and we have snipers sitting behind your snipers, and then you have snipers behind ours.. you see the endless cycle? And if these rules are listened too PD will be Nerf'd... We have discussed PD Load outs changing, so that way if you aren't a certain rank YOU CANNOT carry a class 2 firearm. As well as weapon damage nerfs.. the reason the PD is so overpowered now is simply because of the sheer volume of literally every traffic stop almost, Every robbery, Every 911 call TURNS INTO A MASSIVE SHOOTOUT. I know we personally have a lot of Jerky cops sometimes and we are working on fixing that, unfortunately when there are robberies 24/7 365 in which the robbers sit and wait on PD to get into a shootout. we don't really have time to train on Community Policing. Sometimes Cops want to Role-Play, Not to write tickets or be a dirtbag but just to present some role play. I know i'll get down voted to hell for this opinion but its just fact of whats going on currently and how it had to come to an abrupt stop, we aren't roleplaying anymore we are essentially a Team death match.
  5. +1 Much smoother c00ler background wow
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