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  1. Denied You have failed to fix your application within the given time, You may reapply in 1 week ----------------------------------------------------------
  2. Accepted Congrats on the Promotion -----------------------------------------------------
  3. Please Fix The Following: Chain Of Command You need more words for your answers on the word count questions
  4. @NewaZusa
  5. @thot patrol I don't think purgerp has channels The only reason Starwars,A3L and santos has them is because they are serious rp type servers with whitelist cops and such and have to be in their right channel just join the Playing channels and such on the teamspeak <3
  6. @ScoⓇon Shh no one like you <3 lol jk
  7. @Reizuko Zusa Your on LOA get outa here kid
  8. @DaxTac13 Please fix: COC (Chain Of Command) Wrong Owner (Camo Does Not Own Defcon Nations) Need more words on the 100/150 word questions You also need to be on teamspeak more defconnation.ts.nfoservers.com If you do not know what teamspeak is Download this https://www.teamspeak3.com/
  9. @lil robbie https://defconnations.com/index.php?/forum/531-staff-promotions/ Please Post a promotion app there for us follow the format
  10. @Mr Meeseeks The police man job is a work in progress as it is whitelisted but we don't know if we are going to unwhitelist it or not Sorry If you see anyone using it they are probably SA+ or old Whitelist
  11. yay <3 i got mentioned well i hope you find motivation
  12. Have fun :D
  13. ACCEPTED I think @Tanky is a SM in game and he can Promote your rank @Sherman Make him mod please <3
  14. @Tanky he wasent demoted by jacksonwyatt I demoted him just Jacksonwyatt gave the proof and evidence for a demote
  15. @Tanky @Rad-VM What do you guys think?
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