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  1. The Minecraft servers are still relatively new and don't need a ban wipe. If you were banned make a ban appeal.
  2. (X) Doubt Leave Support Team alone let it rest in peace. 😢
  3. Yes. Server Staff Meetings are always scheduled for the same day every week. You are just salt because you know you won't get away with 90% of the shit you do.
  4. What's Changed? With this forums update, all forum posts & registered members have been reset. However, there are many new features & updates that have taken place. Expect additional patches & updates throughout the next couple days! New Forum Tags These rank icons are much more sleek and easier on the eye. New Earnable Titles & Badges Before this update, there were only a handful of different titles to earn by posting. Now, there are 50+ titles that you can earn along with different badges to show for it. New Achievements & Awards This system allows members to show awards they have earned underneath their posts and on their profiles. Awards can be earned by completing simple tasks like signing up or posting, or like participating in special holiday events or community contests. These challenges are NOT limited to just the forums. Some may require you to do things in-game or otherwise. Awards have tiers based on how hard it is to get them. Common Uncommon Rare Exotic Legendary New awards will be added every so often with new challenges. You can view all the current awards (and when new ones arrive) by clicking on Home. You can choose what awards to showcase underneath your name on posts by going to Account Settings. GIFs can now be directly inserted into posts with GIPHY. Fixed Steam & Gmail sign up & sign in issues. This problem prevented members from signing up, or caused long login times. Fixed Applications giving errors when submitting. Also fixed Applications not submitting at all. Fixed Backend Issues New security measures have also been added. Changed Forum Layouts Many subforums have been changed. SantosRP In-Character Forums have received a large overhaul. Everything is now much more accessible. All server forums are now more uniform and have correct information. Player Reports have been renamed to Ban Requests. Changed Club Creation from Private to Public. Any Donator and above can create a Club. Clubs must abide by Forum Rules. Clubs will be approved before being able to be used. Find anything wrong with this update? Comment below or private message @Sour or @Dab