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  1. FORUMS 8/19/2019 Brand new look. Theme has been completely overhauled & recreated for a more genuine, friendly, and overall better look. Too many things were changed to list. Let us know what you think about this new look in the replies! Added a few secret awards. No, you cannot know about them until someone earns them. More public awards are coming soon. Updated registration & login methods. Ban Appeal submissions. Added more useful information when submitting a ban appeal. Forums now load much faster and are much more smoother when browsing. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  2. Rule Update - 7.31.2019 General Info: Greenzone Rule: Metagaming Rules: On that note, several new TeamSpeak channels have been added to compensate for room for all players to be able to be in their private TS channels while playing on the server.
  3. Rule Clarification - 7.28.2019 If you are to raid Mall Unit or Mall Kiosk, you cannot involve anyone outside of the property. If you are to raid Mall Unit or Mall Kiosk, you can use your weapon. If you are Police serving a warrant, it is valid for you to only use your weapons within the property owned by the warranted player. You cannot involve yourself in the raid of a property within Mall unless you are a responding Officer.
  4. Rule Update - 7.28.2019 Greenzone Rules are updated. All players are expected to follow these rules immediately. It is highly suggested that if you plan on heading into a greenzone that you check yourself and make sure you do not have a weapon on your back or in your hands otherwise you will be violating these rules.
  5. Criminal Code Update - 7/26/2019 Changed First Degree Murder to Mass Murder. Changed Second Degree Murder to Murder or Attempted Murder. Changed Terrorism time. Changed Conspiracy to Commit Murder + added Aggravated Circumstances.
  6. Hello! Discord has introduced Nitro Boosting a while back and these are the set-in-stone benefits that you will receive for boosting our Discord server. Pretty pink name to match your next to your name in Discord. A booster exclusive Forums award. Booster - Exotic Award Access to the #vips-and-boosters channel. Optional private, high-quality voice channel in Discord. Some sweet, sweet in-game rewards. (You will only receive benefits on one server of your choice.) Keep in mind, these rewards are not automatic. You must request these rewards yourself in the Booster chat on Discord. SantosRP: $125,000 Boost starter money & 4 Starter Lootcrates (+$50,000 & 4 Lootcrates every month you keep your boost.) PoliceRP: $200,000 Boost starter money & 1 Skill Point (+$50,000 & 1 Skill Point every month you keep your boost.) PurgeRP: $300,000 Boost starter money (+$50,000 every month you keep your boost.) WildWestRP: $350,000 Boost starter money (+$75,000 every month you keep your boost.) Exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming content and development.
  7. The colors signify your patrol route. Highway will be assigned White, City will be assigned Grey, and Supervisors are assigned Black.
  8. SANTOSRP 7/23/2019 New Sheriff Car Skins Credit Store updated. New Ford Mustang RTR available. New Golden Llama available. Non-VIP Players can't enter VIP Lounge Semi Truck Driver Delivery points have been changed and fixed. Squashed various unnamed bugs. Replaced Flatbed Towtruck with the Simple Hook Towtruck. In the future, Tow Truck Drivers will have the option to choose which one they want. Added a new Firetruck. Ladder truck has been removed. Fire Extinguishers no longer run out of ammo. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  9. Credit Store Emotes work on Female Models, sorry should have specified.
  10. Emotes work for females. Cosmetics are a different story, as it's a bug with our PAC 3 system and something with the core Santos gamemode causing male models to only be rendered with items.
  11. People should love this. I would take this over perm-guns or other aids donation options anyday. Expect some limited edition cosmetics to hit the Credit Store real soon
  12. Hello DefconGaming Community, This is a very important announcement that will be taking place on 7/12/2019. This change affects our Donation Store and the ranks that we offer on our gameservers. Since we offer high quality servers with fully-committed Community Management & dedicated Developers working around the clock with little to no backing or support, we rely heavily on donations from our community that surrounds us and keeps us moving. With this change, we will be merging the Monthly VIP and Lifetime VIP ranks to form one rank, VIP. This rank will still stay as a month-to-month rank, and users can cancel at any time if they choose to do so. All Lifetime VIP benefits will carry over and be merged into this rank. Now, the only two ranks we offer on our servers is VIP and Supporter. What happens if you had Lifetime VIP? Anyone who has purchased Lifetime VIP will keep their permanent VIP rank. There is a slight possibility this may change in the future, but this is how it will be for the time being. Staff members will still continue to receive free VIP benefits as long as they are actively on our servers supporting and helping the community and it’s players. As stated in our Terms of Service, we can cancel an order or package at any point in time at our discretion, and we feel this may be a better change for our community as this will help our community out as well as prevent users from playing on the server for a few hours, donating, and leaving forever with a permanent rank on our servers. If you have any questions, concerns, etc. feel free to comment below or message a Director. Have a good day. Sour, Sgt.Val, Dab, and the DG Team.
  13. Worst idea I have ever heard in my entire life. Give us pepper spray or bean-bag shotguns instead. Give us alternatives to using lethal weapons.
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