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  1. Last Updated: 1/18/2020 Lore Clone Commanders: 21st Nova Corps 'Bacara' - @Mark Mendonca 41st Green Company 'Gree' - @Wiggles 74th Medical Regiment Slot #1 - @Phil Swift 74th Medical Regiment Slot #2 - Jacien 104th Wolfpack Battalion 'Wolffe' - @CMDR Wolffe (Ron)(Tcity) 187th Airborne Legion 'Alyx' - @MrAlex 212th Attack Battalion 'Cody' - Husk 327th Star Corps 'Bly' - @Circle 501st Legion 'Rex' - @Frozen Blades Shock Troopers 'Fox' - @Arlu3n Doom's Unit 'Doom' - @Monnk Republic Pilots 'Odd Ball' - @Daren ARC Trooper 'Colt' - @Sonof2tards Omega Squad 'Niner' - @Niner Delta Squad 'Boss' - @Colbienator Republic Command 'Yularen' - @Revy "Two Hands" Lore Clone Characters: 21st Nova Corps 'Keller' - @Atlas 41st Green Company 'Green Leader' - @smokeystatue 104th Wolfpack Battalion 'Sinker' - @Empia 104th Wolfpack Battalion 'Comet' - @Husky1 104th Wolfpack Battalion 'Boost' - @Magma768 187th Airborne Legion 'Alyx' - @MrAlex 212th Attack Battalion 'Waxer' - @ltgaz123 212th Attack Battalion 'Boil' - @Shrapnel 327th Star Corps 'Deviss' - OPEN 501st Legion 'Appo' - @El_Carlos68 501st Legion 'Echo' - @MeowNyx 501st Legion 'Fives' - @Luke 501st Legion 'Hardcase' - Maxon Shock Troopers 'Stone' - @OwenTB21 Shock Troopers 'Hound' - @PhalinRed Shock Troopers 'Thire' - OPEN Republic Pilots 'Warthog' - @Patrick™ ARC Trooper 'Havoc' - @Jess(Havoc) ARC Trooper 'Hammer' - @King of Kings ARC Trooper 'Blitz' - @Blitz Lore Jedi Generals/Masters: Jedi Order 'Yoda' - @Sour 21st Nova Corps 'Ki Adi Mundi' - @TrulyUnknown 41st Green Company 'Luminara Unduli' - @moallan03 74th Medical Regiment - @Rock Lobster 104th Wolfpack Battalion 'Plo Koon' - @Conor Black 187th Airborne Legion 'Mace Windu' - @Niner 212th Attack Battalion 'Obi Wan Kenobi' - @New Order Drew 327th Star Corps 'Aayla Secura' - @[AOB] Regnozes 501st Legion 'Anakin Skywalker' - @Mills Shock Troopers 'Shaak Ti' - OPEN Doom's Unit 'Tiplar' - OPEN Lore Jedi: 501st Legion 'Ahsoka Tano' - OPEN 41st Green Company 'Barriss Offee' - OPEN
  2. General Application Rules: Must apply on Forums using the correct format and state which battalion you are applying for (see below for the highlighted section) Do not advertise your application in anyway. The application will remain open for minimum 72 hours When you are accepted for a Lore Jedi interview you will have 62 hours to contact 1 or more Clone Wars Server Managers+ AND 2 or more Council Members. When you are accepted for a Commander interview you will have 62 hours to contact 2 or more Clone Wars Server Managers+ If you are denied, you may not reapply for the position for 1 week after your initial denial. If you have an application open you may not comment or vote on other applications for the same position Abuse of the permissions given by being in the position will result in immediate demotion. Early applications result in an instant denial. Wait until they are open to apply. Only 1 application per applicant. (Meaning you cannot apply for 2 different positions) If you are accepted and given the position, you must serve a minimum of 60 days before resigning (unless you provide a valid reason that is approved). Failure to adhere to this rule will result in you being prohibited from applying for a Lore/Commander Position. (unless you obtain permission from 3 SA+). You must have a minimum of 48 hours on the server to apply for a commander position If you are accepted you are expected to dedicate your time on the server to push your regiment further for the better. Application Format: Copy and paste the blue text as the template for your application. Your In-Game Name: Your STEAM_ID: Hours Played: Current Rank: Position you are applying for: Previous Experience: Why you think you deserve this position: What will you do in this position: Additional Info: General Information Demotions and the Procedure Behind it Things that could get you demoted from Lore character positions: Prolonged inactivity without LOA or notice. Negligence or inability to perform the duties of the position. Failing to follow the rules/regulations of the server. Abuse of the permissions given by being in the position Result of Commander Evaluation process (Commander’s only) The procedure behind it: Individuals may be warned of breaking of any of the rules above and may be given advance notice before demotion/removal. How Voting Works: The side with the greatest number of +1/-1 will affect the outcome of the application (not the interview process) The Community may vote a "+1" or "+1"; the vote will be based on a percentage system, and the majority vote must be or pass the threshold of 66.66%. (In other words, there must be for example x7 +1 votes and x3 -1 votes) When the community is voting, they cannot just post a +1/-1, they must also include a clear and concise reason as to why they chose their vote. Interview Tips Be clear concise with your responses and make sure to keep to the question/topic being talked about Only bring up relevant topics related to the original question Take a second or two before you respond to the question to have a collected answer It's okay to be nervous but try to remember that the people interviewing you are just people and that you talk to them around the server. Take time to prepare before the interview, think about what they might ask you regarding your character, personality, and the position you are applying for. Prepare yourself! Ask questions that are related to the position or a very important task needed to be fixed Don't ask irrelevant/very situational questions
  3. CLONEWARSRP 1/8/2020 Expansive Custom Map! Huge thanks to Jimbo (original Anaxes creator) and Patrick (our new map developer) for creating the new map! TONs of changes throughout the entire map. Voice/Audio cues for various things across the map such as Hangar Openings, Alarms, Debriefs, etc. (Huge shoutout to Shape Shifter!) AUX Hangar Changes + Secondary AUX Hangar New Shock Tower New Outdoor Medbay New Outdoor Garage for BARC Speeders and land vehicles. Outdoor Hangar makeover Brand new farming town Outpost changes Brand new outpost Expanded Main Hangar Bay Main Hangar Bay Doors Dedicated Hall of Fame + many many other changes, additions, and quality of life changes. New classes Pilots: Co-Pilot class Pilot Officer 'Warthog' Doom's Unit: Centurion Company Trooper Centurion Company Officer Jedi Order: Regimental Jedi Knights Jedi Path Classes Shadow Consular Sage Guardian Healer Ace Weapons Specialist Temple Guard Republic Command: Executive Officer Senior Officer New vehicles for pilots: AV-7 Antivehicle Mortar TX-130 Crystal Vendor Additions: Black Ice Helmet Night of the Wolves Helmet - 60 crystals, stocked to 10. Carbon Fiber Helmet - 60 crystals, stocked to 10. Tie Dye Pauldron (2 different patterns available) - 50 crystals, Stocked to 4 each. Multicamo Pauldrons (4 different patterns available) - 50 crystals Lootcrate Items Unique ST-W48 Sub-Machine Blaster Specialized M-9 Lance Heavy Blaster Classified Fists Industrial Scout Backpack New Armory NPC: Republic Knowledgebase Purchase Skill Books to instantly level up specific skills. Level skipping is not permitted, you must buy the prior book to level up. Loading Screen Music Playlist Mandalorian Theme Geonosis Ambience Senior Moderators can now whitelist to Younglings, Wookies, and Astromechs. Shock Troopers now have Electrostaffs. Redesigned entire base layout. Respawn button spawning people in training room. Multiple classes spawning in training room. Wookies 212th Galactic Marines ARC Hammer and others. Jedi Generals not having whitelist access. Whitelist issues for Officer/Commanders who weren't staff. Galactic Marine's Keller Company classes not spawning with armor. Galactic Marine Medics not spawning with armor. Gamemasters not being able to whitelist without crashing. 212th Airborne not spawning with correct bodygroups. Whitelisting Access for various classes: Shock Officer Hound Galactic Marine XO 187th ARC YouTube links popping up in chat. Doom's Unit Weaponry Doom's Unit Z-2 Tighter fire spread, higher RPM and slightly more damage output. (+4 more than the default Z-6) DU Troopers spawn with 150 Health and 100 Armor. DU Officers spawn with 150 Health and 150 Armor Doom's Unit now has the big beefy blast barricades, all other regiments with barricades have the smaller ones. 104th Loadouts Removed Ladders Now have Barricades, Fusion Cutters to repair ships, and fire extinguishers. 212th Models Waxer & Boil Ghost Company Medic Revive Bonus was 15, now 30. Nitro Booster cosmetic reward Instead of being a clone visor it is now something Jedi Characters can use as well. Tons and tons of unused addons. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  4. Will continue development under Sgt.Val and the leadership of L Benn.
  5. Hello DefconGaming Community. We regret to inform all of our players that our Community Director, Dab, has officially resigned from the community. Dab has been apart of the community leadership of this community for a very, very long time and has assisted in many major changes to the community itself. He has worked very hard on all of our servers, bringing in community wide updates and pushed this community to strive among all other servers just for the player's sake. Dab will no longer be in the Director position due to growing tired of garry's mod, and wants to focus on his personal life putting his health and his own life first. I personally want to thank Dab for all that he has done for this community & it's players, and it certainly will not be the same without him. I encourage all our members to do the same as well, as Dab was a part of this community that will not and will never be replaced. Thank you for all that you have done, and we hope to see you again soon. ❤️ - Sgt.Val, Sour, Sonof2tards, Sherman, Savage, lil robbie, Muscle, Mjones, and the rest of the DefconGaming team.
  6. CLONEWARSRP 12/22/2019 Happy Holidays Event Special! STARTS DECEMBER 20TH - ENDS JANUARY 6TH Harvesting Presents Harvest Presents all around Main Hangar to be able to craft special, limited time cosmetics! Winter Wonderland - Head Costs 350 presents to craft. Winter Wonderland Pauldrons - Neck Costs 300 presents to craft. Santa Hat - Head Costs 250 presents to craft. Snowpal Pack - Back Costs 200 presents to craft. Candy Cane Visor - Eyes Costs 150 presents to craft. Medal of Winter Wonderlands - Neck Costs 50 presents to craft. Loot Crates Costs 10 presents to craft. Santa has arrived! Speak to the Clone in Main Hangar Bay to sell your presents for a good amount of credits! Santa also sells a few other cosmetics & items for credits. DC-15A (Candy Cane) DC-15S (Candy Cane) DC-15A (Winter Wonderland) Christmas Pauldrons Christmas Backpack 74th Medical Jedi General This Jedi General now assumes top control of the Medical Regiment. New Lore Characters have joined the roster. 501st Heavy Trooper 'Hardcase' 104th Officer 'Sinker' Galactic Marine Assault Class Faster movement speed, armed with tactical weaponry. Medical Heavy Trooper Class Armed with heavy weapons and armor with increased health. Various Loadouts All of Shock now spawns with a DC-15A-L variant. All of 41st Green Company now spawns with a Valken 38I Stealth variant. All Pilots now have actual weapons and spawn with DC-15SH variant. Commander Odd Ball is armed with a Destabilized DC-15SH-M4L 187th Aerial, 187th Officer, 187th Medic, 187th ARC, and 187th Commander now spawns with DC-15HFE variant. (Named via the Weapon Naming Contest, submitted by Schafer!) Removed Scatter Shotgun from 187th Loadouts. All of 327th now spawns with DC-15LE-L variant. 327th K-Company now spawns with DC-15A-L Stealth. All of ARC (Except Trainees) now spawn with DC-15S-L Stealth ARC Specialist & Officers now spawn with DC-15HY-05 (Named via the Weapon Naming Contest, submitted by Beard!) ARC Commander Colt now spawns with the C.O.L.T Overcharged DC-15XXX All of 104th now spawns with a DC-15SH 104th Specialist & Wolfpack Members spawn with a DP-24 ZX-2 (Named via the Weapon Naming Contest, submitted by 1LT Bob!) Jedi Lightsabers Padawan Lightsabers have been given the Force Self Heal ability. Padawan Lightsabers also have Versatile, Agile, and Defensive combat forms by default. This also phases out the annoying skill station part of the Crystal Gathering for Younglings. Knight Lightsabers have been added. Knight Lightsabers have Versatile, Agile, Defensive, and Dynamic combat forms by default. Knights have been given the Saber Throw ability. Master Lightsabers have been added. Master Lightsabers have Versatile, Agile, Defensive, Dynamic, and Aggressive combat forms by default. Lore Jedi Lightsaber damages have been equalled out and balanced. Mace Windu and Yoda's Lightsabers now do 500 damage. Obi Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, and Ki Adi Mundi's Lightsabers now do 250 damage. Plo Koon now has Electric Judgement, Force Heal, Group Heal, and Whirlwind. Obi Wan Kenobi now has Force Heal, Group Push, Group Pull, Group Heal, and Whirlwind. Ki Adi Mundi now has Force Heal, Group Push, Whirlwind, Group Heal, and Crippling Slam. Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli, Anakin Skywalker, and Tiplar's Lightsabers now do 175 damage. Aayla Secura now has Force Push, Force Heal, and Group Heal. Luminara Unduli now has Whirlwind, Force Heal, and Group Heal. Anakin Skywalker now has Force Choke, Whirlwind, Force Heal, and Group Heal. Tiplar now has Whirlwind, Force Heal, and Group Heal. Skin Editor being able to be dropped. Use Storage Vaults to trade. Emotes being able to be dropped. Use Storage Vaults to trade. Fixed the first-person hands on the following weapons: Scatter Shotgun DC-15Z Gauss Rifle Fixed the rebellion. Changed Plo Koon's Model Changed Bank Storage values Increased maximum number of an item allowed. Default was 40, now 60. VIP was 100, now 120. Increased maximum number of different items allowed Default was 20, now 40. VIP was 50, now 70. Changed Inventory Space values. Increased Default maximum carryweight. Was 1400, now 1800. Increased Default maximum volume. Was 2000, now 2400. Changed credits given per-NPC-kill. Was 2 credits per kill, now 10 per kill. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  7. CLONEWARSRP 12/17/2019 Happy Holidays Event Special! STARTS DECEMBER 20TH - ENDS JANUARY 6TH Lootcrate Update New tier of rewards; SPECIALIZED Inbetween Unique and Classified. Order goes: Galactic, Unique, Specialized, Classified, Industrial, Standard. Several items added to the crates. GALACTIC ITEMS - LIMITED TIME, ONLY UNTIL JANUARY 6TH. 25th Brigade Helmet - Head 25th Brigade Gearset - Back 773 Firepuncher - Primary Weapon UNIQUE ITEMS DC-15Z Gauss Rifle - Primary Weapon Skin Editor - Unlock bodygroups for your model. SPECIALIZED ITEMS Dual Sided Pauldron - Neck One Sided Pauldron - Neck Shoulder Pauldron - Neck Grenadier Straps - Neck CLASSIFIED ITEMS ARF Helmet - Head Recon Helmet - Head Marked Helmet - Head INDUSTRIAL ITEMS Helmet Flashlight - Face Helmet Array - Head Previews: All vaulted weapons and items have been unvaulted only for the Christmas Season. Phase 2 Scout Helmet DC-15A Nebula Cycler Rifle Jedi Rework New Jedi Artisan NPC The Jedi Artisan has arrived on the Jedi Temple to sell Lightsaber Hilts to the Jedi Order. This NPC will be updated every once in a while with new hilts as seen fit. Hilts are quite expensive to encourage playtime on Jedi. New Customization Options You can also purchase new head replacers from the Artisan. Options: Female Twi'lek (Green) Female Twi'lek (Pink) Female Twi'lek (Blue) Female Twi'lek (Gold) Female Twi'lek (Tan/Blue) Female Twi'lek (Tan/Purple) Trandoshan Quarren Female Zabrak Male Zabrak If anyone who is not a Padawan or above purchases any of the Head Replacers or Hilts will have their characters completely wiped and reset. New Craftables Weapons Dual DC-17s - Level 16 WESTAR M2 - Level 16 DC-15SH M4 - Level 19 DC-15LE BP-L Stealth - Level 19 Regimental Medics 212th Medics have been added. Doom's Unit Medics have been added. 41st Medics have been added. 104th Medics have been added. 212th Ghost Company 212th Ghost Company Officers & Troopers have been added as a Sub-Regiment for 212th. Galactic Marine Keller Company Keller Company Troopers and the Galactic Marine XO 'Keller' has been added. Keller Company is an elite sub-division of the 21st Nova Corps equipped with WESTAR-M2s, Dual DC-17s, and enhanced armor. ARC Updates Shock ARC Troopers 187th ARC Troopers ARC Medics 41st XO Green Leader has been added. New Shock Trooper classes have been added. Shock Specialists are specialized in flying LAATs and operating BARC Speeders. These Specialists also have faster move speed than other Shock. Shock Riot Control Troopers are heavy hitting law enforcers who carry shields, blast barricades, electro-staffs and RPS-4 Rocket Launchers to enforce utmost security. Shock Officer Hound has joined the roster of Lore Characters. Omega Squad Commandos have been added. Niner, Darman, Fi, Atin. Basic Commando Loadout + Cloaking Devices. 212th Airborne Officer Class has been added. 212th Airborne has also received new models. Respawn Button If a medic is online, after 1 minute a button will pop up for an optional instant respawn. New players/characters now start at 500 credits instead of 250. Character select screen now shows the proper playermodel. Crafting Rework The weapon crafting system has been completely reworked after tons of player feedback. Each weapon level will give the same amount of XP. Level 1 will give less XP than Level 2. Each level will go up 1XP. Level 1 Weapons will give 1XP per weapon crafted. Level 2 Weapons will give 2XP per weapon crafted. etc. Updated Cosmetic Helmets. Most helmets were uneven, didn't line up with other cosmetics, ruined the player necks, etc. Helmets now fit with other visors, rangefinders, etc. Phase 1 Helmet - Repositioned Vampire Helmet - Fixed Texture + Repositioned 332nd Helmet - Fixed Texture + Repositioned Hell on Anaxes Helmet - Repositioned Event Music Soundtrack New music has been added. All Regimental Medics can use the Medbay Locker to retrieve Medical Supplies and Stretchers. Added new Credit packs to Lootcrates. /sim has been added for SIM Room conversations. Clone Troopers now have upgrade-able paychecks. Doom's Unit Barricades have been changed. Whitelisting has been updated. Staff can now use !unwhitelist @ command. Staff can also use the unwhitelist option through the ULX menu. This makes staff whitelisting 3000x easier, no longer sifting through thousands of whitelisted names to unwhitelist. Classes with different health values can be healed to their full health instead of being set back to 100HP. Cooking items can now be sold to the Mess Hall for profit. Cooking oil is no longer drinkable. Fixed the chat censoring "goodnight" Fixed an issue with Friendly AI LAATs and ARC-170s targetting players. Brig Updates & Fixes Arrested players can no longer access inventories or weapons when arrested. Arrested players can no longer sit down in cells to exploit out. Rangefinders are now on the 'Face' slot to allow other helmets to be worn with it. Clone Commando Sniper damage was buffed from 45 to 60. Shock Commander Thorn has been changed to Commander Fox. Galactic Marine Marksman model has been changed. Loot Crate Drop Chances Unique chances have been lowered. Classified and Industrial have been raised. Loot Crate Sell Prices dropped to 450. Industrial Backpack model has been changed. Crystal Vendor ARC Backpack model has been changed. Changed CT Clone Commander loadout. Changed CT Clone Officer loadout. Buffed Jedi ETA-2 Fighter HP & Ammo Was at 600 HP, now at 2,500 HP Was at 200 Shields, now at 600. Was at 1000 Ammo, now at 2000. Buffed LAAT/i and LAAT/c HP. LAAT/i Gunship was at 4,000, now at 10,000. LAAT/c Carrier was at 5,000, now at 12,500. Buffed V-Wing HP. Was 400 HP, now at 1,500 HP. Buffed Droid Gun Ships Was at 8000 HP, now at 10,000. Buffed Droid MTTs Was at 8000 HP, now at 20,000. Buffed Droid Frigates Malevolence Cruisers were at 35,000 HP, now at 65,000 HP. Providence Cruisers were at 25,000 HP, now at 45,000 HP. Z-6 Buffs Standard Z-6 now shoots faster, damage was 12 now 14. Doom's Unit Z-6 now shoots much faster, damage was 12, now 18 and is now more accurate. Temporarily disabled the 104th Tech-Panel & Light repair system. This is due to a problem with the script that causes a tech-panel to be perma-broken under the map. Temporarily disabled Regimental Jedi. This is due to a problem with the model textures not applying correctly. 41st Jedi were showing up as 501st Jedi, and will be fixed very soon. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  8. CLONEWARSRP 12/4/2019 All changes take place on 12/5. New Cosmetics & Emotes Several emotes have been added to Lootcrates. Special decals are now purchasable from the Astromech. Knives have arrived on base. 1 Craftable Standard Knife 4 Crystal Vendor Knives Bowie Knife | Sixty-Six and Flip Knife | The General will be very limited stock. Click here to preview all knives; https://dwebhost.co/s/sour/142286-Warlike.mp4 LAAT Skins Our LAATs have gotten a brand new look. Event Server Event Server is now up and functional. Expect a few events here and there while we begin to iron out any bugs that may be experienced. As this server begins to get on its feet and is fully prepared, it will be used more and more. Weapon Base Weapon base was updated to a different version to reduce client performance cost. Blaster effects have been reduced for more client and server performance. Bowcaster Damage was 37, now 52. Firerate was at 210, now at 100. Day and Night System Might be added back in a future update. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  9. CLONEWARSRP 11/26/2019 Day and Night System 1 hour 20 minutes of day, 40 minutes of night. Experimental, let us know if there are any issues. Clone Commando Falls under Delta Squad, their leader is Boss. You can now sell Industrial Cosmetics to the Astromech in Armory. Replaced janky taser with a DC-15S Stun for Shock. Jetpack Skins 187th, 212th, Medical, and ARC all got new skins for jetpacks. Fixed 501st Medic not seeing the death timer. 187th Medic not having access to their locker. Shock Medic and a Shock XO not having radio. Clone Troopers not being able to wear cosmetics. Also fixes the death error spam in consoles. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  10. CLONEWARSRP 11/23/2019 Lootcrate Cosmetics New cosmetics added to lootcrates. Lootcrates now make sounds when opened. New Lore Characters have been added to the roster. ARC Trooper Hammer 327th Executive Officer Deviss 41st Trooper Buzz 41st Trooper Draa New Regimental Medics 327th Medic 187th Medic Jedi Temple Guards Temple Guards protect the Jedi Temple and also have jurisdiction in the Anaxes Shipyard. Discord Booster Benefits First Time Boosting either the CWRP Discord or the DefconGaming Discord you get a Booster Pack: 1,250 Credits 2 Lootcrates + 1,250 Credits every month you keep your boost. New Sub Regiments 327th K-Company Overly trained company of 327th troopers made for killing, equipped with modified weaponry and conditioned for faster speed. 501st Torrent Company Elite 501st squadron equipped with armor and modified weaponry. MOTD Shows newest changelogs, the content pack, rules and more. Press Insert on your keyboard to bring it up at any time. 3 New Harvestables Gonk Droids Rarely spawns somewhere in base, can be used to craft Bacta Stims. Solis Bulbs Sells for 60 credits per 1 bulb, spawns outside base. Will be used for cooking recipes in the near future. Gubweed Bushes Sells for 80 credits per 1 bush, spawns rarely outside base. Will be used for cooking recipes in the future. Fireteams Donators and Staff can purchase Fireteams from an NPC in Atrium. Fireteams allow groups of friends to create a group to show their allegiance. Suicide Blaster Due to massive confusion with the suicide blaster, some changes have been made. Costs 1,000 credits to buy. Timer to confirm suicide was 5 seconds, now 20 seconds. Changed suicide warning message to all caps to get the point across. Airborne Helmet was updated. All missing textures on Radio menu. All missing textures on Tab Menu. Fixed DC-15S Tiger showing up as a DC-15A when holstered. Astromechs not having the beep boops. Medical Astromechs not having the healing/reviving beep boops. Buffed Tri Fighter Health Was 500 health, now 1200 health. Buffed B1 and B2 Droids B1 was 100 health, now ~250 health. B2 was 100 health, now ~400 health. E-5 Droid Blaster was 20 damage, now 35 damage. 74th Medical Regiment now has speed and health boosts on spawn. Nerfed Sith Sabers Buffed Delta Squad Commando Weapons Changed Exonium Spawns Moved to a different part of cave. Spawns less. Medical NPC is now a Medical Droid. Buffed Glass Cap and Snoruuk Sell Prices. Glass Caps sell for 40 each. Snoruuk sell for 25 each. Nerfed Scatter Shotgun Was shooting 6 bolts 20 damage each Now shoots 6 bolts 9 damage each Droid Gunship Shields Unused downloads. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
  11. As of November 11th, 2019 we will be implementing a community wide rule that should have been self-explanatory from the start as it is literal common sense. However, due to the toxic manner and behavior of our players the Content Moderation Team, Community Management, and High Staff have all agreed to implement the following. HATEFUL CONDUCT Derogatory slurs such as fa***t, ret**d, ni***r, etc. used with intent to put others down or just as a joke will not be tolerated. Variations of these words used in the same way is included. Attempting to loophole this rule will not be tolerated. Any racial slur or term is not tolerated. Any disrespect via sexism or racism will not be tolerated. Telling or encouraging others to commit suicide will definitely not be tolerated. Hate speech or toxic remarks directed towards individuals or groups of people will not be tolerated. Targeting or harassing someone based on their religion, race, gender, origin, sexual orientation, etc. is not allowed. Making remarks or hateful comments about someones religion, race, gender, origin, sexual orientation, etc. is not allowed. Any of the above done on our TeamSpeak, Forums, Discord, Gameservers, or any of our platforms or outlets will result in the following punishments. 1ST OFFENSE 1 WEEK BAN 2ND OFFENSE 2 WEEK BAN 3RD OFFENSE 1 MONTH BAN This rule is effective immediately, and all staff members, server management, Content Moderators, and anybody with power to handle these issues must begin punishing accordingly. All members of our community are expected to follow this rule immediately as it's time to be actual decent people for once. We are 100% sure this is a step in the right direction, and we hope the community shares the same view. - Sgt.Val, Dab, Sour, and the rest of the DefconGaming team.
  12. CLONEWARSRP 11/8/2019 Many changes have taken place throughout the week. Here are the changes I remember doing! X2 CRAFTING WEAPON SELL PRICES THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND! New Crafting Weapons Overcharged Variants DC-15A, DC-15S, DC17 all have Overcharged Variants able to be crafted at Level 20. New Weapons A280 (Blaster Rifle) A280c (Blaster Rifle) A280-CFE (Light Blaster Sniper) DLT-20A (Blaster Sniper) RT-97c (Heavy Blaster Rifle) DH-17 (Blaster Pistol) DH-17a (Blaster Pistol) DC-17 has also been added to the table at Crafting Level 1. New Crystal Vendor Items Blue Visor - Stocked to 3. Restocked Green Visor to 3. New Lootcrate Items Cracked Visor - Classified DL-44 - Unique 41st and Doom's Unit ARC Troopers Playtime Tracker Can also be seen via the website playtime tracker. Frigate Hyperspacing When enemy frigates come out of hyperspace there is now a full animation to it. Hyperspacing won't bug out anymore by putting frigates inside the map. Client Crashing Issue We have diagnosed the recent client crashing issue and will be trying new methods throughout the weekend to find a definite fix. Cycler Rifle Damage nerfed from 220 to 120. Vaulted from Lootcrates. Republic Command Duties: In charge of training new Clone Recruits. In charge of all Clone Troopers. Oversees all Shock Troopers. Oversees all Missions & Base Operations. Models: Crewman has been given armor. Officer has been given armor. Ensign has been given armor. ARC Specialist now has a new model. Halloween Items from download list.
  13. CLONE WARS RP 10/25/2019 Halloween Event (Until Nov. 1st) Pumpkin Patch Head to Main Hangar Bay to harvest Pumpkins. Pumpkins can be used to craft limited time cosmetics or can be sold for credits (20) to the Tent Vendor. Cosmetic Previews: Emplacement Turrets 104th Specialist (NEW), 104th Officers, and 104th Commander can place various turrets such as Anti-Infantry or Anti-Air turrets. Mobile Medbays Medical Officers and Medical Commanders can place down a mobile medbay tent for protection in the field. Lore Event Characters Senator Padme Amidala, Senator Jar Jar Binks, a new Mandalorian clan, and a few other familiar faces are joining the fight as Event Characters and will be seen from time to time. Shock Lore Characters Executive Officer Stone and Shock Trooper Thire are joining the roster. Regimental Medics As an experimental move, we are adding in Regimental Medics starting with the 501st, Galactic Marines, and Shock. Medical Troopers can now ask to be linked to a regiment. Other regimental medics will be added at a future date. Event Music Music has been added for the upcoming special events this weekend as well as future ones. New Aircraft Pilots have received the Headhunter as well as the Infiltration Fighter. Republic Command have received their own special aircraft as well. In-Game Radio All Commanders have access to the radio. Pilots now have access to the radio. Changed max mute time from 60 seconds to 900 seconds. Enemy flagships & low-orbital ships now have animated explosions. Craftable Invisible Backpack Take the Industrial Backpack from the Lootcrates to the Crafting Table to simply make it invisible. Extra lore friendly. Crystal Vendor Additions 332nd Battalion Helmet - Stocked to 5 - A helmet painted to commemorate Ahsoka Tano. Green Visor - Stocked to 3 - A green visor made to enhance vision at night. (Not really.) Valken x38 not equipping properly. Phase 2 Scout Helmet clipping. Shock Classes not being able to access the Republic Database computer. All shock can now access the database. Fixed an issue with Exonium and Astromech Part harvestables not spawning. All craftable weapon sell prices have been boosted for the weekend. (+30 Credits for every weapon sold. Ends 10/27) Jedi Damages Initiate Lightsabers now do 50 instead of 150. Padawan Lightsabers now do 75 instead of 150. Lootcrate Values Several items have gotten new amount changes. Example: Exonium now drops as 2 or 6 instead of 1 and 3. Lootcrate Prices Lootcrates can now be purchased for 1,750 credits instead of 2,750. Holocrons, Ancient Text, Datapads, and Coaxium Containers no longer drop on death. ARC Troopers now have DC-15A ARC Variants. Moved Snoruuk and Glasscap spawns to prevent them spawning under the map. Extra unused downloads. Vaulted the DC-15A Nebula. Republic Command Guard. All guards have been moved to shock. Duties of Command Guards have been passed onto Shock Troopers. Please private message me if you find any issues with this update. Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!
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