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  1. If a gang member gets pulled over and know they have a warrant of some sort they could very easily call in gang buddies/members to arrive to the scene before being told to get out of the vehicle. As the cop would be currently searching up the name of that suspect being pulled over or even before the officer even made contact to the suspect. In addition if we are driving in lets say a convoy and see someone in our gang ahead of us get initiated on by some sort of thing that being police/another gang. We should be able to assist, that is how it works. Gang members look out for each other. And lets say we get pulled over in one vehicle sitting 5-8 of us gang members. The windows could very well be tinted and once that driver is being told to step out easily the other people can grab their weapons and step out. This also goes with gang initiation if the windows are tinted and you cant see in you don't know how many people could be in that car. All you know is that there is at least a driver.
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