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  1. sour GG thanks for letting us know about this update
  2. the opium is ok but I can never find the dealer for it which there probably isn't one
  3. oh yey new printers but cant do nothing gonna check them out in a couple days or a week maybe
  4. next global is on the 24th of august
  5. if my calculations are correct which they are I think the next global staff meeting is in 2 weeks 5-6 days and it will be an hour after weekly staff meetings that's how they have it and I think the next staff meeting is on a Saturday on august 3rd at 3 pm pst 6pm est and I have no idea what the other time zones are trying to help ya
  6. also thanks for the time you put into this not trying to complain
  7. wait I had gotten the code and they left so I couldn't see em not fair bros
  8. welp most of the peeps who were banned for very bad reasons got out unless they did not have a get out of jail free card
  9. the new awards thing seems awesome its just that everyone lost all of their rep and fourms posts
  10. well I just looked an um that's tomorrow when I have a pool party and when I looked at that it said 6pm EST im now like boi bc I will still be in school and if its over before I get there im ded also anyway savage can you move it up a hour at all? because I want to be able to attend
  11. that sounds a little chaotic because imagine trying to get everyone on at 6pm
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