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  1. Ill have to read over some things again but I can understand that some of the rules literally make a gang pointless but others should stay. For Ex If your Gang/Friends are already being Robbed/Searched/Cuffed/Ziptiped by Police/Gang/Friends you may not involve yourself in the situation. If you see your gang getting robbed I mean I would see why you would attempt to help
  2. @Sgt.ValTHe BMW E30 rally edition still drives like ass, it cant turn and has super fast acceleration
  3. @Muscle Hopefully they could change it so its one time per life then when you die and respawn you get it back
  4. With the trunk owning thing ,What if you have a house storage so yyou can buy a house for 1 week and then store stuff in the house kinda like a car trunk
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