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  1. It will stop people coming from nowhere and fucking you over. It's definitely for the best. I can see why people wouldn't be happy but still, it's what benefits the server.
  2. *cough* folded arm swep *cough* Nice update!
  3. The Mercedes SLS is broken when you press space you just slide for way longer than you're supposed to
  4. Pm Val, you can pay for it as a custom car
  5. Absolutely deadly can't wait to hop on
  6. very nice update can we get some props in the interrogation room when possible as well
  7. Oh I read it wrong, I thought it was permanent
  8. Great changeling! Just a quick question, once you buy tier 1 VIP can you upgrade to tier 2 by just paying the difference once it comes out?
  9. It'd be better if they didn't add to many items that can give you an advantage. This isn't an EA pay to win game lol
  10. I want cars....loads more cars Great update, gives the option for those of whom who want to spend extra but is definitely not mandatory and doesn't give you much of an in game advantage.
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